A frequent question from my readers is: “Do you travel a lot?” Why would readers ask that?

In my steamy romance books the characters visit other countries, so it might seem like I travel and write from my personal experience.

The opposite is true. My life hasn’t allowed for travel, since my focus has been more on family, and the cost of such travel has been prohibitive. Yet I find other countries and cultures intriguing. My heroes are often billionaires, so it makes sense for them to see exotic locales.

The research I do for my romances makes me feel as if I have traveled to the cities I write about. I learn much more than the story requires. I have to pick and choose what will enhance the characters’ adventure. And by doing so, readers get to experience countries they haven’t visited before.

That allows me to feel as though I’ve traveled. And even better, readers feel that they’ve been to many far-away places from reading my books. My readers and I can see the world together – though fiction.

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