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Adam & Ella’s fairytale wedding in Brazil suddenly turns into a nightmare.

Before they can leave on their honeymoon, old enemies resurface, threatening their joy.

“Unmoving, Adam read it again. And again. No, it couldn’t be. His pulse pounded and his heart fell, the peace he’d known instantly shattered by several ill-constructed sentences. The tone was threatening and held added horror in the jagged, oddly arranged paper letters. The demand was clear: You will pay.”

Adam will do everything in his power to rescue her from their evil grip.

But can he get there in time?

Will his brilliance save the woman he craves, or will she be a victim of violence and greed?



ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Wow what an ending to an amazing story! Emily out did herself on this series! It was one of the most romantic and erotic stories I have read to date!! Adam is every woman’s dream man! I loved this story and the suspense and intrigue that was also in the story with Claudio, just made it so exciting, I could not stop reading!! I love, love, love Emily’s writing!! She combines it all in a story to keep her readers captivated! I highly recommend this!!! Susan G.

I have to start off by stating that Emily is one of my top 5 authors and i have read EVERY book she has out!!! Adam and Ella have been through hell and back and they finally can settle down without the fear of Adams Father Claudio ruining their happiness…… Or can they??? Craved has suspense and lots of steamy scenes to keep you reading and STILL wanting more!!! The love Adam and Ella have is very inspiring and gives hope to even the most cinic person (me) It make me a little less negative about letting go of my past and demons. Craved is everything i wanted and more. I loved hearing about other characters from emilys other series as well!!!!! Tami C.


Craved – Adam & Ella 4

Chapter 1


Adam stood on the deck by the pool, gazing out at the glassy bay glimmering under the expansive blue sky. The weather was as warm as expected for April in Rio, but late in the day there would likely be showers. Though she’d only been gone for a couple of hours, he missed Ella.

Sitting on the flat pool edge, Adam reflected on the joy he’d experienced since proposing to her on the deck of his yacht in Newport, months before. The truth was he craved Ella, with every part of his body and soul. And he never dreamed he’d be lucky enough to spend his life with her.

With the wedding only a week away, Adam looked forward to being married to the woman he was so in love with. Maybe he should be nervous, but only excitement rattled his otherwise peaceful state. After a long battle, with Ella by his side, they’d rid their life of Claudio, his evil-hearted father. Since then, and for the first time in Adam’s life, he had been able to live unencumbered by oppression.

Ella was the reason he had fought so hard. Whatever darkness haunted his youth, Adam would not allow it to shadow his love. When his father’s demands threatened the woman he cared about more than anything, and his dear family as well, something had to be done. Together, Adam and Ella had achieved their goal and pushed Claudio into an untenable position. He’d fled to Paraguay and had no hope of returning.

Thus, Adam felt as secure as he ever could in the unsettled city of Rio. Brazil was his home, and Ella had come to love the country and the people as much as he did. Vibrant with life, the culture was warm and friendly. Any excuse for a party or celebration was seized upon, and since they’d been back, Adam and Ella had partied to their fill.

It had taken months to prepare for the wedding, and still there were last-minute items to attend to. Fiorella was shopping with Ella, taking care of a few things that could not be delegated. Plus, she would have fun. Adam thought of how happy Ella had been since agreeing to marry him, and his heart swelled. It wouldn’t be long and they’d seal the union with all their family and friends there to witness. Every man should be so fortunate.

Most of the morning, Adam had worked in his office, making progress on some new software, plus debugging some recently implemented banking programs. He stood and stretched, taking one more look across Guanabara Bay, having a clear view of the mountains and the city. The view was unparalleled and he never tired of it.

He strolled and grabbed a cold coconut drink from the refrigerator to quench his thirst in the warm weather. His chef had been stocking up on them, knowing they were a favorite of Ella’s. And Adam grew to enjoy them as well. It shouldn’t be long before Ella returned, and maybe they’d go down to the beach. He had a stack of mail on the desk, so he sat in his chair and rifled through his drawer for the letter opener.

Adam took a big gulp of the refreshing drink and put it on the glass desktop. Leaning back in his chair, he began opening the first item. Nothing much, just a confirmation that he’d asked Quinn to forward to him. A few items were the usual junk. All the bills went directly to his accountant so he didn’t have to deal with them.

One envelope had a local postmark, but no return address. Adam’s name and mailing address were typed, so it was possibly business related. Most such correspondence was conducted via his attorney’s office, and Quinn would notify him of anything requiring his attention. Interested, Adam sliced it along the top side and slid out a one-page letter.

Puzzled, he unfolded it. The message, written in Portuguese, was not typed or handwritten; it was composed of cutout letters from a Brazilian magazine. Instantly, Adam thought of spy movies where the criminals disguise who they are by using that method of communication. As he read through, deciphering the words made from the colorful letters of various sizes, cut inexpertly from the shiny pages of various publications, the message began to form.

Unmoving, Adam read it again. And again. No, it couldn’t be. His pulse pounded and his heart fell, the peace he’d known instantly shattered by several ill-constructed sentences. The tone was threatening and held added horror in the jagged, oddly arranged paper letters. The demand was clear: You will pay.

Panic raged in Adam’s chest, followed by anger. The knowledge that his father dared to invade their life, yet again, was intolerable. There was too much to lose. It wasn’t about money; it was about those Adam loved, Ella most prominently. And he had no intention of tolerating his father’s bullying.

The letter in his hands, written by Claudio, raised a question. Since the letter had a local postmark, did that mean his father had returned to Rio? Or did it mean he had someone working with him, someone who could cross the border and deliver the untimely threats? Adam guessed it was the latter.

Stunned, Adam didn’t do anything at first. His mind raced, and his first thought was of Ella. For the moment, she was likely safe. Nico and two others from the team were guarding the women during the shopping outing. In Rio, there was always danger; it was that kind of city. Yet his security didn’t know there was any unusual risk.

The first action Adam would take would be to contact Nico to alert him and require that he bring the women home. But request that he not tell Ella the reason. That was something Adam preferred to do personally. Still Adam hesitated, having trouble making sense of what was happening. His father had been chased to Paraguay, burdened with gambling debts and broke.

That he had managed to survive the wrath of strong men, also part of the criminal underworld, was amazing enough. But it seemed he had a new ally, at least one, that was willing to perpetrate the evil deed of threatening Adam and his family, plus seeing the threat through, if it came to that. At a minimum, the accomplice had mailed the bizarrely created letter from Rio.

The worst was the stated intent if Adam did not pay: You will never see Ella again. The ugly words blotted out the beauty of his life with Ella, and sucked the peace away with it. Increasing the torment was the fact that the letter did not state the amount of the demand, only that Adam would be contacted again with specific instructions.

Somehow, he needed to tell her about the threat without overly frightening her. And that would be difficult. Ella was smart and wouldn’t easily be deluded into thinking everything was all right. Nothing was right, now that Claudio had pierced the joy that surrounded them, and cast gloom over Adam’s life once again.

Only seconds passed, seeming like protracted minutes, when Adam picked up his phone to call Nico. There was one thing Adam knew for sure—he would not allow his father to harm Ella. Or any member of his family, for that matter. This was a fight Claudio could not win. Adam had too much at stake.