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Deep Obsession

Natalie is consumed with her love for Tanner, and his ability to guide her sexually.

Natalie’s obsession goes deeper than she ever imagined, and his possessiveness threatens to smother her.

“Could Natalie even hope that Tanner would make more of a commitment, or did she want him to? Her head spun with the emotion, but she couldn’t allow herself to think long term. For now, she wanted every crazy second he could give her, knowing that if he left, she’d never be able to recover. She was sure of that. She was in dangerous water, and was all too aware of it. She was losing touch.”

Natalie’s ever-growing passion, and deepening love of the only man she’ll ever want, is revealed.

Deep Obsession is a romantic tale that takes place in Moscow, Russia. The sex scenes are graphic, and the passion heats up. This sweet romance is a unique love story, with full character development, and added intrigue from Tanner’s billionaire lifestyle, that will make each book in the series hard to put down.



I really enjoyed the second installment in the Touched by You series compelling, hot, sexy romance.

Oh my this one is so far my favorite!! Think I say that about all if them so far. What a great story!! This one shows so much emotion. Is Natalie ready for this or not. Great story!!  erinpureromance

I really enjoyed reading this book and I highly recommend it. I think this book is wonderful and the characters are amazing.  Lisa Q.


Deep Obsession – Touched By You 5

1 – Celebration Of Love


Cheryl Easton knew the best places to shop. “Fashion is blossoming in Russia,” she said. “That’s another reason I’m glad you could persuade Tanner to come visit us.”

Natalie shrugged into her full-length crystal fox coat and tucked her hair inside the collar. Winter in Russia was cold, just as it was known for, but she’d discovered it wasn’t as bad as she’d expected. You just had to dress for it. High-heeled boots and a fur hat completed her outfit. Russian women seemed to wear high heels everywhere, and Natalie didn’t want to advertise being a tourist.

“I’ve noticed that fashion is big here,” Natalie replied, slipping out the door to the car. The driver held the door open, and they slid into the warmth of the leather seat. “I’ve been inspired by Russian women. Nothing is too bold for them. I see all kinds of bright colors and brave statements, like wearing a turban instead of a hat, and many bright prints. I’ve been swept up into their love of fashion.”

“Yes.” Cheryl smiled. “Your designs would do well here. You tend to venture into bolder fashion. Just like that dress you made for me…which is the reason Dani has talked with his connections here about seeing your line in an upcoming show. We will see, but with his support, good things could happen.”

“Wouldn’t that be something?” Natalie gazed out the window to the snow-covered landscape. She was still amazed about Dani’s cottage in the countryside. “Cottage” was the word used. Yet it had so many rooms she was unable to count them, and was too shy to ask how many there were.

Ivan Danilo Karpin was an impressive businessman. He was warm and down to earth. Yet it was uncomfortable to ask too much. He’d been a remarkable host, even assigned a team of guards to follow them everywhere. The protection was needed due to Dani’s immense wealth. Natalie wasn’t sure of the details, but he’d done well in metals and investments.

Moscow’s equivalent to Rodeo Drive was Petrovka Boulevard. The shopping was outrageous based on sheer variety alone. There was one magnificent shop after the other. The gleaming taillights of Dani’s metallic Bentley, with Cheryl and Natalie in the back seat, was only one of many driving to the numerous malls.

Their whirlwind shopping tour included caviar for breakfast, a visit to a store where Tolstoy had shopped in the afternoon so very long ago, and everything from diamond bangles to sable coats available for purchase. Both Natalie’s and Cheryl’s shopping bags were bursting.

They really needed the team of bodyguards to carry the numerous bags for them and help them back to the limo. Cheryl and Natalie topped it off by buying Russian chocolates, and candies in the shape of gold domes.

Natalie thought she’d seen it all, until they strutted into Glavnyi Universalnyi Magazin—which their driver translated as “Main Universal Store”—or GUM, which he pronounced like “gloom.” The mall was no longer consumerism; it was art.

With three parallel arcades, the huge shopping mall looked like a palace from the outside. For the winter, there was even an ice skating rink in front. Ice skating was something Natalie had never learned to do. Being from California, she’d never had the chance, but admired the skill and beauty of the skaters.

The unforgettable GUM shopping center, positioned on the east side of Red Square, was even more spellbinding inside than out. The glass roof and elegantly decorated interior were built around a fountain, and housed a long list of designers such as Christian Dior, Hugo Boss, and Puma. Glass roofs seemed to be everywhere, common in upscale shopping malls. Natalie had shopped at glass-roofed malls in several other countries.

“Magnificent,” Natalie breathed. “I think I need to sit down. If this is shopping in Russia, I have to say I’ve really been missing out. The beauty astounds me.”

Cheryl steered them to a little café where they could talk and catch their breath. The burly guards assigned to them, with their buzz cuts and starched uniforms, removed their fur hats and stood watch outside.

“I’m so glad you and Tanner could come to see us in Russia.” Cheryl looked younger every time Natalie saw her. Love really did take years off, Natalie decided.

Natalie took a moment to gaze at the elaborate interior and sip her cappuccino. Coffee drinking had become more popular in Russia, even though tea still seemed to be the preferred drink.

“I’m glad too, Cheryl,” Natalie replied, more relaxed now. “Tanner can be very romantic, although he’d be embarrassed to have me say so. It wasn’t that long ago that we were in London, as you know. I’ve been buried in designing, which as it turns out isn’t all glamour but a lot of work.

“Tanner has been focusing on company structure, with the goal of expanding Clarke Luxury Brands, without increasing his work hours. Quite a trick from what I can see. His operations manager, Aaron Bader, has been invaluable. He’s proven to be very capable, and has taken on a lot of the day to day running of the company, still with Tanner’s sharp eye on everything.”

Natalie missed Tanner suddenly. She’d seen him just that morning, but it was too long. He’d gone with Dani to some kind of business meeting. So she’d taken the opportunity to shop with Cheryl. There was no way to visit Moscow and not see the fashion district. She was amazed, and had no idea fashion was exploding there like it was.

Natalie blushed, telling Cheryl of Tanner’s intent in visiting Russia. “Tanner wants our time in Moscow to be a celebration of our love…so sweet, really. Since London we’ve been working so much. It’s a chance to be together. Yet still he finds work to do.”

Cheryl laughed. “Yes, as does Dani. But we’ll meet them for dinner. I’m sure we can distract them from their other duties.”

Natalie blushed again, thinking of her time with Tanner since arriving in Moscow. The cold outside had forced them indoors, to the luxurious room Dani provided for them in his home. Natalie and Tanner were inseparable. Even this little time apart created a feeling of loss, and Natalie couldn’t be by Tanner’s side soon enough.