The Heart's Domination

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The Heart’s Domination

Natalie gave her body, but he took her heart. Does she have his?

Will her love be enough for both of them?

“A white rose lay on the table beside Natalie. Swept up in the moment, Tanner had purchased the single rose from a street vendor, and presented it to her with a gallant bow. The gift signified the magic of their time together, a fairytale she never wanted to end. He didn’t only dominate her body, he dominated her heart. Alone and relaxed, looking out at the view, Natalie felt like she was in a storybook setting. Tanner chatted, and they laughed together, about silly things. Nothing that was important. He was just like any man one might fall in love with. Yet, he wasn’t.”

The sex gets hotter – Tanner just might get burned.

The Heart’s Domination is a romantic tale that takes place in Paris, France. The sex scenes are graphic and very romantic. Touched By You is a unique love story, with full character development, and added intrigue from the billionaire’s life, that will make this a read that’s hard to put down.

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