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Ella’s heart aches for Adam, her true love!

Makes a bold move to reunite…

Ella is left behind with Adam back home in Brazil. He fears for her safety – but loves her too much to rip her from the normal life she has in Newport – and taint her with the dark issues that still haunt him.

Her life can never be as it was before Adam touched it. She can’t go back. Wondering if she only imagined what they had together, Ella realizes that her love for him is the only thing that is real, and she’s determined to have him back.

Will Adam shut her out?

Or will he open up and let her in to his tormented past? Adam’s love for Ella is strong, but he won’t allow harm to come to her.



The Intensity of the Love between these two are extraordinary!!!!!!!!!!!!! This book teaches you that even though you may not think you have the strength to love and be loved, You can if you have the love and support of the people around you. Never give up hope even when there was nothing to compare it to. I can not express how i loved this series I recieved a copy for a review and i am telling you that i was captivated and charmed by the overflowing love and support the Bianci family shows!!!! Kudos………… And i really want to visit Sugarloaf!!!!! Tami C.

Ella and Adam, even in the face of adversity, continue to open up more to each other. Their trust level intensifies as well as their love to each other. Adam slowly reveals the cruel circumstances of his life and his need to keep his mother and sister safe. He thought that if Ella was far from the situation she would stay safe, but her deep love for Adam could not keep her from him. I can’t wait to see the next progression in this tender love story. MJ.


Charmed – Adam & Ella 2

Chapter 1

Adam Bianci was on his way home, but he wasn’t looking forward to it. He’d had to leave Ella, one of the most painful things he’d had to face, and there had been many in his life. Sitting in the cream-colored leather chair at his desk aboard his private jet, he had no attention for work. The jet’s interior had been designed to accommodate business, including the modern-styled desk.

He regretted having to leave Newport, the beach now holding a special place in his heart, since that was where he’d met Ella. The urge to turn the plane around and go back was strong. But he had duties at home to attend to. He was only twenty-three, but shouldered the burdens pushed upon him by his father

Not that he ever considered his mother or sister a burden. No, he loved them and would do anything to secure their safety. It was just that his father wouldn’t go away, would never leave them alone. That danger had to be dealt with. The trip to Los Angeles was supposed to be to negotiate financial backing for a new project. The call from Quinn Bauer, his trusted attorney in Brazil, had changed all that.

Dreading confrontation with his father, Adam felt only gloom at the prospect of returning home. As long as he stayed in Newport with Ella, it seemed like a different life, a different world. But the phone call had reminded him that it wasn’t. It was the same world, the world where his father and his deviant associates haunted him.

If only he’d told Ella the details, maybe she wouldn’t worry so much. But he’d decided against it, thinking the less she knew the better. There was no way Adam wanted to involve her if he didn’t have to. She had the life she was accustomed to, unaffected by evil such as he’d known. Sure, she’d had a rough time dealing with the mental abuse that eroded her confidence. But that was something she could overcome, and he’d see that she did.

The same was not true for the issues Adam faced. As long as his father lived there would be trouble, or so it seemed. When Ella had told him about her own father, and confessed that she hadn’t been sorry when he’d passed away, Adam understood. There would be no sadness in his family, or his own heart, should his father meet his demise. So he understood, all too well.

Thinking of Ella elicited both happiness and pain. The hurt look in her eyes when he’d told her he had to leave stabbed deep in his gut every time he thought of it. And when he’d kissed her goodbye, so sweet and sensual, he’d nearly changed his mind about returning home. He wanted to hold Ella; that was all. Was that so much to ask?

But he couldn’t change his plans. They weren’t his to change. Duty called, and he was not one to shun his responsibilities, especially when ones he loved were involved. He’d done the right thing, getting closer to Ella. He knew it now and wasn’t sorry. Always, he wanted her close to him, and he wanted to love and protect her.

Soon enough, he’d return to her. He’d told her he’d come back, and he intended to. What was ahead, he couldn’t say. Enough of the situation had been conveyed to let him know that he was needed in Rio. His mother and sister needed him, and that was enough. How long it would take to get things under control, he just wasn’t sure.

He was sure that the less Ella knew the better. Dragging her into the whole mess would only make it worse. Then he’d have three women he loved in danger, so better to keep her out of the situation in Brazil. He’d contemplated taking her with him, but was unwilling to rip her from her life and throw her into his.

