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Daniela's Crazy Love - The PrequelKyra's Story - Book 2: Secrets

Daniela’s Crazy Love Series

Daniela’s Crazy Love: The Prequel

In this steamy romance about second chances, Daniela Rinaldi’s first love broke her heart. The high school baseball star Cooper Burke had his sights on a career in the majors, leaving love behind. The devastating breakup hurt Daniela deeply. But even now, she may be unable to resist his charms. When Cooper shows up unexpectedly, he seems to be hiding something. Daniela suspects that he is frightening her for reasons she doesn’t understand. Could Cooper be terrorizing Daniela, or is she imagining it? And if he isn’t, then who is the man in the shadows?

Cooper was the last person she expected to be following her. But there he was, as annoyingly handsome as before. His short brown hair and pale green eyes had not failed to make her want to fall into his arms.

And right then, it was no different. For some reason, her mind couldn’t conceive that he had been gone nearly four years. Quite the opposite—it felt as though time stood still, like he had not left at all. He had been waiting for her, patiently anticipating her next words.

“Cooper…you scared me to death!”

Series: Rinaldi Romance

Daniela Rinaldi is the baby sister with 4 older brothers. Now you can read her thrilling romance in two heart-pounding books – Daniela’s Crazy Love: The Prequel (Cooper & Daniela #1) and Daniela’s Crazy Love: The Novel (Cooper & Daniela #2) – an erotic romantic thriller – a standalone story.

Kyra's Story Book 1: LustKyra's Story - Book 2: Secrets

Book 1 in the Kyra’s Story Series

Stay With Me – Book 1: Lust

Kyra Walsh is a fashion model, who can’t seem to find the right guy. In the past, she has been abused. Through her best friend, she is introduced to heartthrob Stephano at a show in Zurich. There is every reason they shouldn’t be together, but the attraction is too strong.

Stephano Rinaldi is a fashion photographer who travels the world. He sees beautiful women daily in his career, but no woman has touched him like Kyra. And even though she has issues, he cannot turn away from her. When her past threatens to ruin their relationship before it has even started, Stephano vows to save her.

Kyra’s Story is a Rinaldi Romance series consisting of 4 novels titled “Stay With Me” – Book 1: Lust /Book 2: Secrets/Book 3: Betrayal/Book 4: Confessions.

Kyra Walsh was Leah Ivers best friend in the Gianni and Leah, Rinaldi Romance series. Now you can read about her love story with Stephano Rinaldi in the steamy, suspenseful romance “Stay With Me.”


Book 1 in the Adam & Ella Series


Adam and Ella’s steamy romance comprises 4 novels which should be read in sequence. The suspense-filled story takes place in Newport, California, and later, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Adam Bianci is a sexy Latin surfer that Ella Walker meets at the beach she frequents. When she is drawn into the intrigue of his family in Brazil her life changes forever.

Perfectly ShatteredPerfectly Shattered

Book 1 in the Sexy & Dangerous Series

Perfectly Shattered

Four sexy & dangerous men, four unforgettable romances.

Each sexy alpha male meets the woman that is perfect for him, but flawed in her own way. In each of these steamy love stories, the hero risks all to save the woman he loves in an angst-filled romance you won’t be able to put down.

Read all alpha male romance novels in this Sexy & Dangerous series!

The Passion SeriesThe Passion Series

 The Passion Series

The Passion Series is a collection of erotic short stories about Heather and Ryan. They were originally published separately. Now all the stories have been compiled into this one book for your reading enjoyment.