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The gorgeous Italian billionaire has secrets!

He hides his past to keep the dark side from tearing them apart.

Ella meets the man of her dreams, surfing at her favorite beach. She feels like she’s known Adam forever, but fears she will lose him. He makes her feel like the most beautiful woman that exists, and she’s determined not to let him slip through her grasp. Can you meet your soul mate, only to lose him in the same instant?

Adam is determined to protect her from the oppression he’s endured for far too long. But the dark side of his life may drag them down. Will Ella have a future with Adam, unfettered by the abuse of his past that haunts them? She loves him more than life itself, but will that be enough?




Emily Jane Trent writes steamy romances about characters you’ll get to know and love. The sex scenes are hot and the romance even hotter! If you are a fan of stories with a heroine that’s got spunk and a hunk of a hero that you’d like to take home with you, these stories are what you’re looking for. Emily’s romantic tales will let you escape into a fantasy – and you won’t want it to end – ever.