Adam’s ache inside for Ella got worse the farther he flew away from California. Every mile took him from her, every mile a chasm between them. Absently, he tried to get some work done, but it was useless. The recent wound was too fresh, his emotions too raw. All he could think about was calling her as soon as he got to his hotel in San Juan, Costa Rica.

His personal flight attendant served food he didn’t eat, having little appetite in his state of mind. The shot of bourbon went down easily, but did little to ease the gnawing discomfort in his stomach. Adam had no idea how he’d endure the days or weeks he’d have to spend away from Ella. The thought her mood might be even darker than his only made him feel worse. The hours dragged by. At last Adella, a friendly, middle-aged brunette serving as his personal assistant and flight attendant, instructed him to fasten his seatbelt for the decent into Juan Santamaria International Airport.

The short ride to the hotel wasn’t short enough, because all Adam could think of was calling Ella. The porter delivered his bag to the room and Adam tipped him. Closing and locking the door, he sagged into a plush chair and punched in Ella’s number. Each ring made him nervous that she might not pick up. Anxiety knotted his gut. He was not able to bear the thought of being unable to speak to her.

“Adam,” she said, and he breathed heavily in relief, looking at her on the small video screen of his phone. The phone with video capacity was one of his better ideas.

“Ella,” he said, “I’m so glad you’re there. I just arrived at my hotel in San Juan. I’ve missed you every second I’ve been away. Are you okay?”


Ella balked at telling him exactly how mired in the loss of him she was. After crying for hours the night before, her eyes were still puffy and red. Since the picture on the phone’s screen was a bit fuzzy, she hoped he wouldn’t notice. “I’m better now that you called. Just hearing your voice and seeing you, makes it better. If only we didn’t have to ever hang up…”

“I don’t plan to hang up for quite a while. With the video, I can see you and pretend you are here with me. Let’s pretend, okay?”

“Yes, I’ll pretend,” she agreed, looking at his handsome face on her screen. If only she were close enough to touch his face, feel his lips on hers. She’d begged off work, taking a personal day to wait for his call. Nothing was more personal than Adam, thus it was the perfect day to skip her shift at the bookstore.

Lying across her bed, she held the phone up to get the best view of Adam. He looked handsome even on the tiny screen, and he sure didn’t look like he’d been crying. But he did look worn. She wasn’t sure if it was from travel or the stress of being away from each other, but she hoped the latter.

“Pretend I’m next to you,” Adam said, “there in your bed.”

His words made her flush, just as if he were really beside her. “And what are we doing?” she teased.

“I’m undressing you,” Adam said, his eyes glowing with lust over the phone. “Can you feel me, touching you, slowly, enjoying every second as I undo your blouse?”

Ella wasn’t sure she could speak. His words were caresses, and her skin tingled. “I feel you, Adam. I want to feel you more.”

“Take off your blouse for me,” he said.

Ella quivered, undoing the buttons more rapidly than he’d described a moment before, anxious for more. The phone waved around when she slipped out of her blouse.

“Hold the phone back, so I can see you,” Adam instructed.

Her hand shook as she held the phone higher, so he could see her blouse-less.

“Nice,” he said, and Ella felt her cheeks warm.

“I want to see more,” he said in a low, deep voice. “Take off your skirt.”

The thrill of what they were doing over the phone was beyond exciting. Even long distance, Adam made her melt.

She slipped off her skirt, knowing what he would say next.

“Lower the phone, so I can see you,” he said, and she did.

“Better. I like you better without clothes. I’d like you even more without your panties.”

Ella felt her wetness soak her panties. What he was saying was so hot. Her fingers trembled when she gripped the elastic of her panties and slid them down over her bare feet. Panting softly, she held up the phone, knowing he’d want to see her. Just knowing he was looking, without even being in the room, made her sex throb.

“Now your bra,” he commanded.

Setting the phone on the bed for a moment, she undid her bra and tossed it to the floor. Holding the phone in her hand, she hesitated before holding it out so he could see her naked breasts. The old feeling of being unsexy crept into her awareness, and embarrassment took hold.

“Ella, beautiful Ella. You are perfect. You know that don’t you. You must know that,” Adam breathed.

Always, he made everything okay again. His words swept away her self-consciousness and made her feel good; the kind of good she only felt with Adam.

“You know what I want you to do, don’t you?” he choked out, clearly aroused.

Ella shook her head, unable to conceive that she guessed correctly.

