The Passion Series

The Passion Series is a collection of erotic short stories about Heather and Ryan. They were originally published separately. Now all the stories have been compiled into this one book for your reading enjoyment.

If Ryan has his way, love will conquer all.

But will Heather give love as only she can, or will her demons win?

Ryan Blake, the charismatic movie star, can have his pick of women. He is charmed by Heather Lawson, a blond beauty he meets under unusual circumstances. She discovers that she’s vulnerable to Ryan’s charms and may not be able to keep her passionate nature locked away.

“She craved Ryan, only him. Her mind refused to accept that he would betray her. Always, he’d been kind and loving toward her. It didn’t make sense. Doubt clutched at her. It was possible she saw their relationship differently than he did.”

The Passion Series includes 6 short stories: Passion Unleashed, Passion Tempted, Passion Shattered, Passion Revealed, Passion Embraced, and Passion Ignited. (Originally published as Masquerade The Complete Series.)

The Passion Series

Note: This erotic romance tale is for adults only! Contains steamy sex between the hero and the woman he falls for.