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Fierce Possession

On their honeymoon, love is better than ever.

But will it stay that way?

What waits for Natalie and Tanner back home in New York?

“Tanner ran his hand through his hair and expelled a deep breath. A shadow crossed his blue eyes, and a fist tightened around Natalie’s heart. There was something wrong. What if it was something devastating, something she couldn’t do anything about?”

Tanner craves his wife beyond all reason. Marriage is hotter than he anticipated, pushing his urges out of control.

Inner demons resurface for Tanner.

Fierce Possession, 9th novella of the Touched By You series, is a romantic tale that takes place in Sardinia, Italy. Touched By You is a unique love story, with full character development, and added intrigue from the billionaire’s life, that will make each book in the series hard to put down.



After a beautiful wedding, Fierce Possession picks up with Natalie and Tanner in the helicopter headed towards their honeymoon. Right from the start we see Tanner still questioning himself. What is he hiding that he has to control with Natalie? Natalie picks up on this since she is very in tune with Tanner but doesn’t inquire what is wrong. They enjoy a wonderful honeymoon in Sardinia. We still have Tanner trying to maintain control over himself so Natalie finally asks but he doesn’t really explain anything to her. When they return to New York some new challenges arise as they figure out how to navigate life as a married couple. They are really coming together as a couple and it’s good to see Natalie standing up to Tanner and pushing him to find the balance he needs. Was surprised by a cameo for Adam and Ella from the Captivated series when Tanner’s company needs new software and Adam’s company is the best one to do the work. Wondering what other ways we may “bump” into these characters in future installments. Continuing to love and devour Natalie and Tanner’s story.  MaryJo T.

Fierce Possession is the best of this fabulous series yet. I enjoyed reading about Tanner and Natalie after they got married. I loved the details paid by this author to the places they visited on their honeymoon. I felt like I was there. I don’t want to give away any surprises but pay close attention to Chapter 17 for a nice surprise. I can’t wait for the next book in this series. This is a book that you just can’t miss.  S.P.


  Fierce Possession- Touched By You 9

1 – Wedding Night


High in the night sky over New York, the city lights gleaming below, Tanner pressed his lips to the inside of Natalie’s wrist. The only music was the loud hum of the helicopter, and the only restraints the rough seatbelts. Yet he wanted his new wife, more than he’d ever wanted her before. She was his, all his, in heart, body, soul—and now, in name.

In the pit of his stomach, a fist of emotion gripped. Something new, unexpected, seized him. From the very beginning, Tanner had known that he wasn’t good for Natalie. She’d shown him he was worthy of love, of her love. And in many ways he’d changed, opened to love.

Still, in some ways he hadn’t changed at all, and wondered if he ever would. “I love you,” he mouthed, unable to be heard over the roar of the helicopter. He watched Natalie smile, an enigmatic sensual smile. Radiating beauty even in the dark interior, Tanner was drawn to her. The desire to possess rose in his veins with a heat that he felt ill-equipped to control.

“I love you,” Natalie mouthed back, and he stroked his tongue along the soft skin of her wrist.

Tanner was in trouble, and he hadn’t expected to be. He was married to the woman he craved, the only woman he wanted. The realization that she was his, in that way, made him feel crazed. When was the damn helicopter going to land?

He needed to hold her, touch her, and have her. All day—with the guests, the ceremony, the toasts—Tanner had been tense. Nothing gave him greater joy than making Natalie his wife, but the intensity of feeling that boiled in his veins might not be a good thing. He wasn’t sure.

Then, there she’d been, in a white ruffled dress, thick brown hair styled like a princess. She stepped down the aisle toward him in her satin shoes, looking like an angel, which only made Tanner feel like the devil. He wasn’t sure where that feeling came from.

Deep in the recesses of his subconscious, demons he thought he’d put to bed long ago reared their heads. She was everything he wanted. And that was it: he wanted her too much. It was beyond endurance, more than he could express.

Natalie reached out and touched his cheek with her fingertips, sending electricity through his body. There was no going back, not that he wanted to. Not wanting to hurt her, Tanner took a breath. He would use restraint; he would. He had to, at least for now.

