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Must Love Danger Book 4

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Navy SEAL Caleb Rowe teams up with Black Swan to protect the woman he loves. Livi Cameron is a retired dancer left widowed when her husband dies in action. He was Caleb’s teammate, and he will face any threat to save Livi. Yet he didn’t count on the biggest risk of all…Livi stealing his heart!

Must Love Danger Series

In this military romantic suspense series, ex-Navy SEALs form an executive protection company called Black Swan. The black swans were unexpected, like the unpredicted danger the company fights. The team is dedicated to saving lives in the civilian world, using skills honed to perfection under battle conditions.

There is a rule for new teammates: Must Love Danger

Each novel in the series is a complete romance with no cliffhangers and guaranteed HEA—but the characters you love make appearances in future stories.


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