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Stay With Me – Book 2: Secrets

Kyra and Stephano’s romance gets hotter by the day! But will their love survive?

In this steamy new adult romance, they struggle to unravel the evil plot which threatens to destroy them. Stephano reacts to the impending threat, determined to protect her. Kyra has issues with trust, and has learned not to count on love. Yet she must share her secrets to protect the man she loves.

“Kyra raked her fingers through Stephano’s hair and deepened the kiss. Sharing her secrets, and baring her soul, acted as foreplay. She had nothing to hide from Stephano, least of all her consuming desire for him. There was no way to hold back. And no reason to.”

Stephano has secrets too!

“Kyra had been so angry at the idea Stephano was hiding something from her. But she was preconditioned to expect disappointment, and had little experience with a normal relationship. When Stephano had arrived with dozens of red roses, she had nearly fallen into his arms right then. But Kyra couldn’t allow that. More than once she had been foolish, and trusted when she shouldn’t have. This time she vowed to hold firm.”

The bond between them deepens as Kyra learns more about the sexy man she has fallen for. Will the truth strengthen their romance or rip them apart?

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