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Intimate Kiss

Jacob must keep romance out of the playroom, but Vivienne has a way of making him break the rules.

With a brash move, Vivienne defies Jacob. She craves their sexual intimacy, but wants more. Yet Jacob is the only man for her, even if she can’t understand him.

“Vivienne couldn’t help but wonder about Jacob. The arrangement he’d set up was convenient for him. He had the playroom, ready and waiting, with the woman of his choice ready to do his bidding. Was she really blind? Had her infatuation clouded her judgment?

But then Vivienne recalled how it felt to be with Jacob, the way he treated her, and the excitement that flooded her in his presence. He was the man for her. She was sure about that. The relationship was challenging, but that didn’t stop her from wanting Jacob as much as she wanted her next breath.”

Will Jacob steal Vivienne’s heart with an intimate kiss?

Series: Rinaldi Romance

Intimate Kiss is the third book in the Bend To My Will series, a Rinaldi Romance that unfolds over a series of novellas. Jacob Rinaldi made his fortune in wine importing, and he travels the world. He is a billionaire with his choice of women, but is obsessed with having Vivienne Lake. This is a steamy romance with bdsm elements. Throughout this hot love story, Jacob faces the darkness that threatens to engulf him. And Vivienne learns the joy of submission, while teaching Jacob that love isn’t out of reach.



Oh my…. obviously this book is mighty fine with a twist of fate and the sexual indulgence in this book. The storyline of this author’s books are excellent and the two lovers of the series are as of one. Will it be a big disappointed love affair or something else. ENJOY Stormy Lover

This series is H O T now! I’m excited to see how he adjusts to the changes that are happening. It’s a wild ride for sure for these two. More, more, more… Yvonne D.


Chapter 1


When Vivienne woke up, it took her a minute to remember where she was. She’d gotten in late, and had slept deeply. Stirring against her pillow, she recalled Jacob bringing her home. As she hugged the sheet under her chin, images of the luxury flight came back.

It all seemed like a dream: visiting Paris, reuniting with Jacob and staying at his villa, then returning to New York on his private jet. Vivienne missed Provence, as it was so tranquil and beautiful. But most of all, because Jacob had been with her.

For a couple of precious days, they had been together. In contrast, Vivienne now felt an awful emptiness, and had not adjusted to Jacob’s absence. Although she hadn’t shared his room at the villa, it had been a comfort to know he was just down the hall.

That last night meant so much. Jacob held her in his arms until she fell asleep, curled next to him in his bed. They were up early, and the driver took them to the airport in Marseille. The jet was designed with cream-colored leather seats and wood paneling. It even had a master suite.

Yet that didn’t seem to matter. Once they were aboard, Jacob was preoccupied. While Vivienne enjoyed the amenities, watching a movie and sipping on various drinks, he was distracted. She could tell it was something to do with work.

Seeing Jacob involved in business was something new. When they were together, Vivienne had him to herself. Spoiled in that way, she was reluctant to share him. Although she understood that he had a business to run, it was a disappointment not to share the ambience of the jet or the intimacy of the bed on the long flight home.

That was something Vivienne had yet to understand. Jacob could be so caring and considerate, while still keeping his emotions locked inside. In the playroom, he opened up to her in a sexual way, making her feel closer to him than she had to any man before. Once Jacob was outside the sanctity of the room, that changed.

It was puzzling that he only wanted to see Vivienne on weekends. She had agreed, knowing that was the way he wanted it. And she was willing to try, but wasn’t sure about forgoing dating and the usual things that came with a relationship. But it didn’t mean she missed Jacob any less when separated from him.

Mid-flight, the flight attendant served a meal with wine, so Jacob took a break. He warmed to her a little, and they chatted about the recent trip. Discussing wine, food, and the beauty of the countryside was fine, yet didn’t substitute for something more intimate.

In the days they’d spent together, a deep bond had formed, but maybe only for her. Jacob was as controlled and self-assured as ever. Yet Vivienne didn’t believe for a second that he was unaffected by what had happened between them. She found what comfort she could in their new agreement, and the promise it held.

