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Micah fights the biggest fight of his career!

He is fighting for Gisele, and hasn’t fought for higher stakes before. The life of the woman he loves hangs in the balance. There is no way in hell that he won’t pummel his opponent.

“Gisele thrust both her hands in the air, screaming out her support, although Micah couldn’t hear what she was saying. He thrust his glove in the air and smiled at her. Seeing her in the mob’s grasp, alone and vulnerable, made him feel like a fist had reached inside his chest to squeeze his heart. Micah loved her so much. Gisele’s freedom depended on him, and he wasn’t going to let her down.”

Micah’s mind floods with visions of Gisele and what happens to her if he loses the fight. His motivation soars, shooting adrenaline through his veins and into his fists.

Series Description:

Micah Rinaldi is the youngest brother in the powerful Rinaldi family. He is the wild one, and a bad boy fighter who lives on the edge. He is smitten with Gisele Shelton, a woman who vows to stay away from a risk-taker like Micah. This Rinaldi Romance (Fighting for Gisele) includes 4 sensual romance novels:


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