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Sexy Addiction

Jacob and Vivienne can’t get enough of each other!

The intimate relationship is a sexy addiction.

Jacob is tortured by guilt and the darkness of his past. He should let Vivienne go, but he can’t bear releasing her to the arms of another man. Vivienne is distressed over ruining the intimacy she has with Jacob. Yet she can’t share her secret too soon.

“Vivienne wrapped her arms around Jacob’s waist and pressed her cheek to his skin. The connection between them was undeniable. Vivienne’s submission was a gift to both of them. Dominating her was a high that Jacob was addicted to. The more he had of her, the more he wanted. That she rose to the challenge was like shooting a drug into his veins, turning Jacob into an addict for her brand of sexuality, and for the amazing woman she was. Vivienne was his sin of choice, and he had no will to abstain.”

Will the pain of Jacob’s past rip them apart?

Series: Rinaldi Romance

Sexy Addiction is the eighth book in the Bend To My Will series, a Rinaldi Romance that unfolds over a series of novellas. Jacob Rinaldi made his fortune in wine importing, and he travels the world. He is a billionaire with his choice of women, but is obsessed with having Vivienne Lake. This is a steamy romance with bdsm elements. Throughout this hot love story, Jacob faces the darkness that threatens to engulf him. And Vivienne learns the joy of submission, while teaching Jacob that love isn’t out of reach.



I can’t say enough about this series, this book 8 did not disappoint. Vivienne and Jacob are so hot together. The weekend away in a castle was one for the romance books. I for one wouldn’t mind, especially if it was with Jacob. I have been given this book for my honest review, again Hot Series, must read!!! Amazon Customer

If I said it once which I have I will say it again AWESOME. I love this series and it is killing me waiting to see the twist that is about to come in the rest of the series cause Emily never disappoints. I love the connection between Viv and Jacob, can’t wait to see how that unfolds. Terri


Chapter 1

When Jacob looked back at Vivienne, she had tears in her eyes. She sat beside him and took his hand. Still drowning in the memories of what had happened to his mother, he was at a loss. There were no words of consolation that would make it better.

The incident leading to his mother’s death was emblazoned in his mind, and in his heart. Jacob wasn’t capable of burying the sadness, or of healing the pain. The guilt dragged him down, weighing on him. It was a burden he carried, with no way to lighten the load.

Vivienne leaned against him, and Jacob put his arm around her. For a few minutes, they were silent. Jacob bit back the emotion, the loss of his mother piercing his heart. Although it had happened so many years before, it seemed as real as yesterday.

The last few days in Tuscany with Vivienne had stirred new feelings in Jacob. He wasn’t anxious to leave the sanctity of the villa, a place where they were alone. Once they flew home, circumstances would change, and life would return to normal.

It wasn’t like Jacob to experience such an attachment, but he had to admit that Vivienne did something to him. What he had with her was special, that much he knew. As the time to leave drew near, he wanted to hold on to her.

Vivienne had opened her heart, shared her love, and Jacob wished he could do the same. If only it was that simple, life would be joyous. He wanted to be that guy, the one who could make her happy. But he wasn’t, and he saw no way to change.

The rough childhood memories that Jacob couldn’t shed left him raw. He hadn’t planned to talk about it. Really, he hadn’t known the horror was so close to bubbling to the surface. But that was the issue with repressed anger and guilt—it tended to rear its head when least expected.

And that was why Jacob couldn’t be with Vivienne the way she dreamed of. He knew what she hoped for, what she was capable of. Yet it wasn’t right to lead her on, to let her think he could be someone that he couldn’t, only to find out the reality in the cruelest way.

It was enough that Jacob had disappointed his mother. He’d let her down in a significant way, which was irreparable. He would give anything to go back, to undo the damage. Yet it was far too late, and he was left only with regrets.

Jacob was aware of Vivienne so near to him, of the Tuscan sun dipping behind the hills, and of the fresh air of the countryside. For a moment, he pretended that it wouldn’t end, that the lovely moment was suspended in time. Then he could just hold Vivienne, make everything right.

But that was not to be. It broke Jacob’s heart that his misguided actions had led to his mother’s demise. And now Vivienne counted on him, but in his gut he felt only trepidation. His greediness to have her had allowed Jacob to keep her close, even when he knew that he couldn’t be what she truly needed.

Vivienne nestled against his chest and squeezed his thigh. Jacob stroked her hair, wishing the darkness would fade. But talking about the past brought it to life like a monster who couldn’t be killed. No matter how many years went by, the agony of seeing his mother brutalized remained. It was like a knife in his chest, its grip relentless because Jacob was the cause.

That was something Jacob had to live with, one of those awful things that had happened that couldn’t be erased. But he didn’t want it to cast a shadow over Vivienne, or drag her into the muck, because she deserved better. Yet still she sat by his side.

Jacob struggled to speak, but his throat locked up. As a child, he’d sobbed for days upon hearing that his mother wouldn’t return. Now that same grief clutched at his heart, making his chest ache. But crying did no good; it didn’t bring a loved one back.

