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Leah’s Seduction 2

Gianni and Leah deepen the relationship, even though both are fighting it for different reasons. Being together could be disastrous, both personally and for their careers. Yet the attraction is too strong for either to let go. An opportunity to travel to Amsterdam may bring them closer together.

Gianni is affected by Leah in a way he doesn’t expect. The way she responds to him pushes the limits of his control, and the relationship heats up. Can he keep his distance, or will her passion be his undoing?

Leah doesn’t want the dream to end. Being with Gianni has changed her, making her fear she’s in over her head. But she cannot turn away. Can she face the depth of her desire?



 Just read the second book in this series and I’m in love with Gianni and Leah. I give this book a five star and look forward to reading each book in this series. Carole

Addicting series! Get ready for a roller coaster ride with Gianni and Leah! Again Emily Jane Trent delivers with another steamy/hot series!! And get ready for the yummy meals/drinks they enjoy together!  Susan H.


Leah’s Seduction – Book 2

Chapter 1


Gianni needed to be more cautious. The sex had been hot, but he’d nearly given away too much. He’d hoped that Leah’s reaction would enlighten him, but it hadn’t. She had responded to him, more than he would have expected so early in the relationship.

But it was difficult to tell if there had been any recognition on her part. The scene he’d enacted had been a touch close to the description of it in the journal. It was sexual play that would arouse any woman, so he didn’t know why he thought it was smart to see how Leah reacted.

He was dominant. And it was clear to him, if it hadn’t been before, that Leah was submissive. She hardly knew it herself, or not in those words. But she would learn soon enough. It was Gianni’s plan to teach her. That hadn’t changed.

All night, he’d slept with Leah snuggled close. It wasn’t something he was used to. But he hadn’t sent her back to her room. Not with the way she’d reacted before. He’d set the ground rules, so it was safe enough to let her stay.

When Gianni had woken to Leah stroking his chest with her fingertips, looking early-morning tousled and sexy, he’d taken her again. His appetite for sex hadn’t waned, and he devoured her just as he had the night before.

Then she’d gone back to her hotel room to shower and dress, needing to attend an early event. And he had a meeting to go to. But he knew he’d see her again, maybe for dinner. And he’d have her, many times if he had his way, before the week was out.

For now, he wanted to be sure she didn’t suspect his motives, and planned to lock the journal in the hotel room safe. Yet he couldn’t resist taking a few minutes to read while he drank his coffee. Flipping it open, he went to the page where the ribbon marker dangled, and resumed reading.

I keep my sexual desires secret. I don’t think anyone would understand. My thoughts go to the extreme, and the things I envision doing are outside the norm. I’m not sure when it started. There was no definite point where I changed.

Maybe it was when I began dating, or realized I had an interest in men. A strong interest. But I delve more into fantasy than reality. Each man I’ve gone out with has been fine by any standards. Each has been attractive enough.

But each has lacked what I need. And to tell them was too horrific to consider. I’d would have been laughed at, and rejected. I’m sure of it. Even a hint of my inclination has meet with indifference, at best. I want things I cannot speak of. And I need a man to take me there. If only I could find that man.

Gianni’s arousal wouldn’t be ignored. And although he’d been with Leah no more than an hour before, he knew he’d have to fist his cock for relief. Soon. He rose to go to the bathroom, and wished Leah had decided to shower at his room instead of her own.

His need for her showed no sign of abating soon. And there was no reason for it to. The combination of the way Leah melted under his touch, and the diary confessions, was a powerful elixir. If she wasn’t the author of the secrets, told in lovely handwritten script, then she was close enough.

Leah’s inclinations drove Gianni to conceive of a way to satisfy her. And in the process, obtain a type of pleasure that had escaped him for a while. Not that women weren’t willing, but not just any woman suited him. Because Leah didn’t fully realize what he could give her, she was all the more tempting.

She was naïve, yet not timid. And willing to be guided. Which turned him on. He was several years older than she was. Leah had told him she’d recently turned twenty-three. Old enough to thrive under his tutelage, but young enough to be innocent until shown what sex could really be like.

It was a challenge Gianni was up for, and wanted more each time he was with her. He maintained control, but saw that Leah had power over him as well. The way she responded to him, and her explosive passion, pierced his cold exterior.

She got to him. And he held to the assurance that it was purely sexual. That was all he’d allowed her, and Leah had agreed. It was unreasonable to expect more anyway, from a man like Gianni. But sexual pleasure was something he could handle.

Leah had no idea what he had in mind for her. Gianni would lead her, care for her, and see that she experienced what he knew she craved. But only at his hand. The sight of her with another man had fueled his possessiveness.

Not that he had some commitment to her, beyond sexually. But he couldn’t stand the thought of her with a man that couldn’t satisfy her. Gianni was sure that he was the man who could do that. At least for now.


Life was bright for Leah during the rest of the week in Los Angeles. She was immersed in the fashion world. Keeping her pulse on the fashion trends and new ideas in merchandizing excited her. And she’d come away from more than one event inspired in a new direction with marketing.

