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Seductive Affair

Vivienne knows that Jacob Rinaldi is the only man for her, even if she is mad at him. On a trip to Paris, an unexpected event fuels her passion, once again. And she must make a decision.

Jacob can’t forget Vivienne, and being without her is torture. He must persuade her to accept his terms. A romantic interlude at his villa in Provence might convince her to agree to be his submissive.

“The thrill of the playroom had its effect, and Vivienne wanted more of the same. Yet she was emotionally conflicted. Jacob was out of her league in more than one way. Not only was he wealthy, which would take some getting used to, but he was sexually experienced.

It wasn’t just that he had been with plenty of women. Vivienne didn’t want to think about that. It was his lifestyle that concerned her, which was the only thing to call it. Jacob preferred taking her to a sort of sexual dungeon over making love in his bed.

There was no denying that Vivienne wanted the same, which made the whole experience a bit electrifying. She didn’t know what it all meant, and what exactly Jacob wanted. Since he didn’t have steady relationships, and preferred a life devoid of dating, where did that leave her.”

Series: Rinaldi Romance

Seductive Affair is the second book in the Bend To My Will series, a Rinaldi Romance that unfolds over a series of novellas. Jacob Rinaldi made his fortune in wine importing, and he travels the world. He is a billionaire with his choice of women, but is obsessed with having Vivienne Lake. This is a steamy romance with bdsm elements. Throughout this hot love story, Jacob faces the darkness that threatens to engulf him. And Vivienne learns the joy of submission, while teaching Jacob that love isn’t out of reach.



I loved this story. It is all about what you are willing to settle for to be with someone you love. Jacob is very impersonal with his relationships – he wants a Dom/Sub relationship. Vivienne is new to a dom/sub relationship and knows her heart craves more of Jacob than he is willing to give. Is she already too far into the relationship to back out? Will it be enough for her or will she be heart broken? This is a great series and I can’t wait for the rest of the story. Michele L.

This series just keeps getting better!! The connection between Viv and Jacob is undeniable, and when Jacob finally expresses what he is in to she does not shy away!! The trip to Pairs is going to be one Viv will never forget. Hopefully Jacob will understand she wants more before its to late!!! Amazon Customer


Seductive Affair

Chapter 1


The first few days were the worst. Yet even as the weeks passed, Vivienne couldn’t forget Jacob. The night with him was one she would treasure, and she only wished he wouldn’t have ruined it. But he had, and she needed to go on with her life.

Importing perfume didn’t mean that Vivienne went to Europe to purchase it. Most transactions were done online, and shipments arrived through standard carriers. Owning a shop didn’t provide the funds to scour international perfume shops, as much as she wished it did.

So one afternoon at Vee’s, when Alfred Dunham suggested a trip to Paris, he had her interest. He made the offer as a show of good faith. He was a successful businessman in his thirties who’d built his business wholesaling perfume to top-end stores. And he’d done well at it.

But he wanted to expand, and had taken a liking to Vivienne. She was used to male customers, as many frequented her shop to buy gifts for the women in their lives. Alfred was in another class entirely. He’d frequented Vee’s Scents for years, and they’d become friends.

Alfred often placed large orders, stating he liked Vivienne’s taste in scents. She prided herself in her ability to discern aromas. It was one of the things that drew her to the perfume industry. The items she stocked or sold to wholesalers were those in demand, but she filled in with some very unique ones.

“It’s your nose,” Alfred said. “That’s what I need. I’m taking you to Paris with me.”

“I can’t just take off like that,” Vivienne said, hoping he would prove her wrong.

“All expenses paid.”

“You say it like that seals the deal.” But Vivienne smiled in spite of that assumption. “Tell me why you want to do something like that…not saying I’m accepting.”

Alfred was not only a good businessman, he was charming. He dressed well and stayed in shape. Vivienne guessed that he had women after him, but that wasn’t her interest. And she hoped it wasn’t his. He gave her a confident smile.

