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UNDEFEATED (Fighting for Gisele #4) The conclusion~ the fight of a lifetime is about to occur.

“Micah was about to fight the biggest fight of his career. High stakes hadn’t made him shy away before, and he wasn’t about to now. Yet he hadn’t fought for any higher stakes than he would tonight. He was fighting for Gisele.

Gisele was the woman he loved, and her life hung in the balance. His win would mean her freedom. There was no way in hell he wasn’t going to beat the crap out of Max Fromer. Strength and power were just two components of a winning formula. But Micah was highly motivated, more than his German opponent could ever hope to be. And he wouldn’t quit short of winning the bout, no matter the odds.

There was no question in his mind about what he was up against. The German was ruthless, and underhanded tactics were the man’s ace in the hole. He was an ex-con with little in life left to lose, so he’d break all rules to retain his spot as the underground fight circuit’s star.”