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Leah’s Seduction 8

Gianni’s ex-submissive won’t back off.

Determined to end the harassment, Gianni investigates what Ava is up to, and what he learns explains a lot. Despite the stress, he is determined for Leah to open up to him more, and his plan might work. Meanwhile, Leah is hopelessly in love. But just when she thinks the worst has happened, there’s more. And she isn’t sure how much their relationship can endure.

Leah cannot escape Ava’s threat, and is unable to predict what will happen next. Then Gianni catches her off guard with a new request. She agrees, but has doubts. When it seems like everything is crumbling around her, Leah gets some alarming news from a friend. Will it be the one thing that destroys her relationship with Gianni?

“Leah couldn’t relax about Ava. She hadn’t dealt with a jealous woman before. Until Gianni, another woman being jealous of her hadn’t been within the realm of possibility. Having no experience with such situations, Leah was out of her depth. She had no idea what to expect, and was a bit shaken. Gianni’s ex-submissive was just a jealous woman. There was no reason to be afraid. After all, what could she do? Her goal was to get Gianni back. Even Ava wasn’t crazy enough to think he would have anything to do with her if she harmed Leah.”

Leah cannot escape Ava’s threat, and is unable to predict what will happen next. Then Gianni catches her off guard with a new request. She agrees, but has doubts. When it seems like everything is crumbling around her, Leah gets some alarming news from a friend.

Will it be the one thing that destroys her relationship with Gianni?



When Gianni goes on a business trip it seems that he is gone forever this time….is it because she is staying is his apartment and it feels empty that he is not there which was his suggestions so he knows she is safe from Ava or is she…..or is it because she is trying to write a new journal for her feeling that she know he will read. Can she put all of her feelings and fantasies on paper know he is going to read it or will she leave half truths ??

When all is quiet on the Ava front you know the snake is going to bite and she bites big this time ….. She does it at the right time too…. When Gianni is out of town leaving Leah with the insecurities of there relationship. Can they survive Ava’s demise or will this be it ?? Can Leah’s love be enough ??

We need more…….can you say we are over the cliff on this one ….  Kim

This book is still great. Gianni and Leah seem to be spending more and more time together outside of the bedroom. He still has trouble admitting what he feels for her. Of course, I think he loves her. He sure is waffling – but then, he’s never been in love before. The mystery of the locked room is cleared up. The fact that Gianni has Leah’s old journal has been revealed. They broke up but are now back together and seemingly better than ever. The ONLY dark cloud is the ex-submissive Ava who is plotting something nasty for Gianni. Can’t wait for #9!  LRC


Leah’s Seduction – Book 8

Chapter 1

Gianni’s deep kiss reassured Leah. She was lost in the feel of him, and the joy of reuniting after the devastating experience of being apart. He swept her to the bedroom for long, tender lovemaking. The perfect way to make up. He made her feel so beautiful and cared for. Leah understood in a new way that she was important to him.

That meant a lot. They lingered, naked together, on the satin sheets. Leah snuggled next to Gianni. That was where she belonged, and her love for him was strong. He had professed being attracted to her from that very first moment. It had nothing to do with journals or confessions.

The magnetism between them was real. And it wasn’t going away. Hope surged that the relationship would last. Leah considered what they had already survived, and faced the future with optimism. She knew Gianni cared about her, and that changed everything for the better.

It was a bright May afternoon, so they went out for a walk. Madison Square Park’s grassy section was secluded away from the busy midtown area. Artwork peppered the park’s grounds, a blend of temporary exhibits by new artists and classics.

After strolling along the path for a while, Gianni found an empty bench, and they sat to enjoy the tranquility. Although relieved, Leah knew they were both feeling their way in reestablishing trust. More than once Gianni had explained that a relationship such as theirs led to heightened feelings of intimacy. It was expected for emotions and deep vulnerabilities to come to the surface.

Gianni held her hand, and Leah looked up at him. He kissed her cheek, and then her lips. The touch made her tingle. He lifted her hand and pressed it against his jaw. “Can we talk?”

Leah nodded.

Gianni’s eyes filled with emotion. “I want you to know that I value your trust as much as I value your submission. Both are gifts to be earned.”

