Enemies can make the best lovers…

After shocking news that her sister’s newborn is missing, security specialist, Amanda Long, must discover if the baby is alive. But can she rescue the infant before the captor disappears without a trace, taking the baby away…forever?

Former SEAL Jake Holland retired and went to work at Black Swan, he was more than a little surprised to find Amanda employed there. And even more so that she was still single. Her talent couldn’t be questioned. Yet what were the odds that she’d end up at the same company?

Jake must go undercover with Amanda in search of her sister’s baby. The mission has trouble written all over it!

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It’s time to start the Must Love Danger series with Hawke – a sexy military hero!

Deadly harm surrounds Emilia and a young girl’s life hangs by a thread. As danger closes in, Hawke’s possessive side surges. He hadn’t expected to lose his heart—but in this steamy friends-to-lovers romance—he is in deep.

Can Hawke rescue the woman he loves and save the life of a child?

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This is book 1 of a new and exciting Military Romantic Suspense Series called MUST LOVE DANGER. No cliffhangers, just thrills. Each a standalone novel.

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Which dress would Marlene wear?

Have you read COLD PERIL?  Which dress would Marlene wear on the red carpet?

Cold Peril

Stealth Security Book 1

Is LOVE worth the risk?

He might be the wrong man to protect her…

Marlene Parks has struggled to the top of her career in Hollywood, but with a heavy heart. Her father and her older brother died in battle. Now at the pinnacle of her career, former military Garrett Flynn becomes her protector when a ruthless killer comes after her—but why?

FIGHTING FOR GISELE now available in 2 box sets!

She’s caught in a web of crime.

Gisele Shelton is entangled in the Russian mob, but is desperate to escape organized crime.

A rare diamond falls into her hands, thrusting her into the intrigue of a notorious heist. A sexy high-stakes player steals her heart, and is the only man she can trust. She has no choice but to outsmart her enemies. Or they will kill her and the man she loves.

˃˃˃ Only one man can save her.

Micah Rinaldi craves the adrenaline rush of high-stakes gambling and underground boxing, a world that threatens Gisele Shelton. He is determined to rescue the gorgeous woman, who has stolen his heart. But her gangster family will stop at nothing to keep him away. Micah must unravel a shocking kidnapping and solve a mysterious theft, before it’s too late.

˃˃˃ Ruthless gangsters are bloodthirsty for a priceless treasure.

Micah and Gisele face their enemies with cunning and bravery. But can they thwart the evil and win their fight for survival in time?

“An edge-of-your-seat experience.”

“I could not put it down!”

“Can’t wait for the next book!”