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Leah’s Seduction 3

While away in Amsterdam, the relationship heats up. Gianni stops being careful with Leah, and pushes past earlier limits. She becomes more attached to him, but he keeps his distance. When she challenges him, everything blows up, and Gianni has to make a decision. And Leah has to take a risk that will change her life.

Gianni won’t talk about his past, or any woman he has been with before. The reasons run deep. He maneuvers Leah so she won’t ask. More enthralled with her sexuality, Gianni takes bold steps to guide her deeper into his world. But can he give Leah what she really wants?

Leah hides her love from Gianni, trying to abide by his rules. But it is more difficult after a weekend away where she sees past his cold façade. She thinks her love is enough for both of them, until everything explodes. Will Gianni grant her demand? Can he?

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