She squeezed his hand. “If we don’t hide anything from each other, it will be okay.”

“Yes, open communication is best,” Gianni said. “It’s good that you finally know everything.” He looked into her eyes. “How do you feel about me reading your private thoughts?”

She had already considered that. “It’s not so much that you read them. It’s that you did it without my permission. But I understand why you did it. You were right. I would have been upset.”

“I should have taken the risk.”

She saw the sincerity in his expression. “But there is something else I’m wondering.”

Gianni raised his brows. “What would you like to know?”

“When you first read my journal, you hadn’t met me.” Leah took a breath, mustering her courage. “I’d really like to know what you thought about what you read. What you thought of me.”

His eyes warmed. “What I felt, and still feel, was admiration.”

Leah hadn’t expected that.

“I was deeply moved by your sensuality. By the awareness you had of your own longings, and the craving you had for what you wanted. Instead of fitting into a relationship that would not have made you happy, you sought what would truly satisfy you.”

Her cheeks warmed at the intimate discussion. But she had asked, so Leah did not interrupt him.

“Holding the journal, I felt close to the woman who wrote it. Close to you, baby. Even before I knew you.” Gianni gazed at her. “The writing touched me. I felt the emotion that radiated from the pages, and wanted to share the passion you held inside.”

A tear rolled down Leah’s cheek.

“I am honored to have read your private thoughts, baby. I cherish all that you wrote.” Gianni lifted her hand and grazed his lips over her knuckles. “Sometimes fate works in our favor. And it was fortuitous that I was the one who found your journal. It brought us together.”

Leah smiled. “I wouldn’t change that. And I like being able to share with you. Of course, it was a shock to see the journal on your table. But now I’m glad you know the emotions and desires that consumed me. You’ve asked me to confide more about how I feel.”

“Yes, I do want that.”

“For some reason, writing is the easiest way.”

“I understand, baby.” Gianni placed his palms on her cheeks and kissed her. His lips lingered, stirring deep need, and she melted into him.

Leah sat for a while with Gianni’s arm around her. Eventually, they walked through the park and looked for a place to eat, settling on milkshakes and hamburgers. It had been a while since Leah had eaten much, and it tasted great. Seeing Gianni devour his made her smile. They were okay again. It had been good to talk. Life was as it should be.


After the weekend together, Gianni and Leah returned to GR, much to the relief of their coworkers. Business was thriving despite their absence. Aida was as energetic as ever, and had kept the marketing strategies rolling forward, as Leah had directed.

Feeling renewed since making up with Gianni, it was natural for Leah to let her guard down. Any issues clouding her life seemed remote, as long as the man she loved was near. That was until another email arrived from Ava. The message was short: He won’t stay with you.

It rattled Leah, although she tried to brush it aside. It didn’t seem right to whine to Gianni every time Ava posed one of her threats. He had enough going on with his company, and with the lawsuit. And there wasn’t much he could do about the emails anyway.

Leah went to her assistant’s office. Aida was intent on something she was typing. The geometric designs on her blouse and her bright makeup were striking. She looked up.

“Can you get away? I’d like to go grab a sandwich, and Gianni has a lunch meeting.”

“Sure, I’m starved.” Aida grabbed her purse, and stood to follow Leah out.

They headed toward a local shop, with Roston walking a few steps behind. Leah didn’t complain about her bodyguard’s presence. He’d stuck closer to her since Gianni had told him about Ava. And though Leah didn’t think Ava was actually dangerous, it was better to be cautious.

“I’ll wait out here, ladies,” Roston said, opening the restaurant door for them.

“Can we get you anything?” Aida hung back, waiting for his reply.

Out of the corner of her eye, Leah saw Roston smile. “No thank you. I’ll eat later.”

The place had been established in the 1920s, and the décor hadn’t changed much. It was a combo of kosher deli and diner. Old-style stools with red vinyl seats lined the long counter. The walls were covered with framed photographs of the owners and patrons. The place was normally packed, but they were early and managed to find a table.

“Want to split a Reuben?” Aida said.

“Sure, that’s what I wanted to order too, but they are too big for one person.”