Sometimes Gianni attended with her. But he was in different echelon of the industry, and connected with leading figures. Often he attended meetings that Leah would never have been invited to. But she didn’t mind.

Because on the nights Gianni didn’t have to work late, she went back to his room with him. The delights he had shown her that first night whetted her appetite for more. And Gianni came through. It all seemed like a wonderful, sexy dream.

Leah was unhappy when she had to go home. She flew back a couple of days before Gianni. He had other business to attend to, but wouldn’t say what. He checked out of the hotel the same morning she did, but would be delayed in returning to New York.

Since he wouldn’t be back right away, Leah was alone over the weekend. Having been spoiled with Gianni so near, depression consumed her when she went back to her lonely apartment. It was quiet and small in comparison to the hotel suite she’d gotten used to.

The distraction of doing laundry, shopping, and catching up on messages did little to take her mind off of him. There was a text from Jena, and it was a relief that it wasn’t bad news. Her sister asked Leah to call over the weekend, because her mother had been asking about her. But there seemed no indication that her mother’s health had taken a turn for the worse.

Then Kyra texted asking if she was back. Leah wanted to get together, but her friend wouldn’t be able to until after the weekend. It’s crazy, she said. I’ll tell you all when I see you. Without anyone to hang out with, Leah was stuck at home.

The first evening, after a glass of wine and a microwave dinner, Leah went up the stairs to her loft bed feeling more alone than she used to. Hugging her pillow to her chest, Leah closed her eyes and bent her knees.

She envisioned Gianni, and imagined he was there with her. The feel of him lingered on her skin, and her sex throbbed when she remembered how it felt to have him buried deep inside her. His commanding voice echoed in her mind, arousing her as it had in real life.

She loved how he took control, and though she had agonized at the time, she craved how he made her wait. Delayed gratification was not something Leah had thought she wanted. But having experienced it under Gianni’s firm guidance, she realized quick sex and instant pleasure were sorely lacking.

Already, he had taught her that.

What else would he teach her? They’d only just begun, and had so much still ahead. Leah tried not to think of the end. Pushing away fears that he would dump her for a prettier or more interesting woman, she focused on the present.

For now, she had him. And while she did, Leah intended to take advantage of every day and every hour she spent with him. Gianni didn’t want to involve their hearts, and she’d agreed, having no choice. Though she wasn’t sure she could continue the way they were without feeling anything emotionally.

But he’d explained that she would feel passion that would elicit emotion. But sex and love were separate. They didn’t have to come as a package. So Leah resolved to try. The lure of what she could share with him allowed her to put aside thoughts of what she couldn’t. Gianni had said he was greedy. But Leah had to admit that her greed for the sexual pleasures he could give her matched, if not exceeded, his.

To have him in the same room was an instant turn-on. Yet, even with Gianni in another city, the thought of him excited her. Leah knew she would be with him again. Hopefully soon. The promise of being naked with him warmed her all over.

Already, the sex was hotter than any she had experienced with any other man. Still Gianni tempted her, telling her they were taking it slowly, and building her anticipation for what was to come. He wouldn’t be dissuaded from keeping to a controlled pace, although Leah wished he didn’t feel the need to be careful with her.

She could take it. Leah had told him that.

Possibly, she was being too brave by putting her faith in him. As the relationship escalated, Leah wasn’t sure what Gianni had planned. Exactly. She had no doubt it would involve intense pleasure. So why did he have to wait? She opened her eyes and tried to think about something else.

She wished for her journal, because on the nights when she was consumed with need, it had been good to write down how she felt. A couple of times, Leah had considered buying another journal and starting over. But writing down her personal longings now seemed unwise.

It had been risky enough conveying her desires and fantasies when there was no one to see. Now that she’d been with Gianni, the notes she might write would burn the ink right off the pages. It would be bold to share such intimacies through the written word.

She still wondered what had become of her journal. Without an address written inside it, there was no way for anyone to return it to her. Sometimes the mystery was unnerving, as there was no way to know if any other person had read her most intimate thoughts. And even if they had, she would never know who it was.

Leah needed a distraction. She put on her earphones to listen to music, and pulled out her poetry book. Turning the pages, she looked for a poem that would do justice to how she felt about Gianni. But she couldn’t call it love, and thus none of the romantic poems seemed to fit.

Leah put aside that book and picked up another: Leaves of Grass. Walt Whitman’s discussion of delight in sensual pleasures resonated with her. She turned to a quote that seemed appropriate for her current state of mind.

I believe in the flesh and the appetites,

Seeing, hearing, and feeling are miracles…

The words were beautiful in their simplicity, and spoke to her in their candor. So long, Leah had repressed her desires, or been unable to express them. Gianni had already turned up the flame of the passion that burned within her.

There was a time when Leah might have felt inhibited due to the forbidden nature of her imaginings. Not now. Gianni guided her and gaven her confidence. She could not subdue what he had encouraged. It was too late for that. Much too late.