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Leah’s Seduction 10

Leah’s love has broken down the wall around Gianni’s heart. Yet she fears losing him. Love and domination become her focus. Her craving for complete submission to the man she loves stirs new emotions. The playroom scenes are hotter, and threaten to go beyond her tolerance. Then on a trip to Zurich, an unexpected offer changes her life.

“Once Gianni told Leah how much he loved her, the shared journal became more important. It was the pathway to her innermost thoughts and true desires. It enlightened him on what she preferred. Or what she didn’t. Sex with Leah had always been something more. It had taken him a while to see it. But he had felt it from the first. There was no more attractive woman than Leah. And there was no greater beauty in Gianni’s eyes than a woman in the throes of desire. Leah was the whole package. She wasn’t the first to submit to him. But the emotions he had felt with her from the beginning were signs of a deep love.”

Gianni bravely faces unending passion fueled by love. In this heartwarming conclusion to the “Leah’s Seduction” series, Gianni and Leah struggle to reconcile the intensity of the playroom with being in love. Their life has settled down, allowing them to focus on their relationship. The intimacy they share is hotter than ever, making Leah aware she has more to lose. A trip to Zurich brings a new surprise, one that Leah did not see coming.


Super Fantastic way to end a series. I just loved this book. It brought all the love, caring, understanding, compassion, and feelings to a new high and great ending. This book was HOT!!! The characters, Gianni and Leah were fantastic. They are so easy to fall in love with them, and follow their story to the end. This series of books was above fantastic. I would highly recommend this series to any one. Great Job Ms. Trent!!!!!!!Karen B

What a perfect way to end this marvelous love story!! Emily Jane Trent has once again written a steamy, hot, and very romantic story. My thanks go out to her as she has written another love story that is chocked full of plenty descriptions of not only Leah’s and Gianni’s special romance but the places they went to together. I have always felt like I was there with them. I am seriously looking forward to reading Kyra’s story with Stephano. Once again, thank you very much Emily! You are the best!S. Primanzon


Leah’s Seduction – Book 10

Chapter 1


It had only been a day since Gianni had recited a romantic poem to Leah, and said, “I love you.” Tears came to her eyes when she remembered the special moment at the top of the Eiffel Tower. The man she loved had opened his heart to her. He had taken the risk, and allowed the wall around his emotions crumble.

Lovemaking that night had been sweet, and hot. But professing love brought new challenges. How Gianni would deal with it in the playroom was still in question. Yet Leah chose not to dwell on that issue. They were still in Paris, and madly in love. Treasuring their time away, she pushed aside any worry.

It had no place in the romantic setting of Au Port Du Salut bistro, near Luxembourg Gardens. The very French setting of the gastro pub, with its contemporary French cuisine, made it the ideal place to say goodbye to Paris. It was one of their last nights in the city.

The décor was medieval style, with curved wood chairs and white tablecloths. The wood-framed windows were open, adding to the Parisian experience. Leah admired the view of the narrow streets and centuries-old buildings, defining the city that inspired love.

Leah looked across at Gianni and smiled. She couldn’t help it. He took a bite of his foie gras, following it with a sip of champagne. In his white shirt, sleeves rolled up and top buttons open, Gianni looked absolutely edible. His blue-gray eyes contrasted with the white he wore, making them even more striking.

His sandy blond hair defied grooming, disheveled in the sexiest possible way. The memory of her hands buried in it, not long before they came to dinner, excited her anew. Gianni looked at her as only he could. The sharpness of his gaze softened when he looked into her eyes, and Leah melted.

Gianni rubbed his knee against hers and squeezed her hand. “It’s because of you.”

Leah skin tingled at the feel of his strong hand. “What is?”

“It’s because of you that I fell in love.” Gianni kissed her knuckles. “Your love is so strong. Nearly enough for both of us.” He looked intent. “You broke through, baby. And you are the only woman who could have.”

Leah’s eyes welled with tears. Hearing Gianni speak of love moved her deeply.

