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Leah’s Seduction 6

Leah is gripped with jealousy.  She strives to learn how love has escaped her wealthy hero.

Her feelings for Gianni intensify, and jealous can’t be ignored. Leah fails to understand Gianni. But before she can get a grip on her romantic life, her wealthy boss Vadim is threatening. Leah has to make a decision that will bring her deeper into Gianni’s life, but at the risk of losing her independence. Can she deal with how her life is changing?

Gianni is haunted by his earlier failure with love.

Yet his feelings for Leah deepen, making him crave her more. When Leah is in danger, his need to protect strengthens, and he takes charge. In this gripping new adult steamy romance, there remains a secret that could rip them apart. He must avoid that at all costs. Will he succeed?

“Many times, Leah had said she loved him. Sometimes in the heat of passion, other times over a quiet dinner. Anxiety roiled in his belly. It was Ava all over again. Only it wasn’t. This time Gianni felt something different. He didn’t understand his feelings, and needed more time. But with this new discovery, he may not have that time. His silence about retaining possession of the original journal was a secret that could tear them apart. The knowledge that he had failed to share was a ticking time bomb. And he didn’t know when it was going to blow up.”

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