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Sweet Promise

Jacob needs a way through the darkness!

He wants only to protect Vivienne.

Jacob feels such amazing love for Vivienne that losing her will surely tear him apart. The honor of loving her is more than Jacob ever hoped for. Yet his dark past reappears in the present, like a nightmare that is all too real.

“Jacob was backed into a corner. All that he cared about was in jeopardy. But the looming loss of those he loved, the thought of harm or dishonor blackening their lives, shattered the numbness that had imprisoned him for way too long.

It was Vivienne, with her pure heart and caring soul, who had saved Jacob from a fate of darkness. It was in that fleeting second that Jacob knew the answer. He would fight for love, harder than he’d ever fought for anything.”

At last, Jacob has love in his life. Yet it all might be ripped away.

Series: Rinaldi Romance

Sweet Promise is the twelfth book in the Bend To My Will series, and is the conclusion to Vivienne and Jacob’s love story. In this Rinaldi Romance, Jacob made his fortune in wine importing, and he travels the world. He is a billionaire with his choice of women, but is obsessed with having Vivienne Lake. This is a steamy romance with bdsm elements. Throughout this hot love story, Jacob faces the darkness that threatens to engulf him. And Vivienne learns the joy of submission, while teaching Jacob that love isn’t out of reach.



Emily is a great writer. She makes you feel that you are that person in the story. I found the whole series very compelling It kept you intrigued the whole series. I could not put it down and was always waiting for the next book. I hope that you finds a new series to write that is as good as this was. A MUST read. Levy T.

This is the final book of the story of Vivienne and Jacob. Jacob and Vivienne entered into a Dom/Sub relationship. Jacob is a Dom because he needs control and no attachments in life. When Vivienne meets Jacob she didn’t know anything about being a sub but she knew that was the only way they could be together. Slowly but surely Jacob realizes he loves Vivienne and their relationship becomes so much more. Jacob has finally let Vivienne know his story and what he has tried to hide from her. But Vivienne loves Jacob no matter what he thinks of himself. They both face down his past and in the end they let their love for each other and life win out!! Such a great series of books!! This is a must read if you like suspense, mystery, hot sex and a lot of sweet romance!! Michele L.


Chapter 1

Jacob stared at the expansive mural covering the wall behind the bar in the King Cole lounge. His future seemed uncertain. Vivienne reached out to take his hand, distracting him from the Maxfield Parrish art nouveau masterpiece.

He was on his third drink, and was somewhat calmer. The issues had sharpened in his mind, allowing him to think more clearly. The displeasure of seeing Carl Hahn left a bad taste in his mouth. It marred his life, pulling the dark past into the present, like a nightmare that had become real.

The unexpected encounter had been a shock, but now Jacob was determined to get his wits around the situation. His childhood abuser had appeared on the streets of Manhattan and accosted Jacob when he was on his way to lunch. It didn’t make sense; something was off.

“Carl told me that Daniel Kenyon tipped him off on where to accidentally meet up with me,” Jacob said.

Vivienne listened intently.

“What I don’t understand is why Kenyon is going to such extremes to disrupt my life.”

Vivienne frowned. “It’s no secret that he considers you his enemy.”

“True.” Jacob twirled his empty glass. “There must be more to his motive than I know about.” He studied the polished wood surface of the table, not really seeing it.

“What could it be?”

“There’s something I’ve missed all along,” Jacob said. “I’m sure of it.”

The waiter came to escort them to a table in the dining room. Holding Vivienne’s hand, Jacob followed. Myriad thoughts swirled in his mind. Too much about the situation wasn’t clear, and it was unsettling.

Astor Court was a dining experience Jacob knew well. The grand chandeliers, the ornate murals, and all the shiny gold trim edging the walls spoke of European elegance. Yet the pleasurable atmosphere didn’t placate Jacob’s anxiety.

The greeter seated them in velvet chairs by an enormous flower arrangement perched high on a pedestal behind them. It gave a sense of privacy that was sorely lacking in Jacob’s life. Whatever personal life he’d had was about to be laid open to the public, in excruciating detail. But for a short while, he could sit with Vivienne, away from it all.

But that wouldn’t last.

Jacob had to get a grip; he couldn’t wallow in his upset. And he definitely couldn’t allow Carl Hahn to ruin his life, as the man had tried to do since his childhood. While Jacob went through the motions of dinner, his focus was elsewhere.

Vivienne sipped the tea that was served to her, and quiet ensued during the wait for dinner. But Jacob’s mind wasn’t silent at all. When the orders were brought to the table, he shoved the English peas and roasted chicken around his plate. For once, he didn’t have much of an appetite.

“What are you thinking?” Vivienne said.

Jacob scooped a forkful of risotto, examining it. “How did Daniel Kenyon know about my biological father?”

“That’s a very good question.”

“Did Sam Williamson tell him about the adoption?” Jacob said. “He was good friends with Vico, so he would have known.”

“From what you’ve told me, that doesn’t sound like Sam. What would his purpose be for sharing that with his stepson?”

“I can’t think of any,” Jacob said, taking a moment to gaze at Vivienne. He loved her, and he’d finally told her. Now his life was falling apart, and she might be dragged down with him. “Everything isn’t adding up.” He looked at Vivienne. “I’m sure that Kenyon is hiding something.”