“You have a big heart. And you are a beautiful, passionate woman.” He paused. “And now you’ve unleashed a monster.”

Leah laughed. “Meaning what?”

“I love you so much. There’s no going back. Are you prepared for what that means?”

She furrowed her brow. “Of course. As long as we are together, it’s what I want. Do you mean something in particular?”

Gianni leaned closer. “As long as I was blind to my feelings, I could continue as we were. But you brought to life the fire within me that had been suppressed for a lifetime. Having felt the depth of love I have for you…I will always love you, baby.”

“I’m so relieved you are finally saying it.”

The blue of his eyes darkened. “I couldn’t stop loving you, even if I wanted to.”

Leah studied him. “Why would you want to?”

Gianni looked thoughtful. “For so long, sex was love to me. At least subconsciously, it was sex-focused. Sex equaled intimacy.” He took a breath. “In fact, I purposely avoided emotional intimacy.”

“But you don’t have to close off emotion anymore.”

He shook his head. “It’s not that easy. In the time we have been together, you’ve acclimated to the playroom. Your submission allows you the pleasure you seek…the pleasure I want to give you.”

Leah knew the answer before she asked the question. But she wanted to hear Gianni’s response. “And now that concerns you?”

“It does,” Gianni said. “I can no longer shut out my feelings. Yet in the intensity of a scene, I have to be strong. Just enough pain is part of the experience. And pushing you to the limit of your tolerance.”

“I want you to do that.”

“Yes, my love. I know you do,” Gianni said. “But you touch my heart. My greatest joy is loving you and protecting you. Can we shift from that to the intensity of the playroom in a heartbeat?” Gianni said no more, giving her time to absorb the concept.

Leah didn’t want to brush it off. The relationship was everything to her. Gianni’s love, as well as his domination. “It is something we will face together,” she said. “I know we can. We will just have to figure it out, that’s all.” She looked into his eyes. “We’ve come this far. It will work. I just know it will.”


The romantic days in Paris came to an end, and they returned to New York to find out what awaited them. Gianni arranged for his staff to cover Paris Fashion Week, instead of staying to do it. He needed to personally handle some business at the showroom, which required them to fly home sooner than anticipated.

On the first day back at GR, Leah got updated on marketing for the Chicago division. Aida had put a couple of decisions on hold, needing Leah’s input and final approval. They spent hours going over the details, and hashing out the solutions that had the most potential.

On a coffee break, Leah told her assistant about Paris, hitting the highlights of the amazing trip. Aida got tears in her eyes listening to how Gianni had professed his love to Leah. “The Eiffel Tower,” she said. “That’s just too romantic. You are so lucky.”

Leah was about to tell her more when the phone buzzed. It was Gianni. “I think you need to hear this,” he said. “Can you come to my office?”

Leah stood up. “That will do it for now.” It was nearly lunchtime, and she hoped after the meeting she could persuade Gianni to take her out.

Roston appeared in the doorway and smiled at Leah. “Good to have you back.” There was something different about him.

Aida rose from her chair and blushed. She looked at Roston, then back at Leah. “I guess I’ll go to lunch now,” she said.

Leah raised her brows and smiled. “Guess we will talk later.” She watched Aida take Roston’s arm when he offered it. Her assistant glanced back with a shy smile. They would definitely have to talk later. Leah had been so busy sharing her love life that she hadn’t asked about Aida’s.

Grabbing her notepad, Leah went down the hall and opened Gianni’s office door. He was at his desk, with Joshua and Dawson across from him. She closed the door behind her and went to sit down. The men were chatting, but looked up when she entered.

Gianni smiled at her. “Okay, we’ll get started. My attorney is waiting for my call. I’ll put him on speakerphone so we can all hear. I’d make it a private call, but he tells me it is good news about the lawsuit. It’s better for you to hear it than for me to relay it secondhand.”

Leah sat up in the chair, not wanting to miss anything. Joshua put his elbows on his knees, propping his chin up close to the desk. And Dawson leaned back with one ankle crossed over the opposite knee. Gianni made the call.

