Deep Obsession

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Deep Obsession

Natalie is consumed with her love for Tanner, and his ability to guide her sexually.

Natalie’s obsession goes deeper than she ever imagined, and his possessiveness threatens to smother her.

“Could Natalie even hope that Tanner would make more of a commitment, or did she want him to? Her head spun with the emotion, but she couldn’t allow herself to think long term. For now, she wanted every crazy second he could give her, knowing that if he left, she’d never be able to recover. She was sure of that. She was in dangerous water, and was all too aware of it. She was losing touch.”

Natalie’s ever-growing passion, and deepening love of the only man she’ll ever want, is revealed.

Deep Obsession is a romantic tale that takes place in Moscow, Russia. The sex scenes are graphic, and the passion heats up. This sweet romance is a unique love story, with full character development, and added intrigue from Tanner’s billionaire lifestyle, that will make each book in the series hard to put down.

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