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Leah’s Seduction 6

Leah is gripped with jealousy.  She strives to learn how love has escaped her wealthy hero.

Her feelings for Gianni intensify, and jealous can’t be ignored. Leah fails to understand Gianni. But before she can get a grip on her romantic life, her wealthy boss Vadim is threatening. Leah has to make a decision that will bring her deeper into Gianni’s life, but at the risk of losing her independence. Can she deal with how her life is changing?

Gianni is haunted by his earlier failure with love.

Yet his feelings for Leah deepen, making him crave her more. When Leah is in danger, his need to protect strengthens, and he takes charge. In this gripping new adult steamy romance, there remains a secret that could rip them apart. He must avoid that at all costs. Will he succeed?

“Many times, Leah had said she loved him. Sometimes in the heat of passion, other times over a quiet dinner. Anxiety roiled in his belly. It was Ava all over again. Only it wasn’t. This time Gianni felt something different. He didn’t understand his feelings, and needed more time. But with this new discovery, he may not have that time. His silence about retaining possession of the original journal was a secret that could tear them apart. The knowledge that he had failed to share was a ticking time bomb. And he didn’t know when it was going to blow up.”



The suspense in these books get better and better with each book !! The unknown woke me up at 3 am to finish it !! Drama !! Can’t wait for 2 more weeks….will he give her original journal back ? Kim

I will start by saying just because this review is short doesn’t mean anything negative about the book. There is just too much to say and I don’t want to give anything away. This is a must read. Not an ok I’ll read one day but a drop what you’re doing and read now kinda book. This series keeps getting hotter and hotter and this is by far the hottest yet. I want to just shake Gianni and say why can’t you see that you love her. The love is getting so strong but yet he still denies it. Then there is the journal… what will he do, what will he do. I will say I thought he was gonna have a heart attack over that in this book. Ok that’s enough because I want to tell it all. 🙂 Start reading now you’ll be done and wanting more in no time at all. Leighann S.


Leah’s Seduction – Book 6

Chapter 1


After a weekend in the playroom, Leah became more possessive of Gianni. She didn’t want to share him, and jealousy had surged when she’d seen him chatting with a model in GR Showroom. Fashion models were abundant in Gianni’s business. But that didn’t stop Leah from envying the attention Gianni gave them.

In the months Leah had been with him, the way she acted, and even dressed, had changed. Gianni praised her often, which boosted her confidence. Still, next to a glamorous model, she shrank with self-doubt.

Gianni liked her voluptuous figure, and was quick to tell her so. But what did the most for her esteem was the way he treated her privately. Leah felt like a princess, the way he swept her away to romantic places, bought her gifts, and entertained her.

When he cherished Leah like that, it touched her deeply. But she could have done without all of it, as long as she could have the intimate moments that meant so much more. When Gianni asked, she shared how she felt about the scenes they played out. But the prose that filled her journal said a lot more.

I spent the weekend with Gianni, and it wasn’t the first time. Yet, locked away in the playroom, he was hotter than before. The privacy of the room, and its sensual décor, transports me to new places. Places I’ve longed for, but only Gianni can guide me there.

Just looking at the implements Gianni could use to bring sensation sends heat rushing through my veins. He would have to do nothing more than stand quietly while I imagine what he will do with me in the room. That alone would stir my arousal and awaken my craving. Being in his presence is enough.

Since Gianni taught me to kneel and wait for him, I’ve looked forward to doing so. Naked and with my eyes downcast, I honor him. I give him control, and let him know that I am his to command. When he orders me, it makes me feel wanted in a way I haven’t before.

I desire his control, and there is no greater pleasure for me than to submit. I’ve discovered that when Gianni binds me, and I am at his mercy, it gives me a sense of release. He gives me permission to let go, and not to hide my true urges.

If he strokes me gently, or whips me expertly with a crop, both satisfy a deep longing. And both tell me that Gianni cares. He cares about giving me pleasure, and is willing to edge toward pain to do so. Whether sweet or fierce, his ministration is all that I need.

