Emily Jane Trent

Perfectly Flawed – a new adult romance novel – now for sale!

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Sean Reid, a swoon-worthy Irish tough guy, is six feet tall and all muscle. It’s love at first sight when he meets the blond beauty, Adrianna Brooks, and he is determined to protect the woman he loves from vicious oppressors, no matter the cost.

Perfectly Flawed


“I think we should go back to work,” Adrianna said softly. There was no real intention in her voice. The words were just words, their meaning not matching their sound. It sounded to Sean as though she’d said something completely different. The melody of her voice, the softness with which she spoke, conveyed some hope to Sean, some vague impression that she felt like he did.

That must have been why he lost it; his casual demeanor was gone. The moment was highly charged between them. It was as if a window opened, and an opportunity was presented. It was the right moment; if he let it pass it might never come again. Sean reached out and put his hand over Adrianna’s.

She didn’t pull back. Sadness came into her eyes and a knife stabbed Sean’s heart. He lifted her hand to his lips and pressed her soft skin to his mouth. Breathing in her fragrance, his eyes fluttered. When his mouth touched her hand, Adrianna flinched, barely perceptibly. Taking it for shyness, Sean rubbed the inside of her wrist with his fingertips.

“Adrianna,” he mouthed.

She looked at him with big eyes, and it seemed for a fleeting moment, the wall she’d erected between them dissolved. In that brief flash, Sean saw it, the feeling she had for him. Finally, something he recognized—something he understood. Encouraged, he lifted her chin and leaned closer. Her hair fell back, skimming her shoulders. With his other hand, he put his palm on her soft cheek.