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Leah’s Seduction 5

Leah is unwilling to return to New York with Gianni’s dark secret still between them.

A holiday trip to Tuscany offers a romantic respite from the pressures of New York, and Leah feels closer to Gianni. At the end of her patience, she demands to know what is behind the locked door. Still emotionally withdrawn, Gianni is backed into a corner. If he doesn’t tell Leah, he knows he will lose her.

When Leah’s frustration is too much, she gives Gianni an ultimatum at the risk of losing him completely. Will her demand cause him to abandon her, and devastate them both?

“Having been away in the romance of Tuscany, it was difficult to let go of the intimacy they had found there. The pressures they had escaped would return, and the room in the condo that Gianni refused to talk about would still be locked. As would his heart. Leah couldn’t tolerate the emotional distance between them, which she knew would resurface once they were home.

Nor could she bear to see Gianni shoulder the burden alone any longer. The private moments they had shared in the quiet valley had bonded her to him in a new way. The pleasures he had bestowed allowed Leah to feel the depth of raw need. And she was more desperate than before to break through to him.”

Wanting Leah more every day, Gianni is hit unexpectedly with all the emotions she held inside too long. Faced with having to reveal his past or lose Leah, he has to make a tough decision.

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