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Ruthless Peril

Stealth Security Book 3 – A Novella

A first date goes horribly wrong!

She’s grabbed by a vindictive killer. A Navy SEAL must rescue her.

Tessa Pate is tough, fit, and quick witted. But it’s not easy to find the right man to date. She accepts an invitation from Hunter, a loyal member of the Stealth Security team. Before he arrives to escort her to dinner, she’s thrown into a car trunk and whisked away. Her captor has his hands full, and likely regrets choosing her. He has mistaken her for another woman, but there’s no turning back.

Will her captor get the revenge he seeks?

Former SEAL Hunter Davis is drawn to Tessa’s strength and beauty. When he finally asks her out to dinner, the evening turns into a nightmare. He fears for Tessa’s life. Her captor wields a gun, and is out for revenge.

Can Hunter rescue her, before it’s too late?

Tessa refuses to be intimidated, and fights back. She’s a challenge for her captor. But without Hunter, she may be doomed. It’s a first date gone terribly wrong. Yet will she have another chance?

Fans of Kaylea Cross, Katie Reus, and Misty Evans will enjoy this novella!

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