Natalie ran one finger over his bottom lip, marveling once again at how handsome he was. The chiseled features, his muscled form, and perfect lips—everything about him excited her. No matter how many times she looked at him, she’d never tire of it.

Now, he was her husband. The man she loved with all her heart loved her back. And she was his wife. Warmth spread through her every time she thought of it. Looking at him in the darkness of night, a rush of emotion that had to be felt, that could not be described, flooded her.

He’d made her so happy. The memory of how he looked, standing under the arch of flowers at the altar, was etched in her mind. In his black tuxedo, he’d been swoon-worthy. The fact that he was taking vows with her made him even more so. The look on his face was a mixture of love, joy, and vulnerability. A look she’d never forget.

As the helicopter swooped through the sky, Natalie had only thoughts of her new husband, the man she’d loved since the first moment she saw him. Even in the poor lighting, she caught something in his expression. Just for a fleeting moment, it was there, and then gone.

Could Tanner possibly be nervous on their wedding night? She didn’t see how that was possible. They’d been so intimate with each other, bared their souls to each other, and their bodies as well. This wasn’t a first date, not by any stretch.

Natalie had to admit she was a little nervous, though. This was their wedding night, a special night. It meant so much. An unwelcome feeling pressed into view. What if she couldn’t be everything he needed? Being a wife was so new. He’d chosen her, and more than anything, she wanted to make him happy.


The Ritz-Carlton in Manhattan overlooked Central Park. The lobby, richly decorated in deep browns and orange, with mustard-colored walls, faded to the background. Natalie only had eyes for Tanner. He placed his hand at her waist and guided her up to their suite, hardly noticing the bell cap bringing their overnight bags, or even Andre, their friend and bodyguard, following discreetly.

The warmth of Tanner’s body pressed against her; the pressure of his hand at the top of her hip felt so right. Natalie was where she wanted to be. Anticipation unsettled her as the elevator slipped upward, her heart beating just a little faster at what was to come.

Entering, Natalie saw huge bouquets of red and white roses. “Tanner, they are so lovely.”

“I know how you like flowers, baby. And this is your wedding night.”

There was that look on his face again, just for an instant, then gone. Natalie thought she knew him so well, but in many ways he was still a mystery. She watched him walk over to a bucket of ice and lift out a bottle of champagne. It was just like Tanner to think of everything. He could be so romantic.

Deftly, he popped the cork, and poured some of the special champagne into their glasses. It was the same delicious brand they’d shared at the wedding. Tanner held a glass out to her, and she took it, touching his hand in the process. He didn’t release the glass right away, allowing her hand to stay where it was, over his.

Looking into his beautiful blue eyes, Natalie saw the potent lust he so carefully held back. The rigidness of his jaw, the tautness of his body, told her that Tanner was ready to explode. Standing there, looking into his piercing gaze, her cheeks warmed.

“To my ravishing wife, the loveliest bride I’ve ever seen.” Tanner clinked his glass against hers, making a single high-pitched note.

Natalie was sure she blushed—not from his compliment, but from his piercing look. His eyes, so blue, were filled with lust. The intensity made her weak, and she wouldn’t have been surprised if Tanner had ripped her clothes off right then.

“Don’t be nervous, baby,” he said, as if reading her mind. “I won’t hurt you.”

Natalie couldn’t fathom how he knew that was what she feared, since she barely knew it. “It’s just that…” Her words drifted away.

Tanner ran his thumb along her jaw and over her bottom lip. “What, baby?”

His touch melted her. Words escaped her. Natalie just looked at him, lost in emotion.

“Are you nervous?”

Natalie nodded, almost imperceptibly.

“Don’t be.” Tanner took their glasses and set them aside. He turned back to her, and just inches away, stood to look at his lovely new bride. Her flush of anticipation, and edge of fear, excited him.

“I want you so much,” he said in a deep, throaty voice.

His commanding presence, laced with tenderness, made Natalie tingle with need. “I want you, Tanner. Too much. I always want you.”