They ordered cream sodas and fries to go with the sandwich. Over lunch, Leah confided in Aida. She told her about getting back together with Gianni, skipping over anything too personal. Her assistant took it all in without comment, but Leah could tell she was pleased with the outcome.

“You were both freaking me out, staying away from the office like that. And I know how you feel about Gianni.” Aida put her hand at the open neck of her blouse. “My heart was breaking for you.”

“I am so glad we are past that.”

“So am I.” Aida smiled. “Don’t do anything like that again.”

Leah laughed. “I’m not planning on it.” She paused. “But there is something else that worries me.”

Aida sipped her cream soda. “What is that?”

“It’s Ava. She won’t quit.”

“That email she sent you?”

Leah knew Aida was discreet, so filled her in. “I have received several emails now. Each one has a similar message. She accused me of gold digging. And said I am not Gianni’s type. That he won’t stay with me. That I won’t get away with it.”

Aida shook her head. “That woman has issues.”

“I know that. And her messages make me uncomfortable.” Leah added mustard to her sandwich. “I’m just not sure what she is capable of. I’m treating her emails as idle threats. She is only trying to scare me.”

“Is she succeeding?”

Leah shrugged. “Not really. I don’t think she would attack me. But she could send someone else to do her dirty work.”

Aida finished her bite, and dabbed her napkin at her mouth. “I have seen how close Roston sticks to you. He must think that is a possibility.”

“Gianni assigned him to my security a while ago. And he keeps him up to date on everything going on. I’m sure he doesn’t want to take any chances, even if he doesn’t really expect trouble.”

Leaning back, Aida narrowed her eyes. “You don’t know, though. The woman is unstable. It’s hard to tell what she will do.”

“I’ve thought of that,” Leah said.

“I really think you should tell Gianni about the emails. Don’t you think he would want you to?”

Leah nodded. “Yes, I guess so. It seems a bit petty, but I suppose he would want to know. You’re right.”

“And I assume you are saving them for evidence.”

“Of course.” Leah took a sip of her soda. “It’s good that you know what is going on, since we are in the office together. I appreciate the support. You are one of the few people I can talk to.”

Aida picked up her thick sandwich in both hands. “I’m not sure what I can do. It’s kind of a sticky situation. But you can talk with me anytime. I will keep it between us.”

Leah felt better after confiding in Aida. She decided to show Gianni all the emails when she had the opportunity. The afternoon flew by, and Leah barely got out in time to meet Kyra at Pilates. The workout would be good. It would help clear her mind.

At the end of the session, they went for a drink. Gianni had to work late, so Leah didn’t know if she would see him that night. Over martinis, Kyra pried out all the details about getting back with Gianni. Being her best friend, she had the privilege of knowing all.

Well, almost all. There were some things that even best friends couldn’t hear. But Leah relayed most of the story. Kyra was glad she had been right. “I told you he cared.”

Leah giggled. It felt so good to be able to look back on the breakup. “Guess I’ll have to listen to you more often.”

Kyra rolled her eyes. “And Gianni is so romantic.”

Leah smiled. “Because he understands female emotions?”

“Well, that’s one reason. There are lots of reasons. He’s just romantic, that’s all.”

“I think so too.” Leah felt warm thinking about Gianni.

Kyra waved her hand. “You are so lucky, you know that?”

“I feel lucky. I really do.”

Her friend furrowed her brow. “Anything else from Ava since she stalked you that day?”

“Well, I wouldn’t call it stalking.”

“What would you call it?”

Watching, I suppose,” Leah said. “She has been watching me.”


“I don’t know for sure.” Leah told her friend about the threats. She was curious what else Ava might be doing. “That’s what worries me. I have a hunch that she is planning something. And that’s disturbing. Because I don’t know what.”

“I’m glad you have that hunk of a bodyguard,” Kyra said. “At least you aren’t alone. That makes me feel better.”

“Yes, it’s good to have Roston nearby.” Leah couldn’t relax about Ava. She hadn’t dealt with a jealous woman before. Until Gianni, another woman being jealous of her hadn’t been within the realm of possibility. Having no experience with such situations, Leah was out of her depth. And she had no idea what to expect.