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Touched By You Books 5 – 12 Boxed Set

Natalie’s love and passion for Tanner deepen. He is the only man she’ll ever want!

Her obsession is stronger than she ever imagined.

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The Touched By You international billionaire series unfolds over 12 novellas, in this steamy new adult romance anthology. Each book is a different stage in the relationship, a seductive romance series filled with twists and turns. You’ll swoon for Tanner, the wealthy billionaire hero in this dangerous love story. You’ll be swept up in Tanner and Natalie’s tale of true love, all the way to the heart-wrenching conclusion!

Deep Obsession (Touched By You #5)

Tanner’s possessiveness threatens to smother Natalie.

“Natalie was in dangerous waters, and was all too aware of it. She was losing touch.”

Forbidden Pleasures (Touched By You #6)

Natalie can’t seem to get enough, and discovers naughty desires that she dare not tell.

“Previously forbidden pleasures tempted Natalie, and she wanted to tell Tanner. What was she afraid of?”

Raw Burn (Touched By You #7)

Can Natalie handle her raging desire for Tanner, or will it emotionally shatter her?

“Natalie craved him, addicted to his male scent, his lean muscles, and his possession of her. The urge to have every part of him rose with new fury.”

Desperately Entwined (Touched By You #8)

Natalie’s life is entwined with Tanner’s.

“She loved him so much she thought her heart might burst.”

Fierce Possession (Touched By You #9)

Marriage is hotter than he anticipated, and Tanner craves his wife beyond all reason.

“A shadow crossed Tanner’s blue eyes. What if there was something wrong that Natalie couldn’t fix?”

Intimate Secrets (Touched By You #10)

Irrational fears haunt Natalie, causing her to keep a secret from Tanner.

“The feeling of having a secret was uncomfortable. But telling might be worse.”

Whispered Confessions (Touched By You #11)

Natalie reveals her true desires, making Tanner crave her even more.

“Natalie wanted Tanner so completely that she couldn’t get enough.”

Vivid Temptation (Touched By You #12)

Natalie finds trust and complete love (in this final episode of Touched By You).

“You are the joy of my life. I loved you from the first moment I saw you. Some would say that love at first sight can’t happen. But it did for me,” Tanner whispered.