Halfway through the bottle of wine, Jacob had broached the subject that was on Vivienne’s mind, finally talking about something personal. “I am looking forward to our first weekend together,” he said, with a lustful expression.

Desire swamped her. When Vivienne looked into his blue eyes, she wanted to touch Jacob again, feel his warmth. “It will be difficult to wait all week,” she said, making no effort to hide her feelings. Yet Vivienne didn’t regret letting him know it would be hard for her, nor did she understand confining their enjoyment of each other to weekends only.

“It’s better this way,” Jacob said, without further explanation.

Better for me…or better for you? But Vivienne didn’t voice her disagreement, since she could tell the matter wasn’t open for discussion. Instead, she let it go, still wondering how Jacob could turn his emotions on and off so easily.

When they’d arrived, Ian was at the terminal to pick them up. On the way to her apartment, Jacob held her hand, giving Vivienne the idea that he was reluctant to leave her. Or maybe that was just her hope. At her building, Jacob walked her to the entrance, bringing back the unpleasant memory of that occasion when he’d dropped her off with a last goodbye.

This time was different. Jacob went inside with her and took the elevator up to her floor. He rolled her luggage to the door, then put his arms around her. Vivienne’s heart skipped a beat, but he did not kiss her. Instead, he pulled her close, holding her tight.

Vivienne closed her eyes, willing back the tears. Returning from a week in France should have been a happy occasion, but the separation from Jacob made it sad. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I guess I don’t understand.”

Jacob stroked her hair. “This will work out,” he said. “You’ll see. I’m not abandoning you…far from it.”

Vivienne clung to him a moment longer, then wiped her eyes and opened the door to her apartment. Jacob stood in the hall as if he wanted to say more, but he didn’t. As she wheeled her bag inside, loneliness consumed her.


When Jacob said her name, hope surged. Vivienne looked into his eyes, and what she saw in his expression made her heart wrench. She slipped into the hall and wrapped her arms around Jacob one more time. He pressed her head against his chest. “I’ll call, baby.” Then he had left without looking back, and Vivienne had watched until the elevator door closed behind him.

It was the next morning now, yet the feel of his arms around her lingered. Vivienne couldn’t stay in bed all day, longing for him. It was time to get up and get going. As Jacob said, she had her friends, her career. She refused to become dependent on Jacob, no matter how damn sexy he was.

Vivienne had her own life, and she wasn’t about to let it slip through her grasp, just because Jacob had chosen her. If he wanted to keep the two separate, then he’d have to deal with that decision. But the image of Jacob in the hallway, as he had spoken her name with such emotion, was burned in her memory. There was darkness behind his deep blue eyes. What was it he refused to share?

Maybe, eventually, Jacob would tell her.

Sun streamed through the bedroom window, signaling that it was past time to get up. Vivienne was jet-lagged and emotionally drained, but that was no excuse to lounge in bed. She had to get organized, and back to normal, whatever that was.

A hot shower and strong coffee went a long way toward reviving her. Vivienne dressed for the gym and grabbed her bag. Lana had texted to meet as usual for aerobics, if she was up in time. Her friend worked the breakfast shift at the restaurant that day, but could meet her to work out. Vivienne headed down to the lobby, looking forward to a hard workout. The gym in her building was fine, but the twice-a-week aerobics classes offered more challenge.

In the lobby, Jason looked up from his book to smile at her. “Vivie, you’re back.”

“Yes, I got in late.”

The doorman glanced at her attire. “On your way to work out?”

“Yep.” Vivienne laughed. “And believe me, I need it.”

“Jet lag?”

Jason opened the door for her, and Vivienne stepped out to the sidewalk. “How’d you guess?” She waved. “I’ll see you.”

It was bright outside, so Vivienne put on her sunglasses. The ebb and flow of pedestrians made her feel at home. The subway station across the street was buzzing, and the stores along the street were a hub of activity. She was back in New York, and it felt good. The walk to the gym was invigorating.