“We’ve talked about going into business together,” Alfred said. “These days online perfume sales outstrip store purchases. I want to tap into that income stream, but I need your talent with scents. I don’t want to be just another retailer. My line has to be unique.”

“Yes, we’ve talked about that,” Vivienne said. “But I assumed it was just banter. You could go into business with anyone you like. Can you really be serious about a joint venture with Vee’s?”

“That’s what I’m telling you,” Alfred said, his grin showing his perfect white teeth. “I know a good thing when I see one, no disrespect meant. I’m talking about your sense of smell, and how you pick out the subtle fragrances that stand out from the others.”

“I’m flattered.”

“Don’t be. I’m doing this for business reasons. The new venture could net…a lot of money. For both of us.”

Vivienne was starting to think this was for real. “So what are you asking?”

“I leave for Paris at the end of the month,” Alfred said. “I’m booking you on the flight. I want you with me, assisting with purchases. I’m hiring you as my perfume consultant, and if it works out, we’ll structure a business arrangement that is profitable for both of us.”

“I’m tempted.”

“You should be. You’ll have a room at the Four Seasons. You’ll see Paris. I’ll cover all expenses.” He paused. “How can you refuse an opportunity to taste authentic French cuisine? To see Paris?” He winked at her. “Parisian outdoor theater?”

“You know me too well.” Vivienne was smiling now too. It will be good to get away, far away, and stop brooding about Jacob. He’s had plenty of opportunity to call if he wanted to. No sense waiting around for him. “Okay, I’ll make the arrangements.”

“Good decision, Vivie. You won’t regret it.” Alfred shook her hand. “I’ll email the itinerary.”

As soon as he left, Michele came over. “What was that about? Did I hear the word Paris?”

Vivie waved her assistant to the office. “Let’s coordinate,” she said. “You’ll have to do without me for a week or so.”

“I was right? You’re going to Paris?”

“It looks that way,” Vivienne said. “You’ll have Luke. Where is he, by the way?”

Michele sat in the chair next to the desk. “In the back room, unpacking some new shipments.”

“I’ll bring in someone temporary to help you at the perfume counters. And I’ll be available if you need me…just text. And I’ll check email, in case you have to send anything.”

Michele’s pale blue eyes shone. “I’ll manage, don’t worry.” She twisted a lock of her light brown hair in her fingers. “But you have to bring me something from Paris,” she said. “And take lots of pictures.”

Vivienne laughed. “I will. I promise.” Her life had taken a turn for the better. “Now what do I need to do? I have to let my parents know. And Lana…she won’t believe it.”

“Okay, hand me that paperwork,” Michele said, extending her hands. “I’ll see what I can take over. You only have a week to get ready.”

“What am I going to wear?”

“You better call Lana. She’s good with that sort of thing. Maybe you can borrow some stuff from her…there’s one reason she makes a good roommate.” Michele stood up, holding a stack of papers. “I’ll take care of things up front.” She headed toward the counters, leaving Vivienne to do what she needed to.

It would be better to call her parents later. It might be difficult to reach her dad if he was working, so the evening was more convenient. Since her parents had divorced, Vivienne’s mother was home a lot. She’d call her before dinner.

Lana was her first call. Vivienne couldn’t wait to share the news. Her friend knew about her disastrous date with Jacob, but only the part that wasn’t too embarrassing to share. Even that was enough to paint the picture: Vivienne was devastated by the failed romantic interlude. Lana continued to date Trace Farrington. But she didn’t talk much about Rinaldi Imports, out of consideration for Vivienne.


“Are you waiting tables?”

“Yes, let me go to the back. Just a second.”

Vivienne waited, excited to relay her news.

“Okay, I’m here,” Lana said. “What’s so urgent that you couldn’t text?”

Vivienne grinned. “I’m going to Paris next week.”

“Jacob called?”

A fist twisted in Vivienne’s stomach. “No. You know that’s over.” She took a breath. “This is business.”

“You can expense a trip to Paris?”

The excitement in Lana’s voice matched how Vivienne felt. “I can’t. But Alfred Dunham can.”

