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Raw Burn

The Raw Burn Between Them Explodes Into New Hot Passion!

Having gained confidence in their love for each other, and in touch with their most intimate pleasures, can Natalie handle the raging desire she has for Tanner, or will it emotionally shatter her?

“The raw burn she felt for Tanner never diminished, searing inside her, leaving her no choice but to express it in any way possible. She craved him, addicted to his male scent, his lean muscles, and his possession of her. If only she could get closer, even closer than she had. The urge to have every part of him, to take him, rose with new fury.”

Will Tanner allow intimacy, or reject the deep connection between them?

Having gained confidence in their love for each other, and in touch with their most intimate pleasures, raw desire takes them!

Raw Burn, 7th novella in the Touched By You series, is a romantic tale that takes place in in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Touched By You is a unique love story, with full character development, and added intrigue from the billionaire’s life, that will make each book in the series hard to put down.



I can’t get enough of Tanner and Natalie. I cannot put these books down!! Natalie craves her addiction for Tanner more and more. Their journey continues with explosive, hot and steamy sex scenes. Natalie celebrates her birthday and Cheryl gets married. She’s very happy for her friend but Natalie wants her HEA as well with Tanner. Though they are both devoted and deeply in love for each other, she longs to be married to Tanner. But is Tanner ever going to marry her? Alex

In the 7th installment in this series Natalie is still dealing with her inner demons. She has such insecurities because she is still unsure of her relationship with Tanner. Tanner has never committed solely to her. He has not seen anyone since starting a relationship with Tanner but the lack of confirmation of a relationship has Natalie on edge. Tanner is wanting to have a more permanent relationship with Natalie but it is scaring him to think into the future. I can’t wait for the 8th book. Cassandra


Raw Burn – Touched By You 7

1 – Springtime


The warmer weather brought beauty and cheer to New York. And it brought Natalie Baker’s birthday, which was a big deal to Tanner. He was taking her to King’s Carriage House for dinner, knowing that she’d been missing England. The restaurant was designed as a European manor house and the food was described as royally good.

When they’d returned from Switzerland, Cheryl was already in Russia with Dani, so she wouldn’t be in New York for Natalie’s birthday. Jazzy had called to tell her she had come down with the flu and would take her to lunch when she was better. And Martha, her mother’s new live-in, had called to say it wasn’t a good time for Emma to go out in the evening, so Natalie planned to drop by in a few days instead.

Since her family and friends couldn’t share her twenty-third birthday, Natalie was a little down. Even her extended yoga workout didn’t perk her up. And Tanner had been working more lately, leaving her feeling lonely. Plus, she’d heard him on the phone a couple of days before. He’d seemed so delighted and tickled about something.

Holding the phone away from his ear, Tanner had waved for Natalie to come in when he saw her standing in the doorway to his home office. She couldn’t tell who he was talking to, but it was a woman’s voice. She attempted to rein in her jealousy, but was unsuccessful. She missed spending more time with him, and the sound of his laughter with another woman made her blood boil.

Tanner put down the phone and opened his arms to Natalie. She sat in his lap and put her head against his cheek. Everything seemed okay, but she couldn’t be sure. His next words changed that.

“I’ll be late tonight. There’s an appointment I cannot put off. I’ll call you when I’m on my way home, so you won’t worry,” he said.

She was already worried. The late night appointment was unsettling. Could Tanner be seeing another woman? And who was that woman on the phone? It was distressing.

“Do you have to?” she said.

“Yes, baby,” he said. “No choice. But I’ll make it up to you when I get home.” He smiled, and Natalie tried to read something into his expression. There was something there, she was sure. Well, at least tomorrow he wouldn’t be late. It was her birthday dinner, and she knew he wouldn’t miss it.

He hugged her, and she felt a tear roll down her cheek, unable to understand why she was so emotional over her imagined slights. With one finger, Tanner wiped the tear away.

“What is it, baby?” he asked. “Tomorrow is your birthday. You should be happy.”

Natalie smiled at him, trying to hide her inner turmoil. “Nothing, really,” she said. “Just that time of month I guess.” Maybe that was it. She was overreacting. Tanner wouldn’t be seeing someone else, would he? But then, he’d made no long-term commitment to her. She couldn’t bear the thought that he’d be interested in another woman. She prayed it couldn’t be true.