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Leah’s Seduction 3

While away in Amsterdam, the relationship heats up. Gianni stops being careful with Leah, and pushes past earlier limits. She becomes more attached to him, but he keeps his distance. When she challenges him, everything blows up, and Gianni has to make a decision. And Leah has to take a risk that will change her life.

Gianni won’t talk about his past, or any woman he has been with before. The reasons run deep. He maneuvers Leah so she won’t ask. More enthralled with her sexuality, Gianni takes bold steps to guide her deeper into his world. But can he give Leah what she really wants?

Leah hides her love from Gianni, trying to abide by his rules. But it is more difficult after a weekend away where she sees past his cold façade. She thinks her love is enough for both of them, until everything explodes. Will Gianni grant her demand? Can he?



The heat is kicked up a notch in this installation! Leah confesses her feelings to herself, but it’s afraid to tell Gianni because he said their relationship couldn’t have love. Gianni continues to deny his feelings for Leah, and it almost destroys them both. This is another must read by Emily Jane Trent!  Celeste

This series is a must read for all you romantics out there! This story takes the reader through a steamy romantic relationship with all the normal ups and downs of an Alpha male who doesn’t know how to come to grips with the fact he is falling in love. I can’t wait for book 4.  Michele L.


Leah’s Seduction – Book 3

Chapter 1


The journal remained locked in Gianni’s safe at the New York condo. He didn’t want to take the chance of Leah discovering it. The shock would be devastating, he was sure. Whether she recognized the script as her own or saw that he was reading another woman’s private longings, the result would be the same.

Some phrases were burned into his memory, and he had no need to see the words on the page for it to affect him. During the flight to Amsterdam, there had been time for intimacy, and he had taken advantage of it. Leah had assured him that she was on the pill, and physicals before the trip satisfied him that sex was safe.

The feel of being inside her, skin to skin, had heightened the thrill. But the confines of the small room on the jet and the stresses of intercontinental flight didn’t allow for playing out scenes Gianni had in mind. Now that they had arrived, things would be different.

He had sent Leah to the spa for a massage, which he knew would help with jet lag. Gianni wanted to treat her to the luxuries offered at the InterContinental hotel. He had stayed there before, and found it ranked with the best of those he had frequented.

Situated on the banks of the Amstel River in the heart of the financial district, it was convenient for business trips. Plus it had the benefit of being in the cultural and entertainment center of the city. The service had been attentive the times he had stayed, and though he often dined off premises, the restaurant was topnotch.

When they checked in, Leah had been taken with the warm color scheme, accented with Oriental rugs and Dutch lamps. The interior design of the grand hotel reminded Gianni of a gracious home, and he felt comfortable there. On several trips, he had caught sight of celebrities. And knew even royalty favored the accommodations.

The popular hotel was an appropriate choice, because he wanted Leah to have a good time. She had not traveled much, and he wanted the experience to be a good one. While she was occupied, Gianni caught up on some emails, and then went to the fitness facility.

The flight had been long, and he wanted to work his muscles. He warmed up on the treadmill before beginning to jog. As he sweated, Gianni’s thoughts were elsewhere. As I drop to my knees to serve him kept coming to mind. In his thoughts, the tantalizing words were spoken in Leah’s voice, the same words he had read in the feminine script of the diary.

He could envision Leah doing just that, and wanting to. That excited him. He is my master; I belong to him. If only that were true. Although they had done more together recently, that wasn’t the agreement. Yet the possibility existed. If he handled things right.

Gianni was aware that Leah had a romantic side. She had brought a couple of poetry books with her, and at breakfast had read a few lines. “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost was familiar to him. The lines seemed to speak to him:

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both”

It aptly described what Leah was going through. To be with Gianni was a choice. He wasn’t marriage material, nor could he fill her emotional needs. Yet when the road diverged, she had followed him.

Gianni valued that, and strove to ensure she remained confident in her choice. Although he didn’t provide the love and romance he knew she would have liked, he hoped to make up for it, by giving her untold pleasure. And so far, he had.


Leah was grateful she had a few days with Gianni before the shows started. The hotel suite was decorated like a palace, and there was a view of the Amstel River from the room. Across the river, the buildings were stacked along the water, close together. There were no high rises, and it looked like a traditional Dutch town.

When Gianni had to work, she had plenty to do, including swimming in the indoor lap pool, or being pampered at the spa. If that kept up, Leah would soon be spoiled. She had come to the city because of work, but in the beginning it seemed like an elaborate vacation.

The bed was distinctive, as it had a golden canopy with drapes hanging from the four corners. There was a white padded bench at the end of it. And although Gianni hadn’t made use of it yet, his sexual talents hadn’t been lacking.

Whether by day or night, he found new ways to tease and excite her. Leah wasn’t deluded into thinking he would go easy, and as if to prove her right, each day seemed to bring something new. With each boundary they pushed beyond, she felt more decadent. Yet better than she had known was possible.

It was an ongoing conflict, but one she was determined not to dwell on for the duration of the trip. One morning as they had coffee on the terrace, Gianni seemed especially attentive. It had been a good night. There didn’t seem to be any bad ones with him.

“We have another day to ourselves,” he said. “I’ve planned a day trip.”

Leah was in the chair next to him with her feet in his lap. He rubbed along her ankles. “Where are you taking me?”

“I thought we’d explore Almere. It’s about half an hour from here,” he said. “I’ve wanted to see it but haven’t made the time. It’s a new city, known for its distinctive modern architecture. There are beaches to see, or woods to walk through. I thought we could go shopping, since downtown has hundreds of shops.”

“You want to go shopping?”

Gianni smiled. “For you. I’d like to buy you some things.”