“You have a thing for him?”

Vivienne laughed. “No, silly. It’s a business deal. He wants me there as a perfume consultant. But that’s not the important part.”

Lana’s voice raised a notch. “What are you going to wear?”

“Exactly,” Vivienne said. “That’s why I’m calling. You’re better at fashion. And I’ll be too nervous to pick. You have to help me.”

“I can get Saturday off. We’ll shop. You can borrow some things from me. But I’m sure I don’t have the right clothes for Paris in spring, not that I know what that is.”

Vivienne relaxed a little. She was in good hands. “We’ll figure it out. It can’t be that difficult, especially with your eye for color. I’ll find out what the weather will be like.”

“I have to run. Dad’s calling for me. We’ll talk later,” Lana said, then hung up.

Swiveling in her chair, Vivienne faced her computer. She did a search for the weather in Paris. One site described Paris in May as: a hive of visitors, lush blooms, and excitement, like the Paris portrayed in movies. The article proclaimed that the pleasant temperatures made it a good month to enjoy the sidewalk cafés or wander through the many parks and gardens.

The prospect of a trip to one of the most romantic cities in the world made Vivienne think of Jacob. He could be so romantic, but he wouldn’t admit it. She had pressed one of the flowers he’d given her in a book, to keep as a reminder. If only he hadn’t screwed everything up.

Since Vivienne had known Jacob, she was either annoyed with him, or if she did warm up to him, he gave her the brush-off. “I’m keeping you from your date,” Jacob had said. But the worst was right after the most passionate night of her life: “Why didn’t you stop me?

That hurt the most. When she’d let him tie her to the bed and give her a mind-blowing orgasm, Vivienne had felt closer to Jacob than she thought possible. But it was fleeting. She’d been confused, and she’d cried. Did that mean he had to cut her off with no explanation?

The relationship was doomed. Jacob had a dark side. Something was going on behind those piercing blue eyes that he didn’t discuss. He didn’t date, and didn’t kiss. But he wanted to command her, or hold her down while he had his way.

Yet it had been fantastic. Vivienne closed her eyes, remembering how it had felt, the way Jacob had touched her. It was as though he knew her body better than she did. He understood her, and gave her pleasure in a way she hadn’t experienced before.

It had been a bit overwhelming. Was it a crime to cry? Couldn’t Jacob talk to her about it, or give her a little time? But no, he had to end it. There was no way Vivienne was going after him. If he didn’t care more than that, then she shouldn’t either.

The flaw in that equation was that Vivienne did care. More than she wished. But she didn’t understand Jacob’s ways. He was tactless and arrogant. Yet he could melt her with just a word. It was infuriating.

Now Jacob had pushed her away, telling Vivienne that she doesn’t know what is good for her. Another insult from a rude man. She would know if he’d give her half a chance. It was as though he thought he was bad for her.

But Vivienne couldn’t see how. There was a part of him that Jacob didn’t share. Nor did he explain his behavior. “I have my reasons.” Yet there was more to the sexy heartthrob than his ill manners and distant attitude.

There was his stern voice, his piercing blue eyes, and his swoon-worthy muscled form. No wonder she couldn’t forget about him. Vivienne had crossed an invisible line, and there was no way back. Jacob was unlike any man before.

Vivienne wouldn’t have walked away from him, despite his flaws. She knew in those moments of intimacy that there was more to Jacob than he cared to reveal. She saw it, and she was drawn to him. That was one thing that wouldn’t change.

Besides the unforgettable sex, and the romance that Jacob denied, he had another thing in his favor. Vivienne wrapped her arms around her waist, the gloom of the last few weeks threatening to take over again.

Jacob was the man for her. He was the only man for her. It was how Vivienne felt, and she couldn’t push it aside. Despite every reason Jacob was the wrong choice, he was the man she wanted. Once again, Vivienne had to face the reality that he was done with her, that it wasn’t going to happen. She pushed her chair away from the computer, and banged into the desk behind her. Vivienne was mad at Jacob…once again.