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Micah is the ultimate bad boy. He loves boxing, gambling, and women. But after a few stolen hours with the beautiful hostess of a Russian mob card game, he learns what it feels like to lose his heart. He wants Gisele, but can he trust her?

The sexy muscular fighter captures Gisele’s heart and body. The trouble is that he’s everything she’s vowed to avoid. But Micah has other ideas.

“Gisele was at the fight in Hollywood, looking up at the boxing ring. There was Micah, muscles pumped, dancing around his opponent. The vision of his buff body made her blood simmer, and she licked her lips.”

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The first two novels in Fighting for Gisele: Unleashed and Untamed are yours in this boxed set!

There are 4 novels in this tale of love, filled with mystery, suspense, and danger!





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Can A Woman’s Fire Melt A Navy SEAL’s Icy Heart?

DEADLY PERIL (Stealth Securities) by Emily Jane Trent
Can A Woman’s Fire Melt A Navy SEAL’s Icy Heart?


Former Navy SEAL Thaddeus Jonsson is the strong, silent type. He’s assigned as bodyguard to Jana Tomasson, a fiercely independent and outspoken woman with a secret worth a lot of money. And she’s not pleased that her overprotective grandmother hired protection for her. Even if he is the image of a Viking, all six feet three of him. She fights against his intrusion into her life.

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