The fitness facility was loud, and with the air conditioning cranked up, it was a little chilly. A colorful mural of swimmers racing in a crystal-blue lap pool covered one wall. Vivienne gazed at the vibrant scene as she walked to the locker room, feeling more energized. Likely that was the effect the mural was intended to create.

When Vivienne entered, Lana was putting her long brown hair into a ponytail. She’d already stowed her gear. “There you are,” she said. “You’re almost late.” Her friend swooped over and gave her a big hug. “Did you sleep in?”

“Yeah, a bit,” Vivienne said. “But I’m here.” She found an empty locker and stuffed her bag into it.

“I loved all the pictures you sent me,” Lana said. “You went so many places.”

“I saw a lot in Paris. The only thing I didn’t fit in was the outdoor theater. But being at Jacob’s villa was worth missing it.”

“You have to tell me all about that,” Lana said, her brown eyes big.

“We’ll go someplace after class. We can catch up. I have so much to share.”

Lana leaned forward with her palms on the lockers and did a calf stretch. “Me too.”

Class was with a new instructor who showed no mercy during the body-punishing aerobics session. The music echoed off the walls, and Vivienne tried to keep up. She didn’t know how she had gotten so out of shape in only a week. It was probably all the good food and hanging around at luxury hotels…or villas.

Before she knew it the class was over. Sweating and breathing hard, Vivienne followed Lana back to the locker room to change into street clothes. A quick shower was in order. Vivienne couldn’t go out in public sweating like a pig. Lana did the same.

“Where to?” Vivienne said.

“What about that sandwich shop on the next block? I’m craving some roast beef.”

“Sure. Lead the way.” Vivienne followed her friend out. As she walked through the main gym, Adam spotted her. He was training a really buff-looking blond guy.

“Adam sees you,” Lana said.

Vivienne gave him a wave, then Adam turned and went back to business. He wasn’t overly friendly, but didn’t seem to harbor bad feelings about not dating.

“He seems cool,” Lana said. “I mean, I don’t think it bugs him that you two weren’t an item.”

The hard workout had briefly taken Vivienne’s attention off her love life. But now Jacob filled her thoughts. Going out with Adam had been dull. In sharp contrast, what she did with Jacob was thrilling. Maybe he had a point about not dating. It was possible it didn’t measure up to all the hype. Yet dates with Jacob certainly did, even if he wouldn’t admit they were dates.

Lana bumped her arm. “Hey, where’d you go?”

“Sorry.” Vivienne jogged a couple of steps to keep up with Lana’s fast stride. Outdoors, she looked over at her friend. “You’re right. Adam is not right for me, and I’m sure he knew that.” Jacob is the only one for me. But she wouldn’t get into that until she had Lana’s undivided attention.

A block over, Vivienne spotted the blue awning over the entrance to the café. “I hope it’s not too crowded.”

“We’re late for lunch, so it should be okay,” Lana said, walking a bit faster.

Inside, Vivienne spotted a table in the back. “Let’s grab that one.”

After taking their seats, they glanced at the menu. When they waiter came by, they ordered Cokes. Lana chose the roast beef sub, and Vivienne the chicken soup. “My appetite isn’t back to normal yet,” she said.

“It’s all that French cuisine,” Lana said.

“You have a point. I’m going to miss that.” The waiter was back with the Cokes, and Vivienne reached for hers. “But I do like the food here too. My stomach is still in transition, though.”

Lana laughed. “You’ll never guess what.”

Vivienne lifted her hands and made big eyes.

“I got the part.” Lana grinned. “That play I tried out for. I’m not in the main cast. I’m in a crowd scene. But I do get to sing and dance.”

“Aaah, that’s so great.” Vivienne thought Lana had a lot of talent. “When do rehearsals start?”

“They already have, so I’ve cut back my hours at the restaurant,” Lana said. “Dad says he can cover. He will give one of the part-timers more hours. As you know, my parents are very supportive.”

