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Perfectly Broken

Sexy Irishman, Tomas Demsey, will steal your heart! This new adult romance takes place in Dublin, Ireland where he finds the mysterious, if dark, woman he falls for. It’s a love story filled with angst, but simmering with passion.

Susanna Peters, after losing the only family she ever knew, is obsessed with a lifestyle she can’t escape from. Trusting enough to give her heart to one man terrifies her, and she knows the fairy tale will end.

“Maybe if she had met him sooner, or wasn’t so set in her ways. Or if her adoptive parents were still alive, Susanna might be able to grip onto the ledge and pull herself up. As it was, she was slipping down the slope, and though Tomas thought he could catch her, she knew differently.

And he persisted in telling her a fairy tale in an attempt to persuade her that he was a prince and she was a maiden. That would be nice. But life was harsh, and things didn’t work out just because some romantic guy decided to play pretend.”

This New Adult Romance can be read as a standalone novel. (Perfect Imperfection is a series. Each book is a romance of one of the sexy guys from the same high school gang. They can be read in any order.)

Recommended for 18+ For adult situations and language.

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