Steer clear

UNLEASHED is now LIVE!  Release price is only $.99!
For the first time, MIcah will really have to fight for what he wants.  He fights for the excitement of it.  No child abuse, no horrible childhood, just the delight of the buzz of adrenaline and roar of the crowd.  He lives for it!
Available on Amazon June 17 and FREE‬ to read on Kindle Unlimited.
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Micah Rinaldi is the ultimate bad boy. He’s an underground fighter who drinks too much, gambles in high-stakes poker games, and isn’t afraid to flaunt the rules. He is all that Gisele Shelton wants, yet everything she vows to avoid. But Micah has other ideas.
“Gisele was at the fight in Hollywood, looking up at the boxing ring. There was Micah, muscles pumped, dancing around his opponent. The vision of his buff body made her blood simmer, and she licked her lips.”
This hot romance has unexpected twists and turns. If Micah wants Gisele, he will have to fight for her – which may prove to be the biggest fight of his life.