FAQ About My Writing – To Share With My Readers


How Are My Erotic Books Different?

My writing style is meant to entertain. Readers can expect stories that keep them turning the pages. No matter the length of the story, it’s intended as pleasure reading and will be an enjoyable experience. The sex scenes are part of the overall story and the characters expression of passion as the romance evolves. They are uniquely written for women – you’ll find them different than the style that is written for men.

What Was My Inspiration For Writing Erotic Fiction?

Writing is a method for expressing passion. Capturing stories is something I’ve been doing for years. Now, I’m publishing so I can share with other women.

How Steamy Are My Stories?

The sex is graphic, so very steamy. The stories are a romance and everything is about the love the hero and heroine feel for each other. It’s never sex for its own sake. It’s sex as an expression of love.

Do The Stories Always End With Happily-Ever-After?

Yes, they do. The stories are romances and the endings are always satisfying.

What Are My Heroes And Heroines Like?

The heroes will make you swoon. They are masculine and charming. No matter what happens in the story, they will prove to you that they are strong and loyal. The heroines are feisty and can give the hero a challenge. But the women are intelligent, beautiful and emotionally sensitive.

What Will The Reader Get From Reading One Of My Books?

They should feel like they know the characters and the story will be a fun, sexy experience they’ll remember. The reader can escape into a world of pleasure and fantasy.

What Will The Reader Understand About Romantic Fiction From Reading My Books?

Women are passionate by nature. Romantic fiction is a medium that shows the many ways that passion can express itself. My books travel to a new place, never before experienced in quite the same way.

Where Do I Get My Ideas?

I observe people, both personally and socially. When I get on a creative flow, ideas come to me. It’s not always what I personally experience, although my life can be an inspiration. It can be pure fantasy. But my ideas are centered around something I know, even though I may expand my knowledge through further research. I find life interesting and see endless possibilities that I can spin into original plot lines.

What Do I Like About Being A Writer Of Women’s Erotic Fiction?

I am pleased that I can paint a picture of erotica that is appropriate for women. Sexual experiences are important for women. My stories give women the enjoyment and respect they deserve.

What Conditions Are Best For My Writing?

I know some writers listen to music or have other ways of getting in the right frame of mind. I prefer to work in quiet. When the creative flow starts it’s like I’m transported to the world of my characters. I need it quiet so they can talk to me and the ideas can flow easily. I avoid interruptions which would stall the process. I do enjoy coffee and chocolate during writing. I find creative writing requires a lot of energy, especially the erotic scenes.

Do I Encourage Reader Feedback?

Absolutely, I want to hear from my readers. It helps me to see what they are enjoying and how I can provide more of what they prefer to read. I take any criticism in the spirit in which it is delivered and allow it to help me learn more about my readers and their reactions.

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