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She’s caught in a web of crime.

Gisele Shelton is entangled in the Russian mob, but is desperate to escape organized crime.

A rare diamond falls into her hands, thrusting her into the intrigue of a notorious heist. A sexy high-stakes player steals her heart, and is the only man she can trust. She has no choice but to outsmart her enemies. Or they will kill her and the man she loves.

˃˃˃ Only one man can save her.

Micah Rinaldi craves the adrenaline rush of high-stakes gambling and underground boxing, a world that threatens Gisele Shelton. He is determined to rescue the gorgeous woman, who has stolen his heart. But her gangster family will stop at nothing to keep him away. Micah must unravel a shocking kidnapping and solve a mysterious theft, before it’s too late.

˃˃˃ Ruthless gangsters are bloodthirsty for a priceless treasure.

Micah and Gisele face their enemies with cunning and bravery. But can they thwart the evil and win their fight for survival in time?

“An edge-of-your-seat experience.”

“I could not put it down!”

“Can’t wait for the next book!”

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She meets an irresistible bad boy at the worst possible time!

But if he wants Gisele, he must fight the biggest fight of his career.

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Micah is the ultimate bad boy. He loves boxing, gambling, and women. But after a few stolen hours with the beautiful hostess of a Russian mob card game, he learns what it feels like to lose his heart. He wants Gisele, but can he trust her?

The sexy muscular fighter captures Gisele’s heart and body. The trouble is that he’s everything she’s vowed to avoid. But Micah has other ideas.

“Gisele was at the fight in Hollywood, looking up at the boxing ring. There was Micah, muscles pumped, dancing around his opponent. The vision of his buff body made her blood simmer, and she licked her lips.”

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There are 4 novels in this tale of love, filled with mystery, suspense, and danger!





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