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Bound By Love

Natalie’s submission has Tanner’s desire spiraling out of control.

Natalie’s in touch with sexual pleasures she never dreamed of, and can’t imagine life without Tanner.

“I never met a woman I crave, like I crave you. It’s not so much what we do, as how we do it. There are no words. It’s different with you. You excite me, and sometimes I fear I will lose control,” Tanner admitted. A desperate look came over his normally reserved features, and Natalie stopped breathing.

Tanner admits to his obsession with Natalie, but is that all it is?

Bound By Love is a romantic tale that takes place in London, England. Natalie and Tanner’s romance is a unique love story, with full character development, and added intrigue from his billionaire life, that will make this a read that’s hard to put down.



I love this book … Now four book and more to go simply can’t get enough of her books !
Emily makes her books so read . You can feel the love she has within her characters in every book she writes … I will keep following her and her books!! Simply amazing Author!! Mariah

WOW ! This Novella has all of the emotions happy, sad, physical and psychological. From Jazzy and Ellis getting engaged, Cheryl meeting Dani, Natalie seeing Tanner with Aime…just WOW. The unknown becoming the truth, the beautiful cottage to the beautiful countryside. This book makes you keep thinking and hoping for the best things in life can come to whom believe it will and it DOES ! Can’t wait to read 5 !  Kim


Bound By Love – Touched By You 4


1 – Reconnecting

Paris had been a whirlwind of excitement, but Natalie was glad to be back in New York, near her family. She’d sat with her dear mother, Emma, telling her about her trip with Tanner. Emma got tears in her eyes when she heard that Natalie Baker Designs was soon to be profitable. She asked all about Suzanne Dumond, the boutique owner, who was selling the new line Natalie had worked so hard on. She wanted to know what she was like, including what she looked like, and every word she’d said. Only a mother would be that interested.

Jazzy had swept her off to lunch, hardly able to contain herself, not even commenting on being chauffeured in Tanner’s limo, or having his bodyguards watching them. It seemed she was getting used to it, just as Natalie had.

She couldn’t wait to tell Natalie about Ellis, the love of her life, and started gushing about him the instant they were in the backseat. “Oh, Natty, I’ve had a crush on him for years. I never dreamed he would give me a second look.”

“You’re lovely, and one of the best-hearted women I know. And I should know. I’m your sister. Of course he would be attracted to you. I think he was just shy,” Natalie responded.

“I never thought so. He used to come over all the time and help you cook, when we were younger. I was the younger sister. I felt invisible. But, that time he flew home with you when Mom got sicker, I couldn’t take my eyes off him.”

“You mean he couldn’t take his off of you.” Natalie smiled at Jazzy. She adored her, and couldn’t be happier about the budding romance. Ellis Larsen had been a friend since high school, and she couldn’t think of a person she trusted more with her sister’s future.

Jazzy giggled like a schoolgirl, and continued sharing the details of her romantic involvement. It was sweet and pure, and very romantic. Natalie couldn’t help but note the contrast between Jazzy’s love story and her own. She blushed to think of the hot sex she had with Tanner, and how she wanted it as much as he did.

“Natty, are you listening?”

“Sorry, honey. Yes, I’m listening. I’ve heard every word you said. I’m just so happy for you. You deserve Ellis. He’s always been like part of the family.”

The limo pulled to the front of the restaurant, and Natalie caught a glimpse of Cheryl walking inside. Cheryl Easton looked stunning in her fur coat, with her long, dark hair blowing out in the slight breeze. She was a class act, and Natalie had grown close to her.

Cheryl had kept an eye on Jazzy and Emma during Natalie’s recent trip to Paris. Natalie had brought her to the apartment in New York that Tanner had so generously secured so Emma could get the treatments she needed. Jazzy lived with her mother and cared for her. Cheryl hit it off with the family instantly. And they liked her just as well. It was natural for Cheryl to look out for them in Natalie’s absence.

Emma’s cirrhosis of the liver was not curable, but she was stable now, and stronger. Dr. Gene was encouraged by Emma’s response to treatment. He was Tanner’s uncle, and Natalie suspected that Emma got special treatment because of that relationship. But she was glad. Anything that helped her mother was a good thing.

The limo driver came around to open the door, and Jazzy hopped out behind Natalie. They spotted Cheryl at a table next to the window and waved. Natalie’s phone rang, so she motioned for Jazzy to go sit with Cheryl. She had to take the call. It was Suzanne Dumond.

“Natalie, I’m so glad I caught you. I’m in New York for a few days on business. I’m not sure we will have time to get together, but I have some exciting news,” she said.

“Suzanne, it’s so good to hear from you. What is it?”

“First of all, everything is on schedule for your new line to debut in my shops. So nothing to worry about there,” she said in her beautifully French-accented English. “I have a friend who owns a shop in London. His name is Q. Thomas Hawkes. He owns Couture By Thomas, and curates fashion labels to nurture emerging designers.”

“Oh, I haven’t heard of him.”

“Well, I was telling him about you. I ended up showing him your work. I had some pictures with me. And he was impressed. He has a sharp eye and knows talent when he sees it.”

“You flatter me, but I love it,” Natalie interjected.

“Yes, well, it’s true. And he’d like to speak with you. He’d consider having your new designs in his shop. He wants to see what else you are creating, and get to know you personally. So I took the liberty of giving him your contact information. I hope that was all right.”

“It’s more than all right. I worked on some designs while we were in Paris, so I’ll have some new ones to show you soon. I am very grateful to you. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support.” Natalie beamed.

“It’s business. Your designs are good. Something new and unique will be in demand, quickly. I’m glad to hear you are continuing to develop your ideas.

“Thomas has a knack for finding new talent. Seems this time I beat him to it. But I was glad to share. Listen, I have to run.”

Suzanne was gone, and Natalie stood for a moment to catch her breath. It seemed her business had a chance. She’d designed clothes all her life. In fact, the dress Jazzy was wearing was one of her designs.

Her dream of turning her passion into business was becoming a reality. In fact, designing was taking so much of her time that Tanner had released her from her contract to consult for his company. He wanted her to devote her talent to Natalie Baker Designs, as it should be. If he needed her to assist, with her unbiased fashion view, they agreed she’d accept work at his request.

Although she suspected he wasn’t planning to use her in that capacity if he could avoid it. He was determined that she succeed in her own business, knowing how important it was to her. She couldn’t wait to tell Tanner about this new opportunity.