Cooper & Daniela

Romantic Suspense

Daniela’s Crazy Love – a steamy romantic suspense with an unexpected twist.

Daniela Rinaldi’s heart was broken years ago, when her first love Cooper Burke left her. Then he shows up in New York unexpectedly, at the same time that some frightening incidents begin happening. Daniela can’t let go of her love for the hunky baseball player that she fell for in high school, but she may have no choice. Cooper is either the love of her life, or the cause of her fears. Will she find out in time?


Cooper touched her arm, making Daniela feel something she wished she didn’t. “Have lunch with me,” Cooper said, and her heart skipped a beat.

“No, I don’t think so.” Daniela bit out the words. Cooper looked stung, but that didn’t stop her. “The fact that you were a heartthrob in high school means nothing. It’s been a long time. And lunch isn’t going to happen. I’ve moved on.” Neon lights couldn’t have made it any more obvious how much Cooper still affected her. But Daniela stuck with her lie anyway, and turned to walk away, leaving him standing in the lobby. Getting together with him would be a really bad idea. Daniela was sure of it.

Series: Rinaldi Romance

Daniela Rinaldi is the baby sister with 4 older brothers. Now you can read her thrilling romance in two heart-pounding books: The Prequel (Cooper & Daniela #1) and The Novel (Cooper & Daniela #2) – to be released together!