The waiter came by with the food, and checked to see if they needed anything else. When he left, Vivienne looked back at her friend.

“It’s a small production company, but still, I’ll take it,” Lana said. “It’s experience, right?”

Vivienne knew it was more important to her than she let on. “I’ll be there opening night. You know I’m one of your biggest fans.” She blew on a spoonful of her soup.

“It’s at the Kraine, which has about a hundred seats, very small,” Lana said, while slathering mustard on her roast beef.

“But they do some great stuff there, experimental plays and student stuff,” Vivienne said.

“Yes, and other weird, unusual productions,” Lana said. “But this one is an adaptation of a hit musical called School of Rock.”

“That’s perfect for you…singing and dancing.”

“Yes, true. But enough about me,” Lana said. “Tell me about Jacob.”

The mention of his name made Vivienne weak. She was hopeless.

Vivienne recounted what happened with Jacob, trying to recall the important details. Lana ate and listened. The awkward part was trying to describe the arrangement she had agreed to.

“So now that you’re home, you’ll be seeing Jacob, right?” Lana looked very pleased.

“Yes.” That part was true. Vivienne had to let her know about the weekends situation, since she’d notice it soon enough. “We’ll just see each other on weekends, though.”

Lana dabbed at her mouth with a napkin. “How come? What if you really get a thing going?”

If only it was that simple. “The thing is that Jacob is busy during the week.”

“All the time?”

“It’s more than that,” Vivienne said, seeing that Lana wasn’t going to buy the weekend plan without more of an explanation. Yet it was difficult to clarify a situation that she didn’t fully understand. “Jacob has preferences, and that’s one thing he’s firm on. He just prefers to confine it to the weekends. It’s not that he doesn’t want to be with me.” At least, she hoped that was the case.

“That’s very eccentric, I must say.” Lana picked up the other half of her sandwich. “And a little weird.”

Vivienne wasn’t sure how to respond; she certainly couldn’t argue. “We’re going to try it.”

“It’s up to you,” Lana said. “But I can tell you really like the guy.”

“I do, a lot.” Vivienne couldn’t hide that, and sharing with her friend helped her deal with the relationship. “He’s different than any man I’ve known.”

“Maybe it comes with the territory,” Lana said. “Being incredibly handsome…and wealthy too…that’s gotta be a challenge.”

Vivienne giggled. “Now you’re teasing me.” She sipped her drink. “And what about you and Trace?”

Lana became animated. “Oh, you have no idea. I think I’m really falling for him.” She put her hand over her heart. “He’s so romantic and gentlemanly.” She beamed. “But hot too.”

Romantic, just what Jacob wouldn’t admit to. Instead, he didn’t seem to mind being viewed as tactless, or rude. Which he often was.

“I’m so happy for you, Lana. It sounds like he’s the right guy.”

“Between you and me, I think so.” Lana wrinkled her nose. “But don’t say anything. I’m staying cool. I don’t want to seem clingy or anything.”

“You? Never.”

They both laughed. But Vivienne knew her friend well, and it was clear she had it bad for Trace Farrington. The guy was slender and handsome, with killer blue eyes. Women would swoon for him, which made Vivienne hope that he wasn’t leading her friend on.

Vivienne couldn’t help but wonder about Jacob too. The arrangement he’d set up was convenient for him. He had the playroom, ready and waiting, with the woman of his choice ready to do his bidding. Was she really blind? Had her infatuation clouded her judgment?

But then Vivienne recalled how it felt to be with Jacob, the way he treated her, and the excitement that flooded her in his presence. He was the man for her. She was sure about that. The relationship was challenging, but that didn’t stop her from wanting Jacob as much as she wanted her next breath.

It had been a relief to confide in Lana, to have a friend to share things with. Vivienne didn’t feel so alone. The conversation had bolstered her strength, and she looked forward to seeing Jacob. Although it was disheartening that it was a nearly a week away.