I have faith in him. Each time he crosses over some new limit, it is exhilarating. My anxiety is soon quelled by Gianni’s strength. With him by my side, I can go further. I feel safe to do so. I want to, more than I can even express to him.

But I think he knows. Gianni reads my emotions and physical signs, always seeming to know when I need more. Or when I am pushed as far as I am able, for that session. The thrill of everything he does with me doesn’t fade. It clings and caresses me, even when he is not around.

All day, even when I’m at work, Gianni is in my thoughts. I feel him near; remember how it felt to have his hands on me. And how exciting it was when he asked more of me than I thought I could give. But then I do. I always do.

Gianni shows me what I am capable of. He sees my need without hearing the words. And he wants to know what I feel. He cares. I hope that I will be able to share more with him. But voicing what burns inside is not an easy thing. Not nearly as easy as divulging everything to a journal that no one but me will ever read.


The vintage clothing show at the Metropolitan Pavilion introduced timeless and impeccably tailored garments from top vintage sellers. The clothes were displayed on one massive floor, available for purchase after the event.

The collections were modeled on a catwalk that was a long white carpet stretched over the wooden floors. On both sides were attendees, some snapping pictures and others scribbling notes. Leah’s eyes gradually adjusted to the bright lights overhead, spotlighting the models as they glided down the walk.

Kyra modeled a floor-length black dress with long sheer sleeves. Another time she came out wearing a retro-looking fur jacket. The show featured a curated collection of some of the best vintage styles, and the look definitely suited Leah’s friend.

The seat next to Leah was empty. Gianni was standing off to the back, whispering with another buyer. When the lights went up after the show, since he looked busy, Leah made her way to the dressing room to find Kyra.

The room was crowded with models, but Kyra spotted her and waved. Beside her was Gianni’s sister. Winding through people, Leah made it over to the dressing table.

Daniela gave her a hug. “Hey, Leah, good to see you. I watched from the side of the curtain. Didn’t Kyra look great?”

Leah grinned. “Yes, for sure.” She looked over at Kyra, who was removing makeup with a cloth. “You were so great out there, Kyra. That style is you.”

Kyra laughed. “You think so? It was fun. And Daniela made my makeup look great.”

Leah chatted with them for a few minutes, while Kyra got into her street clothes. “Did I tell you we had dinner the other night with Jacob and Vivie?” she said.

Daniela nodded. “Gianni texted and told me you were going to. Isn’t Vivie nice?”

“Yes, she is,” Leah said, “and Jacob too. They aren’t in town that much, so I’m glad I got the chance to meet them. Jacob looks like your father. And all the men in your family I’ve met have those striking blue eyes.” She was about to say more when she caught sight of Gianni outside the doorway. One of the models was speaking to him, and he smiled.

Leah reacted in the pit of her stomach, and was unable to look away.

Daniela glanced at her brother, then touched Leah’s arm. “What’s the matter?”

She tried to shrug it off, but unsuccessfully. “I just…I see Gianni over there,” Leah said.

“You aren’t jealous, are you?” Daniela said, staring at her.

Glancing down, Leah said, “I can’t help it.”

“Don’t be jealous,” Daniela said. “He isn’t going to fall for any of these models. He is crazy about you.”

Leah’s cheeks warmed. “I wish he’d tell me that.” She blurted it out before she considered what she was saying.

Kyra watched them, hearing everything.

Daniela shook her head. “He’s my brother. I know him. And Gianni has not acted like this with any other woman.”

Leah widened her eyes. “Like what?”

“Like I said…like he’s crazy about you,” Daniela said.

Kyra chimed in: “I agree with Daniela. I see it too.”

“I’m glad you both have such confidence.” Leah looked at them. “And I know you are trying to make me feel better. I shouldn’t be jealous. It’s hard not to, though.”

“I’m not trying to make you feel better,” Daniela said. “It’s the truth.”

Leah hugged her. “Thanks.” She noticed the bodyguard outside the door. “Is it going okay?” she asked Daniela. “With your protection, I mean? No more incidents?”

“Nope. Not since Gianni posted a guard to follow me everywhere.” Daniela smiled.

