A first taste of COLD PERIL. This is a new military romantic suspense series coming soon from Emily Jane Trent.

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Without being obvious, Garrett kept the throng of fans in his peripheral vision. Then he turned casually, as if looking for a friend, so no one would notice his movement. The audience was riveted on the famous figures emerging, hoping to get a good look as they became visible at the other end of the carpeted walkway.

All except for one man. Garrett noted his faded jeans with combat boots, likely purchased secondhand. The crowd had moved closer to the ropes at the far end of the walkway, to get a better look at the stars they’d come to see, leaving the combat-boots guy more in the open. For a couple of seconds, Garrett had a clear view of him.

The guy looked at Marlene, but something was off. The man’s eyes were glued to her, as though he was stalking her. Any movie star had stalkers, at one time or another. Or just rabid fans that were a little too infatuated. But not all posed a threat.
Then the man’s eyes went to Garrett, just before his right hand swept his long coat open. There wasn’t time to consider whether the man had been looking purposely at Garrett or not. Instantaneously, the man’s action was clear. Garrett saw it in his mind before it happened.