That had to be it.

Vivienne wrinkled her brow. “What would he be hiding?”

“I don’t know.” Jacob put his fork down. “But I intend to find out.”

For the rest of the meal, Jacob made a futile attempt to focus on other things. He chatted with Vivienne and asked her about the shop. He didn’t want her taking on the burden of his issues, so deflected some attention from the alarming situation.

But Vivienne knew the magnitude of the situation. Jacob could tell by her demeanor, the look in her eyes. And he didn’t like it one bit that the demons of his past interfered with the oasis of joy that he’d found with her. Even more than that, he was angered that he’d been unable to keep the danger away from her. She was involved now, and he knew it.

After dinner, they went home and sat in front of the fireplace, holding hands. Jacob wanted to reassure Vivienne, tell her that he’d take care of everything. But he wasn’t clear about how. No matter what he had to deal with, Jacob didn’t want anything to happen to her. Yet he wasn’t clear on how to make sure of that.


Jacob didn’t sleep much that night, and was up early the next morning for a hard jog. He needed to clear his head. And he had to regain control. Sweating and breathing hard, he came to a decision. As soon as he got back to the penthouse, he promptly showered and dressed.

Vivienne was in the kitchen tending to breakfast. “Do you want something?”

“No, I’ll grab food later.” Jacob wrapped his arms around her. “I’m going to handle this situation. I just want you to know that.”

Vivienne hugged him tight. “I know you will. I have confidence in you.”

Jacob wished he had the same confidence. But as fury rose inside him about the position he found himself in, his determination increased along with it. Those two slime bags weren’t going to get away with it, not while there was still breath in his body.

He kissed Vivienne goodbye and took the car to work, stopping for a triple espresso on the way. When he passed Meg, she took one look at his expression and, wisely, didn’t ask. In a span of hours, Jacob had gone from feeling vulnerable to being royally pissed.

Once at his desk, he stabbed the button on his phone. Walsh picked up, and Jacob said, “I’m coming down right now.”

Ignoring the work on his desk, Jacob went directly to the investigations department and sat across from Walsh. His investigator wore a sandy-colored sweater, his biceps filling out the sleeves. The winter garb was as close as he got to business attire.

Walsh leaned back in the chair. “What’s up?”

“It’s not good,” Jacob said, and proceeded to bring him up to speed, including Kenyon’s alleged connections to powerful media sources.

“So, out of the blue, Carl Hahn materializes?”

Jacob nodded. “Alone, he wouldn’t have the power to cause trouble.”

“Who would listen to a drunk?”

“Exactly,” Jacob said. “But this whole thing can’t be Carl’s idea. It’s Kenyon who went to the effort to find him.”

“I suppose that maligning your reputation could be Kenyon’s way of discrediting you, so the other importers won’t continue to support you.”

“You have a point.” Jacob shook his head. “But that can’t be all there is to it. That’s too easy. Sure, I’m a thorn in Kenyon’s side, especially now that I’ve set up the alliance. The online sales are good for the bottom line, and Williamson Imports is cut out of the action.”

“That must have ticked him off.”

“I’m sure of it.” Jacob furrowed his brow. “But that’s only the surface. It runs deeper.”

Walsh leaned forward with his forearms on the desk. “I agree.”

“It was no easy task to locate Carl Hahn. The man’s a derelict. Kenyon didn’t just look him up in the phone book.” Jacob rubbed the back of his neck. “We’re missing something. And it has to be significant.”

“We’ve been investigating Kenyon, and you’ve seen my reports.”

“I’ve read them with avid interest,” Jacob said. “And we’re on the right track. What we’ve found so far is good. I just need more. A lot more. And quickly.”

Walsh’s expression looked as determined as Jacob felt.

“I’m authorizing you to step up the investigation,” Jacob said. “You have an unlimited budget. I don’t care if it takes every dime I have, we will find out what these creeps are up to.”

His investigator nodded.

“And learn everything about Carl Hahn that you can,” Jacob said. “He’s not innocent, and I don’t believe that he’s only a pawn in Kenyon’s scheme. He’s a ruthless bastard, and I want to know all there is to know about him.”

Jacob looked directly at Walsh. “Do what’s required.”

His investigator had access to information, the type that Jacob needed. With his expert team, details that only an expert hacker could glean would be provided in forthcoming reports. It was best not to ask how Walsh found out the things that he did. And now, Jacob didn’t care. He just needed the goods on his enemies, and fast.

When Jacob stood to leave, Walsh was already banging away on his computer. He understood what was needed, so Jacob left him to it. Once back at his desk, he dropped into his chair. He had faith in his investigations team, but the question was whether they could uncover what he needed in time.

Jacob had to gain the upper hand before all hell broke loose. But he didn’t intend to sit around and wait. Walsh had already provided some very intriguing data about Daniel Kenyon. It had certain implications that Jacob hadn’t completely figured out, but he was highly motivated to do so. While his investigations team did their job, he would work on unraveling the puzzle.

The rest of the day, Jacob tended to business. He couldn’t allow the impending threat to knock him off course. Rinaldi Imports was stable, and he planned to keep it that way. But in any spare moments, he stewed about Kenyon, anxious to make sense of the man’s behavior, and to uncover the truth.