Emily Jane Trent

Micah and Gisele Unbroken and ring w date

Release Date 08/19/16

I know you are dying to know what happens next with Micah and Gisele. Here is a little teaser while you wait! 


Gisele laughed. “I’d like to disappear,” she said. “But they would come after me. Growing up, I heard too many stories. A person doesn’t evade the mob. Sooner or later, they find you.”

The waiter came by and took their orders, then Micah looked across at Gisele.

“Whatever we do, it has to be effective. Annoying the Russians without concluding matters would be like poking a stick in a wasp nest.”

“Worse,” Gisele said. “Family or not, they wouldn’t hesitate to do whatever is needed to get what they want…including killing me…and you.”

“They have no conscience when it comes to murder, so we’ll have to outsmart them,” Micah said, but he was worried. It was one thing to fight in the ring, punching at an opponent who was an equal match. The mob was entirely different, as they’d gun him down and not waste time with a fair fight.

“The one thing I have in my favor,” Gisele said, “is that I have information they are desperate for.”

“It’s your best protection. They need you, at least until they get what they want.” Then the mob wouldn’t hesitate to wipe them out. Micah shuddered to think of Gisele on her own. It had been fortunate that he’d shown up on the scene when he had.

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