Emily Jane Trent

Leah's Seduction 10

Leah’s Seduction


(A Rinaldi Romance Part 10)

The conclusion of this 10-Part Series

by Emily Jane Trent

Release Date January, 2015



Series Description 

Gianni Rinaldi was introduced in the Touched By You series, the endearing romance of Tanner and Natalie.

Gianni was the owner of GR Showroom, and showcased Natalie’s fashions. He was a source of jealousy for Tanner, although his relationship with Natalie was strictly professional in the Touched By You series. But he was deeply involved in his own romance, which you can now read about in “Leah’s Seduction.”

The story unfolds over a series of novellas. Each is an episode in the ongoing tale of seduction into the secrets of the fashion industry, and the temptations of love.


In this heartwarming conclusion to the “Leah’s Seduction” series, Gianni and Leah struggle to reconcile the intensity of the playroom with being in love. Their life has settled down, allowing them to focus on their relationship. The intimacy they share is hotter than ever, making Leah aware she has more to lose. A trip to Zurich brings a new surprise, one that Leah did not see coming.

Leah’s love has broken down the wall around Gianni’s heart. Yet she fears losing him. Love and domination become her focus. Her craving for complete submission to the man she loves stirs new emotions. The playroom scenes are hotter, and threaten to go beyond her tolerance. Then on a trip to Zurich, an unexpected offer changes her life.

Gianni strives to satisfy his deepest urges, and guides Leah to the ecstasy of true submission. Patient and loving, Gianni bravely faces unending passion fueled by love. And in a bold move to follow his heart, makes a statement to the world about his deep love for Leah.


“Once Gianni told Leah how much he loved her, the shared journal became more important. It was the pathway to her innermost thoughts and true desires. It enlightened him on what she preferred. Or what she didn’t. Sex with Leah had always been something more. It had taken him a while to see it. But he had felt it from the first. There was no more attractive woman than Leah. And there was no greater beauty in Gianni’s eyes than a woman in the throes of desire. Leah was the whole package. She wasn’t the first to submit to him. But the emotions he had felt with her from the beginning were signs of a deep love.”

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