“I want you to touch yourself, run your fingers through the cream between your legs. For me, Ella…touch yourself.”

Ella looked into his eyes and the distance between them didn’t seem to exist at all. He felt so close, like he was in the room, right there with her. Cautiously, she ran her palm down her belly, stopping on the smoothly waxed skin of her vulva.

“Yes, that’s right. Dip your fingers into the moisture dripping out of you.”

Hearing his encouragement, she closed her eyes and edged her fingers between her legs, knowing he was watching. Sliding her fingers across her slick opening, she whimpered; the touch felt so good because Adam could see her. Opening her eyes, she noticed he’d taken his shirt off. The sight of his muscled chest turned her on all the more.

“I want to see you too,” she said.

Adam smiled. “I thought you would.” He held the phone out so she could witness him undoing his zipper. Already barefoot, he pulled his jeans off and for a moment Ella could only see a garbled view as the phone swayed. When the picture righted itself, she gasped. Under his cotton briefs, she could see the bulge underneath. Her nipples tensed.

“Do you want to see more?” he asked, barely audible.

Ella nodded and said, “Yes.”

Adam pulled the waistband of his jockey shorts down, exposing his erection. The pure masculinity of the vision made her weak. She wanted to reach out and touch it, squeeze it in her fist, lick it, and so many other things.

“Touch it for me,” she said.

Looking at her, Adam fisted his heavy cock with one hand. He did it like a guy would, strong strokes up and down a couple of times, stopping at the top to run his thumb over the tip, spreading his pre-cum around the thick knob. He groaned and closed his eyes halfway in the effort.

“You look so amazing,” Ella said. “I want you so bad.” With Adam she’d always been open, her inhibitions never existing when with him.

“I want to see you pleasure yourself. I want see the look on your face. Please, Ella. Let me watch.”

Ella was touched by his words; that he would want to see her in such a private act. Before she’d fingered her clit for her own satisfaction, but it had never been as sweet as the real thing. Being with Adam was what she needed. The idea that he would be watching the whole time should have been embarrassing. Instead it was erotic beyond belief.

“Now, Ella…do it now. I can’t wait.”

Her blood heated and her heart raced at his erotic request. Never would she refuse him. She rubbed her hands over her breasts, scraping over her red, distended nipples.

“Pinch them,” he said, and she did, pinching until it hurt, relishing the sharp pain.

“Now lower,” he directed.

Ella slid her hand over her sex, cupping it. Spreading her thighs, she played her fingers over her wetness. Adam watched in silence.

Massaging her pussy, she panted faster. God, it felt good. Then, spreading her legs wider giving herself to Adam, she opened her labia and stuck her middle finger into her sopping vagina. “Ah,” she groaned, stroking her finger in and out.

Pulling her finger out, still holding the phone up, somehow, she pulled back the skin covering her clit and tapped the top of it a couple of times. She writhed on the bed, unbelieving that she held nothing back. The closer she got to orgasm, the more she felt Adam’s eyes on her, and heard his panting and moaning along with hers.

Looking into his eyes, she saw his desire, felt his presence. He looked back at her, fisting his cock, harder and harder, watching Ella bring herself off. The sight of him stimulated, and roughly jacking himself, was more than she could take. Moaning, she fingered her clit with new verve, and it turned hard as a tiny pebble.

“Now, now,” Adam gasped.

Ella’s finger rubbed in a fast motion, literally shaking the tip gently, taking her to her peak. Her body stiffened, her belly hard, and her sex clenched. The most delightful waves of pleasure ricocheted through her, and she screamed through her rapid panting. Her eyes closed at the most intense moment, and when she opened them, she saw Adam stroking his cock hard and fast.

His cum spurted, thick and full, over his stomach, and through her glazed eyes she saw the look on his face in the throes of orgasm. He was so virile, so gorgeous, so vulnerable, all at the same time. His deep moans were like music to her, and she wanted to kiss him. She wanted to hold him. But that was the one thing she couldn’t do.

Adam sat with his eyes closed, spent. His chest heaved with deep breathing, remnants of his powerful arousal. She waited, content to look at him in that state, loving him more than she knew she’d ever love any man. He opened his eyes, his soft look making her heart swell.

“Ella,” he whispered. “Ella.”

She couldn’t react, unable to respond. All she wanted was to have him in her arms, and prayed she would. Hoping it would be soon, she reached up and touched the phone, tracing her fingers over Adam’s lips.

“Adam,” was all she said.