It was good news, as promised. Ava had agreed to settle, and though the amount was significant, Gianni agreed. He told his attorney to conclude matters right away, before the woman changed her mind. Ava’s attorney would have her sign a release in exchange for the funds, and the agreement prohibited her from taking any further action against Gianni.

The call ended, and Gianni looked at them. “So that’s it. It’s finally over.”

Dawson nodded. “Good job.”

Leah knew that Gianni had not told anyone what had happened in the condo that day. Dawson was the only one who knew Ava had been there. But he had no idea what had transpired. Gianni had assured Leah it would remain their secret.

Joshua looked over at Dawson. “The lawsuit is over. But what about Ava? Will she be trouble?”

“I’ve discontinued the surveillance,” the security chief said. “At Gianni’s request, I arranged for the jet to fly her to her sister’s home in Canada. It’s been a few weeks now, and Ava has started therapy. According to her sister, she ditched the drugs she was on and is getting help with addiction.”

Gianni spoke up. “What about the men she was connected to in New York?”

“I handled that,” Dawson said. “When they didn’t find her at home, they came to her modeling agency, as I suspected they would.”

“And?” Joshua said.

“They were told the agency had been sold, and that Ava was in a private facility for substance abuse. The location would not be revealed to anyone.”

Gianni raised his brows. “Did they go away?”

“Yes, they sure did.” Dawson shrugged. “I suppose once there was no money in sight, they moved on.”

“It’s sad, really,” Leah said, “that they didn’t care about her.”

“Hopefully she will pick her men better from now on,” Gianni said. “Excluding me, of course.” He smiled at Leah. “I’m taken.”


The lawsuit was over. With nothing to fuel it, the social media flurry quickly died. The press floundered with reports that the case had settled, and speculated about what had gone on behind closed doors.

But there was no one to answer their questions. Gianni’s story became history. And the media moved on to other controversy. Leah was relieved. She finally didn’t have to dodge reporters wherever she went.

Yet Gianni’s press agent wasn’t satisfied with that. It wasn’t enough to make up for all the harassment. He leaned on his connections, demanding redress. Subsequently, an article about GR Showroom came out. It touted Gianni Rinaldi as a brilliant entrepreneur, as close to an apology as he would get.

If nothing else, the good press succeeded in calming the family down. Leah’s mother called to express her relief that it was over, and asking when she would bring Gianni for another visit. The Rinaldis were equally soothed. Gianni’s parents, and his brother Jacob, phoned with their congratulations.

Daniela wasn’t about to talk about it on the phone. She appeared at GR Showroom. First, she found Leah and took her to lunch, since Gianni was meeting off-site with some buyers. She pressed Leah for full disclosure, and it was difficult not to spill the details of Ava’s torrid encounter with Gianni. The incident that had changed everything.

Leah distracted her by changing the subject to Paris, and telling her moment by moment about the romance at the top of the Eiffel Tower. “I am so happy,” Daniela said. “I told you my brother loved you. I knew it before he did.”

“I’m sure you did,” Leah said. “You knew it before I did.” And they both laughed.

Upon returning to the showroom, Daniela found her brother and gave him a big hug. “I am so happy for you.” She looked up at him. “About everything.”

Gianni glanced over at Leah. She lifted her hands and smiled. Of course, he would know she had told Daniela everything. Well, at least everything that could be shared. Gianni smiled at Leah, his eyes shining.

It was finally over. For the first time since they had met, their life had calmed down. At last, they could focus on each other. Leah was really looking forward to it. She still had her apartment, but she wasn’t sure why.

She was spending every night at the condo, in Gianni’s arms. Falling asleep with him wrapped around her was one of the best parts. And they had spent time in the playroom, working their way toward the intensity they both sought.

It was going to work. It really was. Gianni loved her. And Leah loved him so much. She had no idea how she could be so fortunate, but intended to do everything she could deter fate from stealing her happiness.