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Daniela’s Crazy Love – The Novel

Daniela Rinaldi’s life gets crazy when Cooper Burke shows up. Her heart won’t let her walk away from him, even though she doesn’t believe in second chances. His appearance sets off a series of frightening events that leave Daniela reeling. She doesn’t want to suspect Cooper, but can’t avoid it. Her steamy love affair with the hunky baseball star becomes intertwined with the acts of a stalker who is harassing her. Daniela fears she is being set up for heartbreak, while danger swirls around her. Her true love and the unrelenting stalker might be the same man. Has Cooper been lying to her? Or is he the only man who can save her?

Daniela closed her eyes and rubbed her temple. Cooper. Could it be? He was her former boyfriend. Stalkers were obsessed with their victims. Now Daniela felt that she was the one who was obsessed. Possibly she was making too much out of meaningless occurrences. But she didn’t think so. It might be best to avoid Cooper until she knew for sure.

Yet even thinking it, Daniela knew she wouldn’t follow through. The urge to be with Cooper was overpowering, especially now that they’d reconciled. Was the hot sex clouding her judgment? She might be making a big mistake, one that could cost her life.

Series: Rinaldi Romance

Daniela Rinaldi is the baby sister with 4 older brothers. Now you can read her thrilling romance in two heart-pounding books – Daniela’s Crazy Love: The Prequel (Cooper & Daniela #1) and Daniela’s Crazy Love: The Novel (Cooper & Daniela #2) – an erotic romantic thriller – a standalone story.



Ms. Trent – you have another success on your hands!! I loved the prequel and novel about Cooper & Daniela. It was refreshing to read a story that didn’t derail the lovers for extended periods of time. Sure, Daniela had questions, fears, and even some anger about rekindling her relationship with Cooper, but that told me she was going in with her eyes open. The commitment that Cooper had throughout the story was also a pleasure to read about. He wanted a relationship with Daniela from the start, & he understood that she could have been hurt by their separation. He was determined to work through the problems, and see their relationship through. The sex scenes were beautiful crazy and totally HOT! Thank you, Ms. Trent for a perfect little detour in my otherwise busy, hectic life.CDBall

Daniela and Cooper so hot together. could not put it down. Add a stalker in the mix and thinking it maybe Cooper, how to handle that? Thank goodness for good friends and Lila surely is one. A few twists and turns and mystery in this story makes it a great read. But then I have thoroughly enjoyed every Emily Jane Trent story that I have read. Carol P.