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Leah’s Seduction 9

Leah fears that Ava has incriminating photographs of Gianni.

Yet all she can do is wait. The emotion draws her closer to Gianni, and her submission to him deepens. She senses a change in the man she loves, but hardly dares to hope.

“Leah dreamed of something that might not happen. But as long as there was a possibility, Leah would cling to her desire for Gianni to say he loved her. He had taught her patience, the ability to embrace delay, in order to increase the pleasure when satisfaction came. She decided it wasn’t confined to sex play, but applied to matters of the heart as well.”

Gianni strives to bring Ava under control, while the press continues to harass him. Protecting Leah is his priority, and the media attacks push him too far. Then an unexpected event gives him the chance that could make the difference. And his feelings for Leah cannot be ignored.

Will Gianni open his heart to Leah?



Omg!! This book was my favorite I think so far!! With the media constantly slamming Gianni and hounding Leah things are looking gloom. Gianni is tired of all the press and seems to be taking a toll because he fears he could quite possibly lose Leah because of Ava and her plot to seek revenge. I love that we his listening to the feelings he is starting to feel and realizing he wants to express them to Leah but in true Gianni fashion must be perfect when he does! Gianni insists that they take a long weekend away to just have time to themselves and away from all the Ava drama. Just when I think things are good and Leah seems to have forgiven Gianni and trust him again Ava shows up to talk to Gianni at the loft. When Ava drops to her knees naked in front of Gianni I was shocked! Even more so when Leah walks in on it! Gianni gives Leah a look and I love this part because she realizes she can fully trust him given this insane situation she just walked into! I love the fact that Leah also notices the different looks between the look Gianni gives her and the one he gives Ava. Can’t wait to read the finally book of this series! Nikki A.

OMG I loved this book. This one proved that if you love and trust someone you can make it thru some of the toughest things. Samantha H..


Leah’s Seduction – Book 9

Chapter 1


Leah’s world was crumbling around her. Coffee with Cody and learning about the possibility that Ava had incriminating photos had shaken her confidence. She could only take so much, and she couldn’t relax until she spoke to Gianni.

He had texted before getting on the private jet in Chicago. So far she hadn’t heard any more. Leah expected that he would be back to the showroom before the workday ended. It depended on factors out of her control.

Cody had promised to find out all he could. Leah had conveyed how important it was, and there was no time to waste. If Ava had something planned, the sooner more details were known, the better. But Leah wasn’t hopeful.

So far Ava had succeeded in keeping them on guard by doing the unexpected. Thus it might not be possible to know if the photos existed before they went public. The media hadn’t let up, and it was fortunate that Gianni’s return flight was private.

Otherwise, he might be deluged at the airport, which would delay him. And Leah was at the end of her patience. She needed to know if Gianni had any knowledge of pictures Ava possessed. And waiting to find out was killing her.

Leah made the mistake of going online. The headlines had not cooled in the least. It wasn’t that she thought anything had changed in the last few hours. Or that she would see anything to shed light on the situation with Ava.

She was just nervous, and it was difficult to focus. With the avalanche of press, and Ava’s looming attack, Leah was a wreck. Expelling a breath, she stood and combed her hand through her hair. It was all too much.

Going next door, Leah stuck her head in to see what her assistant was doing. Aida looked up, her sharp blue eyes missing nothing. “Sit down,” she said. “It looks like you need to talk.”

Leah sighed. “It’s relentless.”

Aida ruffled her short red hair. “What is?”


Aida leaned on the desk with her hands clasped under her chin. “You better fill me in.”

“You know most of it,” Leah said. “Except the media onslaught is hot and heavy. It’s showing no sign of letting up. And now there is something else.”

Her assistant raised her brows. “There’s more?”

Leah nodded. “I just had coffee with my friend Cody. He’s that fashion photographer, you know.”

Aida leaned back. “Yes, I remember you talking about him.”

