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Naked Submission

Will Natalie submit to Tanner?

The sex is hot ”” but, she doesn’t understand her own desires, anymore. Good or bad, she cannot leave the only man that can make her feel that way. Her submission affects Tanner, deeply.

“Natalie felt the heat of desire flood her body. She wanted to tell him he couldn’t bully her, but was unable to look at him, without wanting him. If he touched her, she wouldn’t be able to deny him. She thought of many things she could say. Instead, she just stood there, looking into his blue eyes, and feeling her body melt.”

But will he admit to love?

Naked Submission is a romantic tale that takes place in Milan, Italy. The sensual backdrop of Tanner’s mansion and his billionaire lifestyle add excitement of pushing new boundaries.



I really enjoyed the second installment in the Touched by You series compelling, hot, sexy romance. We continue where we left off in Dark Desire as Natalie and Tanner really start to spend time together and grow this new relationship which involves spending time together in Milan. We get more back story on Tanner in this installment which really helps Natalie solidify her connection to Tanner. Natalie also continues to demonstrate her quiet strength which gets tested/pushed by Tanner. Curious where these two are headed and how Tanner will face/come to terms with his demons. Looking forward to continuing this series.  Mary Jo T.

This booked picked up where the first finished, another great steamy, hot, sexy read. Tanner and Natalie embark on the start of a non committed relationship, but there are ups and downs along the way. Couldn’t put the book down again, can’t wait to read next in the series, great read, highly recommended.  Toni C.


Naked Submission – Touched By You 2

1 – Reconnecting


Natalie Baker couldn’t believe that she’d been in New York such a short time. In only a few days, her life had changed for the better. Finding Tanner, after so many years, had been a miracle. Or so it seemed to her. Yet she’d discovered that it was no surprise to Tanner.

It still amazed her that he’d known so much about her. From that first moment, he’d never let her go. She’d rebelled against his control of her fate. But that was only at first. His actions resulted from caring about her, and she couldn’t argue with that.

All her life, she’d relied on herself. She didn’t regret it, as it had given her strength that didn’t come from being pampered. Now that Tanner was with her, it gave her comfort. She’d never known how good it could feel, having someone strong in your life, and she quite liked it.

Sitting in her bedroom at Cheryl’s penthouse, she dialed home. “Hey, Jazzy,” she said, trying to sound normal. Only days ago she’d been a virgin but her innocence had been willingly given. She did feel different, very different. Jazzy knew her better than anyone. Would she sense the change?

“Natty, I’m so glad to hear from you. It’s been a few days,” Jazzy replied. “I miss you. I’m not used to being alone, here with Mom. Here, let me put her on. She’s been asking about you.”

“Mom, how are you?” Natalie asked.

“Oh, fine dear, fine,” she assured her. But she didn’t sound fine. Her voice was weak, weaker than normal. Natalie had cared for her mother over the years, and since the cirrhosis she’d witnessed a slow decline.

“Well, you make sure Jazzy is feeding you. You are eating, aren’t you?”

“Yes, honey. Don’t you worry, Jazzy is watching over me. You girls need to live your life and not be hovering over me.” She sighed. “You sound good, all grown up. Now, let me give you back to Jazzy. I’m sure you have catching up to do.”

“Natty, tell me everything. What’s it like there? Have you seen Ellis?” Jazzy was her normal, bubbly self. It gave Natalie a moment of normality that she needed right then. So many changes; it was good to know her family was still there for her.

Natalie filled her in on all the excitement, going over everywhere she’d been, and describing New York, what she’d seen of it so far. She knew she couldn’t reveal much about Tanner, considering the confidentiality agreement she’d made with him. It still seemed unnecessary to her, but he was so adamant about it.

She did tell Jazzy she’d met someone and they’d had dinner. “Boy, that was fast,” Jazzy said.

“Well, you know, funny thing. I’d actually run into him years before at a concert back home, but nothing ever developed,” Natalie told her casually.

“Imagine that, and that you’d see him again in a big city like New York. What are the odds of that?” Jazzy marveled.

Yes, exactly.

Changing the subject, Natalie told her she was having lunch with Ellis at the restaurant where he worked as sous chef. She couldn’t wait to try it. The way he’d described it, the food was going to be a real treat.

“Will you tell Ellis hello for me?” Jazzy asked. “He’s really done well there. It was so brave to go, all alone, and pursue his dream. I’m not sure I’d have the confidence, but he sure did.”

Natalie was reluctant to hang up. She missed home. Even though it had been just the three of them—Jazzy, Emma, and Natalie—they’d hung together. It was rough going, with no man in their life. Natalie felt sorrow over the abandonment, but the upside was that they were close as a family. Life had required it.

Her mom, dear Emma, had never ceased loving Nicolas Hughes, the only man she’d ever wanted—even though he’d vanished, leaving her with two daughters to raise by herself. That romantic ideal was all Natalie had ever known, and she was glad her mother had never been bitter.