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Intimate Secrets

Natalie keeps a secret from Tanner.

Irrational fears haunt her.

“Sensual urges that were so much a part of her…she was unable to separate from them…blossomed within the loving confines of her marriage. It made her wonder if she was different from other women, having nothing to compare her feelings to. The feeling of having a secret was uncomfortable. Still, telling it might be worse. She wasn’t ready yet.”

Is submitting to Tanner the way to pleasure, or the path to weakness?

Intimate Secrets, the 10th book in the Touched By You series, is a romantic tale that takes place in Barossa Valley, Australia. Touched By You is a unique love story, with full character development, and added intrigue from the billionaire’s life, that will make each book in the series hard to put down.



I ABSOLUTELY love Natalie and Tanner… Emily blows me away with this series and they keep getting better and better. If you enjoy hot steamy scenes and a true story lot then get on board with this series… I am currently reading part 11 and it is already getting me all tingly all over!!! I love the way Emily explains the differents countries they visit in their travels. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!  Tami C.

Emily Jane Trent has done it once again. I just couldn’t put this book down once I started it. I LOVED how Ella was included in the storyline. Most of all, this book had all of the steamy romance you want to see in this genre. I can’t wait for the next book to come out.  S. P.


Intimate Secrets – Touched By You 10

1 – Visit With Emma


Natalie finished her designs by the deadline, and they were showcased at GR Fashions as planned. She hadn’t stressed over it after the initial meeting; Brandon had taken care of all the details. Looking at the glossy photos on the magazine pages, she felt honored. Standing in his showroom, dressed in light gray slacks and sweater, Gianni Rinaldi was the bachelor heartthrob of the industry, if not the city.

His lightly gelled, sandy-colored hair and grayish blue eyes lent him endless charm. The article mentioned all the contemporary designs he offered for the fall, including some stunning items from Natalie Baker Designs. Gianni’s expression exuded confidence, combined with casual friendliness, making him all the more desirable.

Although glad she didn’t have to deal with him directly, Natalie was honored to be mentioned in the high-profile article. Tanner’s reaction after the one and only business meeting she’d had with Gianni didn’t encourage her to nurture the relationship.

It was good there was never anything to indicate he had any intentions other than establishing the business relationship. Natalie didn’t need to test Tanner. He hadn’t gone crazy with jealously in recent weeks. Nor had she hadn’t given him any reason to. It seemed he was beginning to trust the sanctity of marriage; the last thing she wanted to do was upset that.

That morning she’d been to visit her mother, and it made her feel good to know Emma was doing well. Doctor Gene had called, letting her know to schedule an appointment with a hepatologist, a specialist in treating liver disease; he’d provided a referral. Remarkably, Emma had avoided many of the complications of cirrhosis of the liver. Natalie partly attributed this to the quality of care she was receiving.

However, the illness would progress as time went on. Emma would never regain her energy, and she had lost some weight due to poor appetite. What concerned the doctor was an elevated ammonia level. He recommended more tests and wanted her to be seen by a specialist associated with a transplant center, just to be prepared.

The thought of Emma declining and needing a transplant worried Natalie. Since her mother was already frail, major surgery would be difficult for her, if a transplant could be arranged and the procedure done without complications of its own. Recently seeing Nicolas stirred resentment in Natalie. Her mother began drinking when he’d abandoned her, and not because she couldn’t manage to support her family. Emma drank from heartache, and for that, Natalie wasn’t sure she could ever forgive her father.

Emily Suzanne Baker, called Emma by all those who loved her, wasn’t even fifty yet. The beauty of her youth was still reflected in her soft brown eyes and hair, though her pale skin and frail form made her look much older than she was. Loving and generous, in some ways her mother never aged, still enjoying life and sharing the future with her family.

Sitting on the brown leather, comfortable sofa, looking at Natalie’s wedding photos had been good for her. Emma had some color in her cheeks after chatting and remembering the wedding: the kiss with Manhattan in the background, all the beloved guests dancing, the walk down the aisle, and vows spoken under an arch of flowers. The wedding had been lovely, and Natalie and Emma had filled the album her mother made as a wedding gift with all the best photographs.

“I’m so happy for you,” she said, “and Jazzy too. Both of you mean everything to me, and now you have wonderful husbands to share your life with. You don’t know how much that means to me.”

Natalie could imagine, though she had no children of her own yet. It was nice to see her mother happy, and she hoped the new doctor could help with any new physical issues. Fortunately, Emma wasn’t one to sit and feel sorry for herself. Always a seamstress, she continued to create clothing for a variety of purposes though she no longer needed to financially.

As a show of gratitude for everything Tanner and Natalie had done for her, she’d sewn some children’s outfits to donate to some of the facilities connected with Clarke Foundation For Young Orphans. What began as a one-time gift turned into an ongoing charitable activity. Every month, boxes of handmade shirts, pants, and dresses were delivered to various organizations, compliments of Emma. It gave her purpose in life, and the garments were in great demand.

Hugging her mother before leaving, Natalie thanked her again for her support of the orphans. “I’m glad to be able to help. Be sure to have a list of requests sent over, so I know the sizes most needed.”

“I will, Mom. I love you.” It was good to know Martha, her mom’s live-in, was there to take care of meals and other chores. Emma was in good hands. “I’ll call you soon.”

On the way home in the limo, Natalie got a text from Cheryl, who was in Russia with Dani. The message was short, mentioning that Tanner would receive a call. Some business issues he needed to discuss. It must be important or Cheryl wouldn’t have brought it up. Wondering what it could be Natalie leaned her head back, trying to remember if she knew anything about Dani’s business that provided a clue. Nothing came to mind.