The Passion Series
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The Passion Series

If Ryan has his way, love will conquer all.

But will Heather give love as only she can, or will her demons win?

Ryan Blake, the charismatic movie star, can have his pick of women. The wealthy hero is charmed by Heather Lawson, a blond beauty he meets under unusual circumstances. She discovers that she’s vulnerable to Ryan’s charms and may not be able to keep her passionate nature locked away.

Excerpt: “She craved Ryan, only him. Her mind refused to accept that he would betray her. Always, he’d been kind and loving toward her. It didn’t make sense. Doubt clutched at her. It was possible she saw their relationship differently than he did.”

Heather resists her passionate nature but Ryan is determined to see it unleashed in this new adult steamy romance.

The Passion Series includes 6 steamy love stories: Passion Unleashed, Passion Tempted, Passion Shattered, Passion Revealed, Passion Embraced, and Passion Ignited. (This sensual romance series was originally published as Masquerade The Complete Series.)

Note: This erotic romance tale is for adults only! Contains steamy sex between the hero and the woman he falls for.


Passion Unleashed – Part I

1 – Masks


The shiny black limo began to slow. Ryan slipped on the sleek black mask. He wondered if he would still be recognized. Anyone could be wearing a black Armani suit over a light shirt. The idea was to blend in.

Patricia, his personal assistant, had insisted he attend. After fourteen years, he’d learned to trust her judgment. In some ways she had done more to advance his career than his own agent.

Tonight was a big deal. It was the birthday of Matthew Lowen, the owner of the studio. Matt was known to be somewhat of a quirky guy. After all, he worked with many Hollywood stars, so that was to be expected. For his party, he wanted everyone to wear a mask. He thought it would be fun to party incognito.

They pulled up along the sweeping drive. Ryan saw several limousines ahead of them. “Right here will be fine, Daniel.” His chauffeur gave a nod, looked back at Ryan in the mask covering half his face, and gave an amused smile.

“Maybe I can slip in without a lot of fanfare. After all, that’s the whole purpose of this affair.” Ryan shifted in his seat. He noticed several others strolling up the red carpet to the huge ornate double doors. He glanced at his watch, then brushed some invisible lint from his sleeve and adjusted his mask.

“Have a fine evening, sir. I’ll be here when you’ve had your fill.”

“I’m counting on it.” A slim attendant in a tuxedo opened the door for him to make his entrance. He took a deep breath involuntarily. No crowds of adoring fans. He’d make a casual entrance.

Before he could take a step onto the red carpet, a vision of loveliness floated in front of him. She seemed not to notice him at all. Her gold embroidered mask covered some of her features but could not hide her stunning beauty. The gold slip of a dress settled around her sumptuous curves.

He would never forget that bright blond hair and those pouty lips, accentuated with bright red lipstick. His cock stirred and hardened. Luckily, he was in not the tight-fitting jeans he was known for.

Ryan realized he’d forgotten to breathe. She was absolutely stunning. This evening might turn out better than he’d imagined.

Heather Lawson caught a glimpse of him looking at her. But that was not unusual. She knew she could attract attention when she wanted to. She quickened her step to get ahead of him and elegantly stepped to the front in her gold glitter Guess pumps. She handed her invitation to the gentleman at the door, who smiled and welcomed her. She glided through the entrance.

Right behind her, Ryan shifted foot to foot as the attendant glanced at his invitation. “Mr. Ryan Spencer Blake—good to see you, sir. Welcome. Do have a good evening.” Before the words were fully spoken Ryan was through the door, his eyes searching the room.

He was barely inside before he was stopped by a group of actors he recognized, despite their masks. He pretended not to recognize them. That was part of the fun. He acknowledged them politely and brushed past the little group. Finally, in the main ballroom, he glanced around and took in the sea of masks, of all colors and designs.