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UNBROKEN (Fighting for Gisele #3)
Release Date: August 19th
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“I don’t want you to fight,” Gisele said, setting her fork on her plate. “It’s not worth it.”
“What do you mean? Fighting is what I do.”
“I mean…I don’t want you to fight Fromer.”
“It’s too late; it’s already set.”
“Micah, please…I know about this guy. He has a reputation, a bad one,” Gisele said.
“All the better…for when I whip his ass.” Micah shoved his plate back.
“I don’t like the underground…the fights aren’t fair.” Gisele stared at him. “You know that.”
“It doesn’t make a difference. I’m fighting.”
Gisele leaned toward him and put her hand over his. “Those fights are brutal.” She hesitated. “They won’t let you win.”
Micah leaned back in the chair. “I don’t ask for permission.”
Seeing that she couldn’t win that argument, Gisele let out a sigh. “And I’m worried about you anyway.”
“You shouldn’t be.”
“But I am.” Gisele wrinkled her brow. “You think the Kovalenkos are just playing around…but they aren’t.” She squeezed his wrist. “You fended them off today, but they will follow through on their threats if you don’t heed their warning. If they can’t get you one way, they’ll try another. I know men like that.”
The fact that Gisele did know men like that, very well, irked Micah. He wanted her out of that environment for good. It wasn’t enough that she’d moved out of her brother’s condos—Micah wanted her away from the danger that was closing in. But he had to win the fight first. Then they could retrieve that diamond stashed away in a bank vault, and put an end to all of this.