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Forbidden Pleasures

Natalie admits kinky sex with Tanner is an addiction. Their love for each other, pushes both of them beyond previous limits.

Natalie can’t seem to get enough, and now she discovers naughty desires that she dare not tell. Especially, not to Tanner, certain he would judge her, and she’d lose him forever.

“Her love for him had transformed her. Pleasures, previously forbidden, tempted her. Yet, she wasn’t prepared to tell him, not yet. She only hoped he’d chill out on this trip. The way he’d been looking at her lately, it had been harder to keep her secrets. She wanted to tell him. What was she afraid of?”

Where do all these secret transgressions lead? How will Tanner handle such unexpected passion?

Forbidden Pleasures is a romantic tale that takes place in Basel, Switzerland. This sweet romance is a unique love story, with full character development, and added intrigue from Tanner’s billionaire lifestyle, that will make each book in the series hard to put down.



I really enjoyed the second installment in the Touched by You series compelling, hot, sexy romance.
Emily Jane Trent writes a hot tale of these two lovers. Tanner is lovable and Natalie is smart and patient with his issues. I hope they get a HEA! Reading #7 now. Trouble with finishing these I have to stop and go find my husband….

Another hot book in the touched by you series. I am completely addicted to this series, again I received this book for an honest review. My honest review is, take fifty shades and multiply the hot sexy scenes by 10 , add a very hot billionaire Tanner and you have a scorching read. Go out and buy it now.  Toni C.


Forbidden Pleasures – Touched By You 6

1 – Secrets


A secret is something that should be kept, especially if it is about you, and not easily revealed. Natalie Baker had grown into a lovely, sensual woman, and she loved Tanner beyond anything she could have previously conceived.

She never expected to be adored by such a gorgeous, dominating man. Nor had she known how far she would go to please him. But in doing so, she began to notice her own pleasure and desire growing. Intimate feelings, previously buried deep within her, came alive.

Her passion began to take on a life of its own. And though Tanner continued to push her past former boundaries, she feared the limits dissolving around her, and felt—well, secret desires she wasn’t prepared to reveal.

And that made Tanner angry. He always had the upper hand, and maintained control. Always. He sensed that she was holding something back. How he knew, she wasn’t sure. But being so intimate with another person, tended to shed light on intimate aspects that were better left unseen. Or so she thought.

Natalie kept a journal, a private diary, as a release. Each day she wrote down her fantasies and locked the small book away in the file cabinet in the corner of her workroom at the penthouse. Secrets flooded onto the pages, not available for Tanner to see, or anyone else for that matter.

It wasn’t deception, yet as the weeks passed, it became difficult to imagine sharing her inner imaginings with Tanner. She tried to appear the same as she always had, and thought she did a decent job of it. But he knew her, often better than she knew herself. She feared he would leave her no choice but to tell him all. Pushing that thought aside, she dressed for the evening.

Her closet had expanded to include numerous outfits for all sorts of events. Dating a billionaire was a challenge. She had to be ready for anything. It was an exhilarating life, as well as slightly intimidating. Natalie had met many important, wealthy people at events and through Clarke Luxury Brands. Tanner’s company attracted businesses and people of influence.

The limo was scheduled to take her to the charity event. Tanner often held his own fundraisers, but also supported others. The Clarke Foundation for Young Orphans had become a top supporter of orphanages and activities to help children without parents. A tight network of businesses attended the foundation’s fundraisers at Tanner’s personal request. And he reciprocated by attending and supporting their causes.

The fundraiser for orphans worldwide was at the Eventi Hotel on a rooftop veranda. The elegant hotel was decorated in modern style, every detail attended to. From the south veranda, the view over Manhattan was unbelievable. The guests in attendance were like a list of who’s who. Each was a power in their respective business sector.

Natalie noticed a variety of bodyguards in strategic places, but didn’t pay much attention. She expected as such, considering the wealth of the attendees. Possibly some were hotel security, and others private guards. She noticed one, in a passing glance, that was looking at her. He was tall, at least six feet, and strong, although not bulky. He was dressed impeccably. His eyes lingered on her longer than necessary and she suspected he might be one of Tanner’s personal guards, keeping an eye on her.

Tanner tended to keep her on a short leash. He feared for her safety, never knowing where or when an attack might come. There wasn’t much Natalie did without bodyguards in attendance. It took some adjusting, and she thought Tanner worried too much. Nothing significant had happened so far, and she didn’t expect it to. But then, this was his world and he understood it better than she.

Her eyes drifted across the rooftop, crowded with attendees, and spotted Tanner in the far corner. She felt a little weak at the sight of him in his slim-fitted dark suit and silver tie. He was already looking at her, and she noted something in his manner that was alarming. He didn’t smile or reach out to her. What now?

She walked toward him, weaving through guests in suits and cocktail dresses, noting that he never took his eyes off of her. He took in her attire, noting that she hadn’t dressed conservatively. Her wardrobe included a wide range of designer fashions, and it hadn’t escaped his notice that she tended to choose revealing fashions. He was sure he didn’t like that trend.

Natalie stopped in front of Tanner, yet still he didn’t move. His blue eyes lacked the emotion she hoped to find, so in an effort to soften him up, she reached out and squeezed his forearms.

“Hey, I found you,” she said.

“Yes. And apparently the bodyguard across the room, too” were his first words.

“Tanner…no. Your jealousy goes too far. We’re here to have a good time, and support a worthy cause. Please don’t ruin it,” she pleaded. “I just assumed he was a guard you hired. It would make sense for him to keep an eye on me, if that’s the case.” She felt frustrated at always having to defend herself.

Tanner scrutinized her. She’d chosen a red bandage dress that looked shrink-wrapped around her slender curves, and ended a bit too far above the knee. Around her neck was the necklace he’d recently had made for her. It was made of several oval-shaped Burmese rubies, accented with marquise diamonds mounted in platinum and yellow gold. With her hair piled high, and her red Louboutin heels, she looked like a princess, even if a scantily clad one.

“He was keeping an eye on you, yes, but he’s not hired by Clarke Luxury. Every male eye in the room followed you in that dress. I think we need to talk about your wardrobe,” he said gruffly.

Natalie sighed. Sometimes arguing with him was useless. She’d wait for a better time.

“Come,” Tanner said, and guided her around for introductions. Guiding her, he kept his hand at the base of her spine, a clear signal to any male competition that she belonged to him. Her initial annoyance went away, and she began to enjoy the social event. She even liked his possessiveness. Well, maybe he went too far with it, but his hand placed so intimately was reassuring in some indefinable way.