Savage Peril

Savage Peril (Stealth Security Book 6)

A Navy SEAL Romance

Gunner Cantrell protects the innocent. That is his passion, his life. Then he meets Lori and can’t forget the sadness in her eyes. He is drawn to help her and will give his life to save her. No sacrifice is too much for the woman he loves.


Lori didn’t wake up until her alarm rang. For a moment she was disoriented, then remembered the night before. Gunner hadn’t left her alone in the house, and she was grateful that he cared. Yet her feelings for him weren’t those of merely a friend.

Gunner had held Lori in his arms, and she could still feel his strength. She had nestled against him, safe in his embrace and wanting so much more. Exhaustion had gotten the better of her, but she had partially woken up when he carried her to bed.

After helping her to remove constricting garments, Gunner settled her on her pillow and stood over her. For a moment, Lori had thought he would join her. She had been disappointed, because she had hoped to feel his warm body next to her.

Lori could have reached out and made her desire known. She wasn’t sure how Gunner would have reacted. She tried to imagine his response if she had pulled him into her bed, but was uncertain of his feelings. He was worried about her, but that didn’t mean she should expect more.

Hugging the covers to her chest, Lori remembered Gunner’s kiss. The touch had been tender yet laced with the fire of passion. She had nearly blurted out how she felt, but held back. She feared that he didn’t want what she did, especially since he seemed to be taking things slow.

Lori wasn’t sure what she wanted either. She had recently broken off a serious relationship and had reservations about starting another. She was in no shape to make commitments, not with everything going on in her life. It wasn’t fair to lead Gunner on or go to bed with him unless she was serious.

But when Gunner had left her bedroom, Lori had been disappointed. Maybe it was selfish, but she craved intimacy—and not just with any man. She wanted Gunner yet couldn’t give in to her desires. It wasn’t the right time, and he may not be the right man for her.

Gunner was a warrior, a loyal and caring man. He was a delicious hunk, and Lori would have difficulty resisting him. But a sexual encounter didn’t mean that he was compatible with her. Her lifestyle was so different from his, along with her background and career.

The last thing that Lori wanted to do was hurt Gunner. Breakups were difficult, and she didn’t have the heart to crush him. Until she was ready for a relationship, she had no business pushing beyond the boundaries of friendship.

Lori slid from bed and put on a robe. She went down the hall to see if Gunner was still sleeping, but he was gone. There was a note on the sofa. I hope you slept well. I’ll check on you later.

After staring at the note, half expecting it to say more, Lori sat on the sofa. She crumpled the note in her hand and hugged one of the pillows to her face. Gunner’s scent lingered, and she closed her eyes to breathe it in. She wanted him badly; it was going to be difficult to hide that.