Stay With Me box set~ All 4 novels in this series in one bundle.

Stay With Me: A Romantic Mystery (Bundle of 4 Novels)

Music played in the background, piped in through a portable sound system. Stephano spotted a couple of the speakers. The space was too confined for live music. At the back of the tent was a small dance floor, a low platform. He stood and reached for Kyra’s hand.

“May I have this dance?”

She took his hand and stood up. “It would be my pleasure.”

Stephano was relieved to know that she could be cordial and let go of the defensive banter, at least long enough to dance. He liked to dance also. And even though the music was inoffensive at best, it was worth it to have her in his arms. Two other couples were moving to the slow song. Reaching the floor, Stephano turned to Kyra and opened his arms.

She blushed, which was utterly endearing. To have that effect on her was a boost to his ego. The same ego she had cut down to size only minutes before. Kyra moved into his arms and let him take the lead. She smelled delicious, like roses in summer. The feel of her hand in his elicited stronger urges than it should have. Stephano put his head against hers and pressed one hand low on her back.