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A holiday trip to Tuscany offers a romantic respite from the pressures of New York, and Leah feels closer to Gianni. At the end of her patience, she demands to know what is behind the locked door. Still emotionally withdrawn, Gianni is backed into a corner. If he doesn’t tell Leah, he knows he will lose her.


Days in a cozy villa in Tuscany make Leah unwilling to go back to New York with Gianni’s dark secret still between them. When Leah’s frustration is too much, she gives Gianni an ultimatum at the risk of losing him completely. Will her demand cause him to abandon her, and devastate them both?

Wanting Leah more every day, Gianni is hit unexpectedly with all the emotions she held inside too long. Faced with having to reveal his past or lose Leah, he has to make a tough decision. Will he finally talk about the locked room?


Series Description:

Gianni Rinaldi was introduced in the Touched By You series, the endearing romance of Tanner and Natalie.

Gianni was the owner of GR Showroom, and showcased Natalie’s fashions. He was a source of jealousy for Tanner, although his relationship with Natalie was strictly professional in the Touched By You series. But he was deeply involved in his own romance, which you can now read about in “Leah’s Seduction.”

The story unfolds over a series of novellas. Each is an episode in the ongoing tale of seduction into the secrets of the fashion industry, and the temptations of love.

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