“I guess he has to keep protection on all of us,” Kyra said, and they all laughed.

Leah looked toward the hall, and saw Gianni shaking hands with a buyer she recognized. “I’ll go see if Gianni’s done with business for now,” she said. “I’ll talk to both of you later.”

As she walked toward the hall, Gianni spotted her. In his tailored blazer and matching slacks, he looked so handsome. Whether in business attire, jeans, or completely naked, the sight of him made Leah swoon. She smiled.

“Hi, baby,” he said. “Ready to go?” Gianni wrapped his arm around her, and Leah forgot all about being jealous.

“I’m ready,” she said, noticing the gleam in Gianni’s eye when she said it.

“Let’s go, then.”

Gianni took her to a gastropub in the East Village for cocktails. In the limo on the way over, he chatted about the fashions, and mentioned a couple of marketing ideas. He asked what Leah thought. He talked with her about business more often than he used to, which was a step in the right direction.

When his phone rang, Gianni lifted it out of his pocket and glanced at the screen. Looking over, Leah saw that the caller was Marnie. The name brought back her jealousy from earlier, and added to it.

She had never gotten a real answer from Gianni about who the woman was.

“Marnie,” he said. “Yes, I’ll be there. I’ve made the arrangements. Thanks for checking…okay, talk to you soon.”

The call was over that fast, and Gianni slipped the phone into his pocket as though nothing had happened. Leah stared at him.

Smiling, he turned to look at her. “I suppose you want to know what that call was about?”

“Why are you grinning at me?” Leah said. “What do you know that I don’t?”

Gianni squeezed her thigh. “It’s business, like I told you before. But I wasn’t able to share the details.”

“Now you are?”

He nodded. “It’s a new department I’ve set up in Chicago. And Marnie is the business broker. She handled the sale for the prior owner.”

“Oh.” Leah felt bad for jumping to conclusions.

“I didn’t say anything until the operation was set up, and stable. Only Joshua and Dawson knew about it.”

“What is it?”

Gianni gave a low chuckle. “It’s the opposite of the information I’ve been feeding Vadim.”

Leah raised her brows.

“While I’ve led your boss to believe that the top-end fashions will soon be more in demand than ever, quite the opposite is true. In fact, the new wave is toward what’s called fast fashion.”

“I’ve heard of it, but don’t know a lot about it.”

“The idea is making affordable fashions modeled after designer wear. The cost is more reasonable for the consumer, but any lost revenue is more than made up for by volume.”

“So you’re expecting a high volume of sales in fast fashion?”

“Yes, and that is why I set up a factory in Chicago. It will allow us to make garments available within weeks, instead of months.”

“It sounds brilliant.”

“I believe so,” Gianni said. “We will see. But so far, things are going well.”

“Very interesting.”

“I thought you would think so.” Gianni put his arm around her. “I’m going to Chicago to check on the operation, and will see Marnie while I’m there.”

Leah’s heart sank.

“And I’d like you to go with me,” he said. “I think you will get something out of seeing the operation now that it is running.” Gianni touched her jaw with his fingertips. “Plus, we can enjoy Chicago.” He paused. “Would you like that?”

Leah pressed against him. “Yes, I would,” she said. “When do you leave?”

“Friday morning,” Gianni said. “And we will return Sunday night.”

The fact that he was including her in a business trip made Leah feel good. She was more a part of his life. Plus, she would have Gianni for the weekend, which made it even better. Chicago wasn’t that far away, but Leah had not made the trip before.

It would be exciting to see the city. And she would get to see Marnie. It was a relief to know the woman was not a rival as Leah had once feared, and it would be good to meet her. At the moment, it seemed Leah had nothing to worry about. Gianni didn’t have his eye on another woman. Not that she could tell.

But she wasn’t certain that jealousy wouldn’t rear its head again. Holding on to a sexy guy like Gianni wasn’t easy on her. No matter how much he reassured her, Leah knew the possibility existed that she could lose him. After all, he hadn’t yet said he loved her, or made any permanent commitment. Nor did she know if he would.