Vivienne sat on the bench with him, wrapped in his arm, until the sun vanished from the sky. In semi-darkness, their path lit only by the stars, they made their way back inside. The villa seemed unusually bright, and Jacob felt as though he’d been away for some time, although it had only been hours.

Aromas of herbs and spices emanated from the kitchen, filling the space with goodness. The horror of the past began to fade. Jacob took Vivienne’s hand, and they went to the dining room. The chef greeted them as though they’d arrived when expected.

More wine was poured, and the meal was served. Vivienne chatted with the chef, who was more than willing to describe the dishes and ingredients. She made up for Jacob’s silence. He nodded when the wine was poured, and, out of obligation, cut into his veal. Yet Jacob hardly tasted each bite as it went down.

Dinner was followed by dessert, a fresh fruit tart. Jacob could tell it was baked to perfection, and he found his voice long enough to compliment the chef. He sipped a cup of steaming espresso, leaving most of the tart on his plate.

Jacob wrestled with guilt that wouldn’t abate, but there was no need to ruin the rest of Vivienne’s trip. He made an effort to act normally, although he was sure it came off stiff and unnatural. He was lousy at faking.

Vivienne didn’t give him a hard time, and was her usual, lovely self. But he could see the sadness in her eyes. She was moved by what he’d shared, and suffered, knowing what had happened. She cared about him; of that, Jacob had no doubt.

His own torment was compounded by having affected Vivienne in such a profound way. There was no way to take it back, and even if he could, Jacob knew she wouldn’t want him to. She seemed to prefer to know the horrid details of his past, even though he wasn’t anxious to share them.

In bed that night, Jacob wrapped Vivienne in his arms, her presence a comfort. She pressed against him and put her hand over his. “We’ll talk about this more later,” she said. “It will be all right, you’ll see.”

Ever the optimist, Vivienne fell asleep in the darkness, leaving Jacob to the meanderings of his mind. He dozed eventually, and was oblivious to his heartache, until nightmares startled him awake. Having slept fitfully through the night, Jacob was a bit ragged the next morning.

On the flight home, Vivienne didn’t press for answers, seeming to know that he needed time to process everything. She glanced at him, as if intentionally not staring, but knowing there was more he should say. But Jacob didn’t talk any more about the subject, as it did no good.

Late that night when they arrived in the city, Ian picked them up at the airport. He loaded the luggage in the trunk and opened the door for Vivienne. Since Jacob didn’t talk, Ian didn’t either. Taking his cue from Jacob, he kept his eyes focused on the road, leaving his passengers to sit back and relax.

Jacob was anything but relaxed. It wasn’t jet lag that sapped him, but thoughts of things he should have long since forgotten. He held Vivienne’s hand and looked into her eyes. She was so loving, and so trusting. He couldn’t just abandon her.

“I won’t forget my mother,” Jacob said in a low voice. “Nor can I forget what happened. But it is in the past. I don’t want the evil to reach out from so many years ago and tear us apart.”

“I don’t want that either, Jacob.”

“You matter to me, baby. I hope you know that.” Jacob traced her jaw with his fingertips.

“I know.” Vivienne leaned over and kissed him.

It was the best that Jacob could do. In the back seat of the car, he felt close to Vivienne. There was a connection that couldn’t be denied. And even after she knew about him, she hadn’t turned away in revulsion.

Having Vivienne by his side dispelled some of the emotional pain that had welled up inside him. She seemed to have power over the darkness, or at least, she wasn’t swallowed up by it. When Jacob was with her, some of that strength became his.

Vivienne elicited emotions that Jacob couldn’t control. She stirred deep feelings, though he resisted it. In a way, she offered salvation, lighting a path away from his past, and out of the darkness. But salvation only went so far, because Jacob couldn’t be saved from himself. It didn’t change who he was, or what he’d done.

The rest of the drive home was somber, but Vivienne held his hand. Jacob didn’t intend to let her go. There had to be a way through all of this. He’d repress the demons. He’d do whatever was needed to have Vivienne.

One thing hadn’t changed: Jacob wanted her, the power of his desire ignited by her closeness. Her scent aroused him, and her sweet presence subdued him. By the time they got to the penthouse, the fire between them had roared into a blaze. He could tell that Vivienne felt it too. The way she glanced at him and leaned into him conveyed her need.

As soon as the penthouse door closed behind them, Jacob pulled Vivienne into his arms and kissed her deeply. He wanted to drink her in, have all of her, and had no will to release her. She kissed back with fervor, biting his lower lip and ravaging his tongue.

Panting, moaning, and grasping at each other, they went up the stairs. Vivienne whimpered when he sucked her earlobe and nibbled her neck. They struggled down the hallway, unable to keep their hands off each other.

Jacob threw the door to the playroom open, and they fell inside. He scraped the wall, catching a switch on the wall with his palm, to turn on the dim lights. It was a sexy, dark cavern that welcomed them. The sensual room was an enclave away from the world, offering a release for their sexual desire. The urge to take Vivienne was stronger than Jacob could recall, and he intended to have her without delay.