“What for?”

He touched her cheek. “Now what woman asks that?”

“I’m asking.”

He studied her for a moment. “You’re beautiful, and I’d like to buy you some new things. I want to see you in them, and like pleasing you. Is that so hard to understand?”

Leah didn’t have to make such a big deal out of it, so agreed without further argument.

Dressed for a day in the country, Leah went down to the lobby with Gianni, expecting to wait for their transportation. As usual, guards hovered, but she didn’t pay much attention. A black Porsche pulled up. The driver got out and walked over, handing the keys to Gianni.

He looked at the car, then grinned at Leah.

“A Porsche?”

Gianni opened her door. “Let’s see how she handles over the country roads, shall we?”

Leah slipped into the soft leather seat, and Gianni hopped in the other side. “What about security?” she said.

He shrugged. “We’re safe. No one can catch us in this.” He laughed, then revved the engine and pulled away from the curb.

It was a rare time when they were truly alone with no guards in the background, and it felt kind of nice. The car’s speed was a thrill. It hugged the curves of the road as Gianni accelerated out of the turns. The country was green, dotted with colorful flowers. Leah spotted windmills along the river.

The fast car made the trip seem short, and Leah was momentarily disappointed that the drive was over. That was until she spotted the eye-catching architecture. Some buildings looked like blocks stacked at angles, as if they might fall. Another office building was several stories high, but it looked like a giant had smashed the end with an enormous fist. The building’s flow lines twisted and the building compacted at one end, as if the result of the impact.

“Everything is so modern…so geometrical.”

Gianni slowed and turned a corner. “The city is known for its architecture. It’s a new town, but already the seventh largest in the Netherlands.”

The Porsche cruised down a main street, and Gianni guided it into the parking structure of a huge, multistoried outdoor mall. They walked around for a bit, window shopping. Although the summer weather resulted in a pleasant temperature, it was humid.

Leah saw a restaurant that looked promising. Along the yellow-painted wood panel over the entrance, it said: Tapas Bar. The doors were panes of glass set in blue wood frames. She stepped closer to peek through the doorway.

“Looks good to me,” Gianni said, and guided her inside.

The place was small and narrow, with lots of wood paneling. The server escorted them to a table, and they studied the menu, which offered a variety Spanish cuisine, served in small portions. They settled on a light lunch of vegetable skewers, olives, and grilled fish, with beer to wash it down.

Gianni’s gray cotton shirt stretched over his chest, the sleeves ending at the bulge of his bicep. Leah couldn’t help but drink in the sight of him, and admire what a hunk he was. He must have noticed, but didn’t say anything at first.

Gulping his beer, he looked up. “Enjoying your food?” The words he said didn’t match the gleam in his eye.

“Yes, very much.”

He reached across the table and put his hand on her wrist. The simple act was innocent. But it immediately reminded Leah of him holding her wrists in the heat of passion. She liked it. Leah liked everything Gianni did with her.

“Are you good with what we are doing?” he said.

It wasn’t a question she was expecting. “Of course. I’d think you’d be able to tell.”

“Yes. I can.” He studied her, and his blue eyes grew intense. “But you must tell me…if you are uncomfortable with anything we do.”

Leah warmed to his concern, but had something she wished to convey as well. “Don’t be so careful with me,” she said. “I know you are.”

Leaning closer, Gianni stroked her neck, and Leah’s eyes closed briefly. “I just want to be sure you are ready.” He held her hand. “I want to do so much with you, Leah. Tell me you want that too.”

She looked into his eyes. “I want it. More than you know. What we’ve done so far, I’ve loved every second.” She squeezed his hand. “But I know there is more, and I don’t hide that I want it.”

Gianni’s eyes filled with lust.

“Take me there,” she said. “I know you can. I want nothing more than to please you, to submit to you. I want you to take me. I want…” She thought better of saying everything she wanted. It might be too much.

He kissed her knuckles. “I want the same.”

Knowing he really did made her body flush with desire. Leah wanted him in her arms, naked and needy. Nothing he could do would be too much. It couldn’t be. Not the way she saw it. And the idea that he had only begun to push her past boundaries was erotic.

She had stayed awake some nights, dreaming of it, and imagining how it would feel. Yet she didn’t know exactly what Gianni would do with her. But she was certain it would be hot. So often the realty of being with him closely matched her fantasies. And the relationship was still so new.

They finished their beers, and went back to the mall. Neither said more, but something had changed. Leah could tell. It was in the way he held her hand, and how looked at her. It was the clothes he chose for her to try on.

And it was how his gaze lingered over her body. How he touched her hips, or caressed her waist. Gianni was telling her, in a very physical way, that they’d broken through some barrier she hadn’t known they’d faced.

Gianni was telling her, in subtle ways, how much he wanted her. And his need fanned the flames of her desire, until she was wet standing near him before he even touched her. With every dress she tried on, and every skirt she modeled for him, Leah’s arousal escalated.

The fact that he maintained composure only intensified her response. Yet his expression revealed the effect she had on him. And it made her feel like the most beautiful woman that existed, if only for those few hours. As she modeled another clingy cocktail dress, Leah’s nipples poked against the delicate fabric.

Gianni couldn’t have missed her arousal. Did she come out to show him the dress, braless underneath, to intentionally chip away at his restraint? Leah knew she had done just that. When he rose to come closer, to run his palm along the stretchy material, she wasn’t surprised that he took the next step.

Nodding to the clerk, he said, “We’ll be a few minutes.”

With his hand on her waist, Gianni guided her down the short hall into the expansive dressing room at the end. He closed the wooden door and slipped the lock into place. “Now,” he said, “let’s have a better look at that dress.”