Leah proceeded to relay what Cody had told her. “That’s all I know right now. I wish Gianni would get back.”

“He will be home today you said?”

“Yes, but it is taking forever.”

Aida smiled. “Okay, you have to relax. It is all going to work out somehow.”

“How can you be so sure? What if Ava has embarrassing pictures?” Leah’s stomach was in knots. “I dread to think what they might be.”

“I know how you feel. Gianni may have a clue.”

Leah frowned. “Or he might know all about them. And if he did, but didn’t tell me…” She sighed. “What am I going to do?”

At that moment, Gianni’s voice boomed down the hall. “He’s back,” Leah said, relief washing over her. “Finally.”

She raced down the hall and spotted Gianni. He looked disheveled in his short-sleeved shirt and slacks. His expression showed concern. Both Dawson and Joshua stood in front of him, already deep in conversation. They were headed toward his office.

“Gianni,” she said.

He turned to look at her, but barely smiled. When she went up to him, Gianni hugged her and kissed the top of her head. “I’m sorry all this had to happen while I was away. I wouldn’t have left you here to deal with it alone.”

“You couldn’t have known,” Leah said. “One day it was quiet, and the next your name was plastered everywhere.”

Gianni released her. “It will be all right, baby.”

“I have to talk to you,” she said.

“Of course, we will talk about all of it,” Gianni said, “as soon as I’m free.”

“I mean right away,” Leah said. “This can’t wait.”

“In just a few minutes, baby. Joshua and Dawson need to meet with me. It’s urgent.” He hugged her briefly and walked toward his office.

Leah couldn’t believe it. She had waited this long, and now Gianni was behind a closed door. Irritation rose inside her. It wasn’t right. Things were out of control. Although she was tempted to barge in and interrupt his meeting, she didn’t.

Instead, Leah stalked down the hall. She plopped back in the chair in front of Aida.

“So?” her assistant said.

“So, nothing.” Leah fumed. “He said we would talk later. He’s in a meeting that couldn’t wait.”

Aida shook her head.

For the next hour or so, Leah tried to work. She was losing it. The longer Gianni was in the meeting, the more frustrated she became. If he had known Cody’s news, he would have talked to her immediately. But he didn’t.

Despite that, Leah was annoyed. She didn’t like being put off, and the stress she was under didn’t help. Any patience she had left evaporated as the minutes ticked by. Gianni’s meeting ran long. It was the end of the day, and time for Leah to go to Pilates.

Enough already. Leah grabbed her purse and left her office. “Off to Pilates,” she said as she passed Aida’s room.

“Anything yet?”

“No,” Leah called over her shoulder. “He’s still in his meeting.”

As she stormed down the hall, Gianni stepped out of his office. “There you are,” he said.

Maybe if the meeting hadn’t been quite so long, or if Gianni had taken the time to talk with her when he first arrived, Leah wouldn’t have blown up. But as it was, she was furious. Too much tension. Too much waiting. And she felt ignored.

Leah walked past him.

“Where are you going? I thought you wanted to talk,” Gianni said.

“That was hours ago,” she snapped. “I guess you didn’t think it was important. And now I have an appointment.”

“Leah,” he said, starting toward her.

“Not now,” Leah said. Even in her hysterical state, she knew it was not the time to hash it out. She might say something she regretted.

Gianni watched her walk away. “I’ll have the limo pick you up for dinner later.”

She nodded and went out to the sidewalk, shutting the door behind her. Leah had the urge to get out. She needed some space, and some air. Pilates would be good. Maybe she could sweat out some of her ill mood.

In the back of the limo, Leah put her head against the seat and closed her eyes. She was adrift in chaos. And now she was upset with Gianni. Plus the rest of her world was in turmoil. Then her phone buzzed. It was her mother.

She had to take it. Otherwise her mother would worry. Leah took a deep breath, then answered the call. “Hi, Mom.”

“Hi, honey.” Sylvie’s voice was strained. “We saw the article about Gianni.”

