Bend To My Will Books 5-12

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Bend To My Will Books 5 – 12 Boxed Set

Can Vivienne embrace the joy of submission, while teaching Jacob that love isn’t out of reach?

Vivienne loves Jacob, so he’s the only man for her.

“Jacob was haunted by the fear that he might be making a grave error. He had let Vivienne into his life, more than he’d intended to. His greed for her kisses, her scent, and her submission made resisting impossible. Even given the chance, she had refused to leave, and now Jacob wouldn’t abstain.”

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Illicit Craving #5: Jacob admits that he’s bad for Vivienne, yet she doesn’t care. If she can crumble the wall around Jacob’s heart, he might reveal a clue to his dark past.

Wicked Obsession #6: Unable to envision a future without Jacob, she prays for her love to heal his damaged soul.

Luscious Sins #7: After a romantic trip to Tuscany, she fears his dark past has closed his heart to love, forever.

Sexy Addiction #8: Jacob is tortured by guilt and the darkness of his past. He should let Vivienne go, but he can’t bear releasing her to the arms of another man.

Secret Torment #9: On a trip to Argentina, there’s a tragedy that forces Jacob to realize what Vivienne truly means to him.

Daring Confessions #10: Jacob might open his heart to love, but then he makes shocking confessions.

Eternal Love #11: Vivienne is hopeful, until Jacob gets a nasty surprise that might ruin everything.

Sweet Promise #12: Jacob’s dark past reappears, like a nightmare that is all too real.