“I thought you weren’t going to read that stuff,” Leah said, trying not to be abrupt. “We agreed that it would only upset you.”

“I know, but it’s hard to miss. I’m worried. You have to explain more what this is all about.”

Leah closed her eyes again. There was no way to explain the situation to her mother. Not really. “Mom, it’s like I told you. It’s all lies.” For a second Leah wondered if it was. “You and Dad have to promise not to worry. Please.”

“Why would they print all of this if it weren’t true?”

“You read stuff like that all the time, Mom. Entertainment rags print anything to create controversy.”

Her mother sighed. “I know, dear.”

“All that’s different is that this time it is someone you know.” Leah paused, but her mother was silent. “You met Gianni. You must know he’s not like that. Not like what they are saying. He would not do those things.”

“I know, honey. It’s just alarming,” her mother said. “And I don’t like you in the middle of it.”

Leah pinched the bridge of her nose. “I’ll be okay. I really will.”

“Call soon. I love you very much. And your dad does too. We support you and trust you. Just be sure you are looking out for yourself.”

Leah hugged the phone to her ear, and a tear rolled down her cheek. “I will, Mom. I love you too. And give my love to Dad.”

When Leah got to Pilates, she changed into her workout clothes. Kyra arrived within a few minutes. The look on her face told Leah that she had seen the explosion on social media. “You saw?”

“Of course,” Kyra said. “How could I miss it? And your name is out there nearly as much as Gianni’s.”

Leah sat on the bench and leaned against the wall. “It’s just to stir things up.”

“Yes, I know that. But what is Gianni going to do?”

“I’d like to tell you, but I haven’t spoken to him yet.”

Kyra’s eyes widened.

“He just got back. I’ll talk with him tonight.”

They started down the hall toward the class. Leah should have told her friend about the photos that Ava might have. The photos that could destroy everything. But she was exhausted, and didn’t want to talk about it anymore. And it would get Kyra worked up when there wasn’t anything she could do, anyway.

Leah decided to wait until she had the facts. Then she would tell Kyra. If there was anything to tell. She went to class, and put effort into her workout. The exercise calmed her. At least a little. And it took her mind off pressing issues.

Yet once Pilates ended, and Leah was in the limo, everything flooded back. Butterflies fought in her belly. Soon she would talk with Gianni. But she had no assurance it would go the way she wanted it to.

He had a past. Leah wasn’t his first submissive. And Gianni had not told her everything. She hadn’t wanted to know, having no desire to hear about any other woman that had been with him. Or what they had done together.

Now Leah was interested. It was time to find out more about Ava. Even if it was difficult to listen to Gianni give details about being in the playroom with the woman before her, Leah had to do it. Not knowing was worse.

At her apartment, Leah showered and changed. Dinner was at Gianni’s condo, so she dressed casually. It was good they weren’t going out, as she couldn’t wait any longer to talk with him. And talking in public wouldn’t be right. Not about a subject so personal. Plus, the press might spot them, and there would be no talking then. Gianni said that Roselyn had left dinner for them. They would have complete privacy, and could talk about everything that was going on.

The call had been short. Leah confirmed she’d be there. Then hung up. She didn’t trust herself to say anything else. It would be better to wait until she saw Gianni, so she could watch his expression. Plus, it didn’t make sense to start something on the phone that she couldn’t finish.

At the condo, Leah would get answers. She had all night. And Gianni had agreed that open communication was important. Now she would find out. He would have a chance to tell all. Whatever there was to tell.

Once again, Leah prayed it wasn’t true. That Ava was making it all up. It could be an idle threat. But it might not be. Could she handle it if Gianni had withheld something that important? Likely not. And that was what worried her.

Leah didn’t know what would happen when she confronted him with the news about the incriminating evidence. Photographs couldn’t be disputed. Her heart wrenched at the thought. Gianni couldn’t have betrayed her. She was right to trust him. Yet Leah wasn’t sure.